The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Ava

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Submitted: November 18, 2012



Chapter 28: Ava

When we entered the chicken join Mark and Chris sat us down at one of the tables as Mark and Chris went up to order, though we could clearly hear them talking about how long the line was and how long it was going to take to get all the food they wanted.

"It might take forever to get food, but at least we're alone now." I grunted in satisfaction. "So Zoey, what'd the two guys tell you?"

I listened as Zoey told me everything, barely taking breaths in between setences. I ried not to interuppt - the girl was clearly on a roll - but I didn't really have to interuppt in the first place, EThan did that enough, and even Elidi popped in every once and a while saying "oh my gosh, that part was terrible, you know how long it took to sort everything out?" or somethng of the sort.

When she finished she sat there waiting for me to reply, but no one spoke. I was mulling everything over, more or less.

The teacher, baker, and blacksmith. All people we needed to be suspicious of until further notice.

"We need more information. Like wher we can find these people. We're going to have to eat fast, and we might just have to take our own tour to avoid Mark and Chris getting into any of our busin- oh my gosh woah, that actually looks really good." I muttered as Chris and Mark came back tot he tables, now with trays full of food that you would get at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

"Okay, we got mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and chicken, my friends. Lots and lots of chicken." Chris tossed the food on the table with a huge, hungry grin on his face. "Dig in, brethern!" He exclaimed, taking a big leg for himself and biting in to the meat.

We all ended up eating a good amount of the food - the coleslaw was pretty good - though it was all pretty fantastic. Chris and Mark ate like pigs - I could tell these were the kind of people that could eat as much as the wanted and never got extremely fat. You know, those people that seriously get you rather upset sometimes?

ONce everything was mostly gone, we all sat back in pleasure. "Well," Mark sighed, slightly burping from drinking a rediculous amount of soda. "I suppose we'll hit the bathroom and then get as much as he tour done as we can before the day ends, yes?"

Zoey started to pronounce her excitement, so naturally I kickd her shin under the table. "Actually, I htink we're going to go and hit the sack for a few, your tour is pretty tiring you know."

"Oh! That's cool too, we'll have to come with you then -"

"No! I mean, no. It's alright, don't you want to go back to work or something? Chris and Mark looked at each other and shrugged.

"Sure, I mean they closed earlier today but maybe they'll let us make some bread or something for a ilttle extra cash. So see you round then, guys?"

I nodded. "See you guys tomorrow, thanks for the tour."

Mark smiled at us as Chris took away the trays of empty containers that used to have the delicious food. "Ethan. Elidi. Zoey. See you. Ava." H took the piece of bread Ethan had been holding in his hand and scarfed it down as he and Chris walked out of the store.

Zoey looked at me like that type of annoying littler sister where we had that added annoyance of knowing what was going on, completely telling by Mark's rather obvious actions.

"Shut up Zoey, would you? We've got more important matters o think about than who likes who right now." I scolded, though I couldn't hlp blushing and thinking about Mark's actions myself.

"Hey. I didn't say anything." Zoey mumbled.

Ethan sniffled. "He took my biscuit...!" He cried.

I ignore him and Zoey and focused on Elidi, the only one who actually seeme the least bit concerned right now. "We should go to the baker first. Zoey - Zoey stop laughing, would you? And Ethan, dude, get over the biscuit would you? We can get you another or something."

"...But I had it perfectly buttered...!"

"Anyway, Zoey where did the guys say the baker worked?"

"The other end of town at the bakery I think."

I looked at the clock on the resturant wall. "Okay, it's two o' clock. We need t o move. I don't think we can afford to lose another day without doing something worth it. Let's head out then."

Geting to the other end of town took a bit longer than we had anticipated. There were some dead ends, making us turn back and head the other way, which may or may not have been another dead end.

Eventually we found the bakery, which was literally just about to close. We pushed past the guy looking up shop and stood in the middle of the shop as the man turned and gave us an insulted look.

"We're closed. We'll be back at five."

"We need to talk to the baker."

"We're closed."

I was about to protest agian, but then Elidi stepped forward. I had nearly forgotten about her, she hadn't spoken for a while. "We need to speak with your baker. Our conversation with him will help determine the fate of Brittanica. By the order of the seventh Gaurdian of the Sun, we need to speak with your baker."

Though she was still wearing the somewhat raggedy clothes we had first met her in, Elidi's 'speech' mde even me want to go out and find a baker so we could talk to them.

The old man seemed as though he was going to deny us yet again, until he said where the baker was. "He's around back by the trash bins. You can go around the store if you don't mind, so I can lock up?"

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