The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Ethan

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Submitted: November 18, 2012



Chapter 29: Ethan

We found the baker leaning against a filthy trash bin chewing on wheat and rolling a leaf between his fingers.

I was thinking about the location we were in at the moment. It was perfect, wasn't it - interrogate the guy behind inconspicuous trash bins as we try to save the world. What a perfect movie or book scene was that?

Elidi was marching in front of all us like she owned us all. Though I didn't quite blame her either, I would be on a roll too if I had made a speech like she did earlier.

When the baker came into view, Elidi, just stood a little distance away from him. "That's definitely him, I htink I remember him." She mumbled, but it didn't appear as if she was goin to consult him.

"Hey!" I yelled, and the baker looked down from staring at the sky. "Can we ask you a few questions? It's for a school. Newspaper. Project. Thing."

The baker looked around as though someone was near. Then he nodded and we all approached him at different angles, which I realized probably looked a bit frightning for the guy, we were advancing at him like a pack of cheetahs.

"You were part of the rebellion, weren't you?" Zoey asked, pulling out a pad of paper to make my 'school newspaper project thing' just that much more believable.

"You mean the present one of the past one?"

Zoey nearly dropped her pencil. "You mean you know about both? We though almost none of the townsfold knew about this one!"

"You're right there. Almost no one knows. Almost. I'm one of the people that do, frankly."

"And what makes you so special."

"They tried to recruit me again - asked me to be the host of a Gaudian hostage."

"And you said what?"

"Turned them down, obviously. Would I be talking about this if I had agreed?"

I thought, as well as everyone. "What'd they say to you after that?" They wouldn't have just let you go just like that."

"They told me more information."


"You know, something tells me that's not what you came to me for. So what do you want then."

"Name, whether or not you were part of the last rebellion. What you're doing now. And jjust for the heck of it, the other information you're refusing to tell us."

The guy eyed us like he wsa sizing us up for a fight. Then he chuckled. "I'm expecting this isn't for your school paper. Even the town paper isn't this nosy usually. So who are you guys then."

"People who like getting answers to their questions." Elidi mumbled, giving the hint that he was getting slightly impatient.

"Funny. I figured that to. Now who are you guys?"

Ava groaned. "Screw this. I'm Ava. That's Ethan. And that's Zoey. We're the Creators. This is Elidi. She's the seventh Gaurdian. Happy?"

The baker smirked. "I see. I should've known. Hello Creators and Gaurdian. Name's Kenny."

I snorted - c'mon, I couldn't help it. Kenny the baker? Seriously? Really? "So anyway," I couged, "What'd you do in the last rebellion?" 

"Fine. I tried to get people to join our side of the rebellion. AN if they said no, well then I did what had to be done too."

"Like punch their lights out if they said no?"

Kenny shrugged.

Zoey noticed things getting a bit tense. "It's cool. You're being punished now, aren't you? On probation, I'm expecting?" Kenny nodded. "That's cool too. Maybe if everything fits we'll tip them and say you're off probation."

Kenny perked up after that.

Ava and Elidi sighed, seemingly in sync. "So what's the information that you're hiding from us?"

Kenny laughed. "I don't think you really need to know that stuff. Or not yet, rather. Come back another time."

Elidi groaned. "So you're not holding the next Gaurdian?"

"No! God. ALl I know is that it was Gaurdian Ravi they were talking about.  have no idea who they went to after me. But I do know other things. No that I'll tell you."

Elidi groaned again. "He knows where another Gaurdian is. I can tell, don't deny. You finch whenever you say the word 'Gaurdian'."

We all eyed Kenny and probably took a step cloer. "Tell us. Now. Or don't bother hoping to get off of probation any time soon."

Kenny grunter. "So what else is in it for me then? Oh wait,I got an idea, how about me not only lower or compeltely extinguish all my probation years, but also be a favor, yes?"

Ava sighed, probably in annoyance with all the stings attached with the deal. "Fine. What do yo want."

"Easy. Pay raise."

I laughed. "You're kidding, right? A pay raise?"

"Just wait till you get off your lazy bum and get a job, then you'll see what I mean, hot shot."

Zoey, always calling me that name, started to crack up and clapped Kenny on the back. I eyed her too, and he of course shut up, and frankly so did I.

Ava coughed. "So we go to the boss of yours and ask him to give you a pay raise? And if he says no?"

"Then you are out of luck!"

Elidi sighed in annoyance just like Ava did. "Fine. Okay. Whatever. We'll get the pay raise and come back when we have it."

"See you then. The boss, by the way, is the one coming by at five. He goes home on his break or to the library."

"Great. Okay. Bye. See you." I mumbled. I'm pretty sure that annoynace was contagious.

"Good luck, hot shot."

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