The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Zoey

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



Chapter 30: Zoey

"So I'm supposing that we're not going to visit that teacher or the blacksmith if the baker needs this favor done, are we?" Ethan sighed, probably looking forward to seeing the blacksmith and how buff he was. We all ignored him.

Seeing as how we had no idea where the guy lived, we headed to the library to see if we could find Kenny's boss. Of course, us being us, things were never just that easy.

Things were so croded we could barely find each other through all the bookshelves.

Ethan did a facepalm after a while. "It. Is four o' clock. We started seraching here at around three, didn't we? We have been looking for an hour. Guys, I have never in my life spent this long in a library. In my entire life. And I never thought it would be possibly this tedious"

I rolled my eyes, but Ava slammed the book she had been reading shut. "Ethan's right, screw this. I'l be right back." She walked off toward the chek out counter.

"What's she doing...?" Ethan asked, staring after her.

Elidi smiled, like she knew exactly what Ava was doing. "She's being smart."

We all just watched Ava as she talked to a middle aged lady as she wrote stuff own on an extra post-it. After about five minutes we watched Ava shake hands with the lady, who all the sudden looks estatic. They wanted goodbye and Ava walked up to us again.

"His name is Benny. He hasn't-"

Ethan laughed. "So Kenny works for Benny. Seriously? This is just funny now?"

Ava ignored him. "He hasnt some in at all today. But since I whispered that we were Creators and Elidi was a Gaurdian, she let me have his address. 1182 Story Place. C'mon, let's try to get that pay raise before dark."


Ava was walking so quickly I had to jog to keep up, along with Elidi. Ethan, lucky for him, had long enough legs, so he could walk at his normal pace. "Ava," I couhed, annoyed at her for not slowing down, "You can't just go around telling everyone we meet that we're Gaurdians and Creators. Word's going to get around, and we'll be toast! You can't just go around syaying stuff like that!"

Ava nodded, though she didn't seem to be completely listening. "There it is. 1182 Story Place." Ava marched up to the front door and banged loudly and nonstop. "Yo! Benny!"

I started to reach out to Ava, ready to pull her back if she started punching Benny. "Ava - "

"We have to talk to you!"

"Ava -"

"Come out of hiding already and give Kenny a pay raise!"


"What!" Ava yelled, facing me.

"Calm and collected, Ava. Calm and collected."

Ava sighed and took a breath, probably counting to ten. "Fine." Ava knocked once more, and thankfully the door opened.

"Who in the hell is banging like hell on my do-" Benny's eyes widened as he saw all four of us again. "Oh, I see. It's you four again. What do you people want now, oh so great Creators and Gaurdian?"

"We need information from Kenny," I stepped in explaining before Ava could start screaming again, "and to get that information needed, you need to give him a pay raise. So could you please give Kenny a pay raise? Please/"

Benny snorted. "Sales aren't high enough to give him a pay raise at the moment, sorry girlies."

Ethan coughed. "Hey!"

We all ignored him again. "So what can we do to make you give him the raise then?"

"Get sales up, obviously."

"Any suggestions then? Besides buying a bunch of bread everyday?"

Benny thought. For a while. Then he smiled, as Ava's foot kept up a rythmic tapping. "Got it. We could get a heck of a lot more sales if we had a brownie recipe form the other bakery. Get that, and tell them I'll even revise it a bit and not even copy exactly, and Kenny's go the pay raise - and you four have got that information you need.

"You mean the bakery that Chris and Mark work at? That one?" Ethan frowned. "So we've got to walk all the way back across town again? No!"

I rolled my eyes. "Ignore him. That's the one, right?" Benny nodded. "Then we'll get it. In return we expect you to keep your word and ive Kenny a ray raise. WE'll be back when we have it." Benny nodded, lightly pushed us off his doorstep, and closed the door in our faces. "Let's get going. Again."


We made our way to the bakery Mark and Chris work at with minimum amount of setbacks. As we entered  the shop, the familiar smell of deliciousness hit us agin. I saw Mark alomst immediately, sweeping floors. "Hey Mark," I called out, "where's your boss?"

Mark looked up, smiled, and waed. "In the back, why?"

"We need to ask him something, could you get him for us?" He nodded, and soon enough the boss,  yet another Chris was asking us what we needed his assistance with.

"We'd like your brownie recipe." Ethan spoke, pleading in his voice, making me roll my eyes.

Chris, or Christopher as he preferred to be called, laughed. "And why might that be?"

"Um. Well. We... Kind of need to give it to the other bakery across town?" I rolled my eyes. Oh, how did I know this was going to end badly?"

Christopher laughed again. "You're asking me to give away a recipe to one of our main competitors. How are you expecting me to do that exactly?"

"Please. They wouldn't copy it, they said they'd add their own touch to it so it wouldn't even be 'stealing' your recipe."

"Why do you need to get it to him."

"So he'll give Kenny a pay raise so Kenny will give us information that we need?"

"And why do you need it?"

Ethan stopped there. No doubt he had heard me tell Ava she couldn't go around telling people about who we truly were. Ava was eyeing me, silently telling me I told you so, now what, smart one? I sighed. THe last thing I wanted to do was tell yet another person who we were, but I figured we weren't to get the recipe any other way.

"Look. It's important to us beacuse it will help us solce a problem worth the attnetion of Gaurdians and Creators."

Christopher's eyes widened. "I see. Well. I still can't just tell you preople the recipe to give to one of our top competitors. I'll need something in return."

Elidi yawned sarcastically. "What else is new?

"you four friends with Mark and Chris?" We all nodded. "Well, the parents of Chris used to be great bakers themselves, and made some awesome cake pops for a fundraiser once or twice. If I'm going to give away a recipe, even if it's going to be changed, I want a recipe in return. Get me the cake pop recipe and you've got the brownie one."

Ava rolled her eyes. "You're kidding me, right? You're a baker! You can't maek your own cake pops?"

"These have got a special ingridient I can't figure out. If you really want to do minimum work, get me the secret infredient, find with that, Christopher went back into the back room, leaving us with yet another task.

"You tink Chris would have the ingredient?"

Ava looked at the clock and shrugged. "We might as well go back to the inn - we'll see them there at dinner or something anyway. Let's go, I'm tired of Ethan's whining of him being tired, so shut up would you Ethan?"

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