The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Ava

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



Chapter 31: Ava

We didn't see mark of Chris that night, so we slept on it. When we asked Mrs. Rogers where they were, she shrugged and said they were probably at work, but they weren't there either. Christophere said it was thei day off and they wouldn't be in all for the rest of the day, they had only come in for thirty minutes to collect payment earlier in teh day.

As we were sulking back to the inn, Zoey surprised me witha simple question. "Ava, you know we're being stupid, you know that right?" We stopped, and Ethan and Eliid nearly kncoked both of us over. 

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Why do we want to ask Chris what the ingredient is when it's his mother's recipe?"

I was silent. 

Wow okay, I was stupid.

"We'll go back to the inn then and ask the Rogers!" I muttered, now frustrated with myself. "Let's get moving already then."

We made our way back to the inn and started to look for Mr. or Mrs. Roger, only to run into Chris and Mark in the kitchen - they were sharpening knives to start cooking - so they looked pretty busy.

"Hey Chris, where are your parents?" I asked smiling and eating a tomato cube previously cut.

He looked up from his knife sharpening and smiled, though for some reason Mark wouldn't look up or meet my eyes. "They're in the basement, working on something."

"You said no one was allowed in the basement except them and occasionally you. Can we go down?" Elidi askd, and Chris nodded.

"I don't think it'll be that much trouble, go ahead, first door on the left."

We nedded and headd out. We opened the door adn there in front of us was a long descending staircase, no lightswitch. Ethan and I were about to step forward, when Zoey stopped us. "Guys, wait." We all looked at her expecting a long lecture or story of going down dark staircases. "Take this."

I couldn't believe it, we hadn't even noticed the sword hanging beside Zoey's side. She pulled it out and tossed aside the casing, handing the sword to Ethan. She opened the backpack she always had been holding with her and pulled our three knives; one for me, herself, and Elidi. Then she zipped her pack back up and slung it over her shoulder again. "Okay."

"Be prepared for anything." Ethan warned, readying his sword. We all nodded in agreement, and all descended into darkness, stepping quietly and catiously down teh staircase.


The stairs were longer than we anticipated - it seemed as though we were going two stories ungerdround. And even then, when we reached the basement (we only knew because there weren't anymore stairs - other than that we couldn't see), it was still pitch black. We couldn't see each other even, in that matter. Zoey sighed. "I hate the dark sometimes, I swear." We heard zipping, and suddenly we had the light of Zoey's flashlight light all our faces.

"Thanks, that's much better Zo-" 

There was a bunch of scuffling, and Ethan's voice was gone. Zoey shone the light to where Ethan was standing before - then she was suddenly taken, the flashlight dropped, along with Elidi, then me - blinded, gagged, and my wrists tied together.

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