The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Ethan

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Chapter 32: Ethan

Smelly socks stink.

Not to be obvious or redundant, but it's completely true. Especially if they're stuffed in your moth as a gag. After being gagged, blinded, and everything else, the lights came on after a lot of muffled screaming and struggling.

When the lights came on, all four of us were tied to a different column. We were still gagged, but we could still see. Or I could at least, we were all poorly blinded - the cloth that covered our eyes were see through.

A voice started to speak, though I had no idea where from. Even though I could just barely see, the image wasn't that clear. "Look, what special guests we have here tonight! ISn't it special, dear Loyde?"

Loyde. The  name rung the bell. "Mrs. Rogers?!" I exclaimed.

"Lookie there, they're smart too! Not smart enough to not trust us though!" A disgusting type of luagh emerged from the terrible woman's throat. "And of course, I suppose we'll be nice and let them see what's happened. Boys, go ahead and untie their blindfolds, would you?"

MY blindfold was off last, though I already knew who must have untied it. "Chris. Mark."

"Not Mark. Lizzie!" Lizzie squealed.

Zoey gasped. "You were so nice! Lizzie.. How could you? I thought you were nothing but nice the first time we talked!"

"Don't ever ever ever judge a book by it's cover, Zoey. Both ways." Lizzedsaid sarcastically.

"Then, Mark, what the heck are you doing here?" Ava accused, too much hurt in her voice for my liking.

Mark shrugged. "You could call me a trainee, I suppose."

Elidi and Zoey were the only ones who seemed to be thinking. "The teacher and blacksmith. They were... They were you two!" 

"But how did you get off of probation?"

"Killed them off, of course." Mr. Rogers laughed.

"It's not that easy. Nothing is that easy."

"Of course it is! Look where we are. We became innkeepers to get the police and you idiot Gaurdians off of our trail, when really, we were putting work off and continued it all underground." I looked around. They were right, we were standing in a full on blacksmith's workshop - and that was a lot scarier than one would think.

"So you guys are the ones holding Ravi." I concluded, looking around for him. "All this time we were looking all over town for him, when really, he was right under our noses the entire time. So where is he?" I demanded.

"Oh, doing some extra work." Mrs. Rogers gestured to the darkest corner of the room, closest to the fire. ANd there, if you looked close enough, you could see a tired kid sweating, curled up in a ball not even awaere what was oing on around him. 

Ava looked devastated. " Have you even fed him anything?" The Rogers shrugged

Elidi was horrified. "Ravi! It's me, Elidi! Ravi! Please! You have to let him go."

"We don't have to do anything."

Zoey just eyed all the Rogers - like she was determinding the best possible way she would tortue them all in return. I did the same, except I wasn't staring at the Rogers or determining how to kill them off one by one. So in reality, I wasn't doing the same at all. I was staring at the poor kid Ravi. Sweating and yet shivering, thin as a toothpick. I felt bad for him - we couldn't just take the entire day wondering how we were going to get out of here. We were going to have to get out of here today, possibly right now. But it was going to take something. A lot more than just us. We needed someone who wasn't bound to a pole.

"Mark." I called out, pleading him. I made eye contact with the guy, and he tried to look away but I keep eye contact with him. "Please." I said, and he shook his head.

"I can't. I think that has already been covered. And if it hasn't, then it just was." Mark got up after annoyance and walked right past me, and out of the basement, probably to make some of his delicoius smelling bread - though it probably sucked. A lot. Because he sucked. A lot.

Ava coughed. "Okay, so you've got us. So now what are you guys going to do with us?"

"Well, we'll turn you all into Mr. D, naturally."

"The leader of this entire rebellion thing."

"That's the one. And I'm sorry to say, but you three will probably be dead, along with the world - we'll kill off all the Gaurdians, the sun will die, and thus so will you."

"Why are you guys doing this? Killing the world will kill yourselves as well. What are you guys thinking?"

Mrs. Rogers spat at Ava's feet. "All those in the rebellion know the reason of which you brought this orld into existance in the first place - it's a refuge in case yor own world blows up. Well, Mr. D is working on that. Brittanica will be over run but you people, who will pollute it just as much as youa re to your own world. It'd be better to simply die for Brittanica than just die by pollution because of your people. Brittanica is good enough now - we don't need your aliens damaging our paradise."

"We would never pollute and destroy Brittanica like we are to Earth. This is all a mistake. You have to listen to us and let us go." Zoey reasoned.

"That isn't an option."


"Silence! Loyde, I say it's time for this place to blow up now, don't you?"

Loyde smiled while the rest of us looked absolutely terrified. "Of course, dear." 

I tried to trip them while they were hading out of the basement. "What are you talking about, blow this place up? You can't do that! You'll destroy your own inn!"

Lizzie laughed. "We're not idiots like you people. THis place is so far underground that it won't even touch our inn above. No one will know what happened. We can continue our lives... For you however, I can't say the same. It was nice knowing you people, especially you, Zoey." Lizzie smiled and skipped up the stairs, out of the basement, followed by Mr. And Mrs. Rogers. Chris stayed behind, pulled something from his pocket, and attached it to the wall.

"Goodbye, Ava. Elidi. Ethan. Zoey. Ravi." He smiled, activated the small device on the wall, and then ran out of the basement.

We all struggled against our bonds. Whoever had tied them must have been strong - there wasn't a posible way that we were going to be able to escape this one. "What now?!" I yelled, trying to untie the bonds, probably ruinng my fingers at the same time.

"We get out of he-" Someone clapped their hand over Ava's mouth before she could finish her sentence. Zoey and Elidi didn't even notice, being on the very other side of the room, they continued to try and get out of their situation. 

"Don't scream." Mark said, removing his hand from Ava's face. "I'm here to help." He said, and grabbed Zoey's knife from nearby on the ground and started to cut the ropes. "You can't let them know that you're free yet though. We can't let them escape, they're just going to come after you al this time, and you won't have another place to stay. I can take over the inn - Chris taught me enough. I'm so sorry, you guys. I didn't mean for this to happen.. I thought... I thought..."

Ava interrupted. "It doesn't matter. You're doing the right thing right now. So what is it now, what's the plan?" 

"We're going to have to convince them that the bomb isn't working, and then they're all going to have to come down and fix it. Then we can make a break for it, but there's going to be a fight. I'm not going to cut your bonds through all the way, they have to believe that you're still tied up. But I'll put a knife in all of your guys's hands so that you can finish it, and when it's time I'll tell you when and we can make a break for it."

Mark finished cutting all of our bonds almost all the way through. "Cut Ravi free," I commanded, "and then we'll believe you." I said, not sure what I should think of this guy, even though he placed a knife in my hands ater he finished cutting.

"I was just about to do that next." He agreed, and he slashed Ravi's chains and picked him up. "I'm so sorry. We'll be able to care for him upstairs, where the medicine is, but we're going to have to get you guys out of here first. I'll have to stop the bomb... But it might take a while. I'll be right back. I'll take Ravi now, put him in my bedroom, and then tell everyone to come down here so they can 'fix the bomb'. Sit tight, guys. And again, I'm so sorry about everything. Really."

Ava sighed and screamed at Mark, though I could tell she really liked him anyway. "Go already, you idiot!" Mark went ahead and ran upstairs, carrying a dead looking boy in his arms.

"Everyone be ready," I warned,  clutching the knife in my fist. "this is going to be tough."

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