The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Ava

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Chapter 34: Ava

The rest of the day was a blur. All I remember was that Zoey, my litle Zoey, had surprised me once again with her accurate knife throwing - she killed all of the Rogers, unless you counted Chris just being a plain fool and tripping and killing himself. I was going to say good job to her, only that she blacked out after she did what she did. Ethan, half knocked out, helped me carry her and Elidi upstairs, and Mark said he'd take care of the Roger's dead bodies in the basement.

"I'll just have to get rid of the evidence and blow the place up. I'm not doubting Chris when he said the explosion wouldn't even touch the inn. I'm not going to doub tmy best friend, even if he did turn out to be a jerk. I'm just going to blow the place up." He muttered to himself, and I watched the guy sadly as I set Elidi on the couch, back in the inn.

"You do that." Ethan sighed, literally falling flat out on the floor and falling asleep. I checked the time - we were down there longer than we had thought, we had gone down there at around eleven in the morning, and it was already eight at night. I sighed.

"I'm going to hit the sack too." I said, looking at Ethanalready drooling on the floor. "Thanks for saving us though Mark." I looked at Mark gratefully, and then I had to look away. It was never going to work, between him and me. He wasn't even from an existing world, if you wanted to go technical. And he was like four years older than me, and it seemed as though Ethan wouldn't ever accept it. It was better to just not think about it anyway.

I lied on the other couch that Ethan had missed flopping on by about a yard, and started sleeping.


It was bright. Very bright. But it was also beautiful. It was a simple garden, yes, but it seemed so peaceful that it was so beautiful. 

It was a circular garden - rows and rows of plants of every single type - tulips, lillies, roses, everything - and in the very middle sat a boy with short brown hair and a deep tan, and yet he had freckles. He couldn't have been more than nine years old - any older and it would have just been awkward. He wore a yellow shirt and orange flowy pants, the type that I would totally wear to bed, only clean. The boy's pants were stained with grass and dirt stains that probably couldn't come off, and bits of blood here and there. It looked disgusting, and yet totally natural, like it was completely meant to be there. He seemed to be meditating - I almost wanted to turn back and not interrupt him, only I didn't know where turning back meant.

"It's okay." The boy muttered, not even opening his eyes. "You can come near."

I stepped forward, seemingly against my will. I sat down in front of the boy, who opened his eyes and looked at me. His eyes almost scared me - they were similar to Elidi's - a yellow, only a later type of yellow that just said that the sun was almost going to set. It almost  made me sad, thinking that this kid's eyes reflected off of the current state of the sun, but the yellow was a lot more natural - as if the sun weren't being dragged down at all, which I didn't understand at all.

"Ravi." I greeted, finally understanding who the heck this little boy was.

"Ava." He welcomed, open arms. I was going to hug the kid, but it didn't seem quite that appropriate - as if hugging him would just drain him of his energy. "It's okay." He smiled, probably reading my thoughts. "I'm healing. touching each other would ruin the mirage, but it's fine, you don't have to do anything - I'm healing. I just wanted to thank you - and warn you, of course." 

I was smiling all up until that moment. "Warning? What warning? We're doing well - we've already got you two Gaurdians, we're now a group of five, we're doing pretty well! Only five left, right?" I said hopefully, maybe being a little to optimistic. 

"You are doing very well. Very very well. Zoey has a very good aim, and she's a very gifted archer as well. You should take her and get her a bow and arrow."

"We don't have any money."

"No worries, destiny wil find away. Though destiny is also quite foggy at times too. Anyway. She did well, though it is sad for the Rogers' lives have to perish. Though they were bad, they could have done well in other circumstances in perhaps the future. But I suppose they didn't dserve to live, now did they?"

"Not particularly, they starved you, didn't they?"

"I lived."

"You might not have!"

Ravi held up his hand to silence me. I was about to argue, saying I was much older than him and I practically made him, so in a way he should obey me, but he seemed pretty serious. "But I did. Anyway. The warning. Mr. D. He has been alerted of your comings. He is strengthening  all this defenses around himself as well as all the Gaurdians. Things are going to get a lot more complicated from here on out."

"We can take anything and everything that comes at us!" I argued.

Ravi held his hand up again. "I have no doubt upon that. But be warned, things are about to get a lot more complicated."

I huffed. "Okay. Fine. Good job, and more complications are heading our way. What else you got."

Ravi smiled. "i admire you for your readiness, Ava, this is why I chose you to speak too. That, of course, is not the only reason. You shouldn't dodge love, Ava."

I was caught off gaurd. Completely. "What are you talking about? Who said anything about love?"

Mark did. He was in the blacksmith workshop earlier, and mentioned you, and your name and 'love' was in the same sentence. I can read minds, Ava. I know that you like him, but you don't want to risk it - your priorities aren't in that order, you want to save Brittanica first, don't you?"

I  sighed. "Well - well of course I do! Brittanica... It's part of me! I have too!" 

Ravi rolled his eyes. "Look, I hate being the wise guy, but frankly, you're not going to be able to ignore Mark the rest of your time here. He's going to be important, he might even have to accompany you on this trip to save the other five gaurdians. You need to get along with him, even if that means falling in love along the way."

I was about to protest that I couldn't even talk to Mark anymore without falling just that much more in love, but just then we heard a loud explosion and the entire garden shook. "That's our cue, I believe. It's time to wake up, that's teh basement falling and you just might fall with it. I'll see you when you wake, Ava, and don't say anything about this conversation in the real world. The others don't need to know about our conversation, not even the warning - just know it, and I'm sure the others have figured it out by now too." I nodded, and stood up as the garden started to fall apart. "And Ava, don't blame me and Elidi if we're mysterious to you - we need to heal completely if we're to help you completely." I nodded again, and that's when the garden floor of where I was standing collapsed, me falling with the ground.

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