The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Zoey

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Chapter 36: Zoey

When I woke up, Ethan and Ava weren't where they had fallen asleep. There was only Mark, chilling on the couch opposite of me. He looked over at me and smiled. "About time you woke up, it's like four in the afternoon." 

"Where... What... How...."

"Ethan and Ava are out, finishing what you guys started I suppose. What happened? You're going to ahve to specify. And how? You're going to have to specify that question too." 

I rubbed my eye. "How did the Rogers know who we we were....?" I asked, half yawning in the middle of the sentence.

"My boss Christophere spilled the beans. I guess you told him who you were, and he was kind of talkinga bout it with us around, so Chris heard and he told his parents, and then... They just set up the trap."

I knew we shouldn't have told a buch of people who we were. I suppose that last reveal was all my fault - but still, I knew it, it was going to leak out, and now I bet that even that rebellion leader - Mr. D? - knew that we wre in the world of Brittanica and he was probably planning just about how to take us down. "What happened down there...?'" I asked, yawning yet again.

"You killed all the Rogers, and tripped Chris, who hit his head on the edge of the staircase and cracked his head open. He bled to death. You killed everyone else by throwing a knife at them. I've gotta say Zoey, you've got tremendous aim."

The compliment took a while for me to comprehend. "Oh. Right. Thanks." I lied my  head back down on the pillow, but I didn't close my eyes. "Ravi - Elidi. Where... Where are they?"

Mark smiled, like he knew that question was next. "They're in my room sleeping. Don't worry, I successfully force fed Ravi, and cleaned up a bunch of his wounds - apparenlty Mr. Rogers was whipping him without me knowing, I swear I would have stopped that if I had knew about it."

I didn't answer, I still didn't completely trust this guy, even after he had practically saved all our lives. "How did you even get draggedinto this mess anyway?" I asked, not sure if Ieven wanted to hear the answer.

"I was Chris's best friend, I swear, ever since grade school. We were still best buds, even had the job at the bakery together. But then one day he askd me if I wanted to get involved in something bigger than the best of us - I thought he was tlaking an awesome adventure, and in a way, I suppose it was, for him. But this isn't what I meant to sign up for. But it was already too late, I couldnt back out without losing Chris. I was scared, I didn't want to lose Chris after all we had been though. Come to think about it, I didn't really want to die anyway, if I had backed out I'm sure they would have killed me in the first place anyway. I didn't want any of that. At all. But I guess it's good that I said I'd get involved, I ended up doing some good in the end, didnt I?"

I didn't reply. Yes, okay, he had done good, but I still wasn't sure. But I supposed we were going to need him. He would give us a place to stay - he had corrected his wrong doings taht he didn't even want to happen - I could trust him, I was practically 99% sure. "I'm sorry." I apologized, realizingi how hard this must be on him. "I killed your best friend. I'm sorry."

Mark shrugged. "I think I would have gotten annoyed with it all eventually anyway, I'm sure I would have killed him eventually too, it's alright. It was bound to happen - he didn't deserve to live."

There was an awfully awkward silence. Luckily, we heard the door slam. "We got it!" I heard Ethan exclaim, and with that I got off of the couch like a lazy bum and made my way slowly to the front door - I didn't feel like falling face first quite yet, even if it was already evening. Ethan saw me walking and he grinned. "We got it!" He repeated, and I smiled.

Ava smiled too, as Elidi and Ravi emerged from Mark's room, probably woken up by Ethan's excitement. Ravi looked better - wearing a bright yellow shirt, orange pants with some stains, but no shoes - I supposed he more or less enjoyed being barefoot. Ravi was rubbing his eye, and they both seemed extremely tired, and I'm sure I looked the same, but he spoke anyway. "What'd you get?"

"The information that we needed so badly from Kenny." He grinned, waiting for us to praise him, though there wasn't quite time for that.

"And what wa the information, Ethan?" I asked, impatient. We needed to get a move on - I doubted that the sun was going to stay up much longer. 

"Elidi was right. It was where the next Gaurdian was hidden. But the... information was not all entirely clear. All we have is that we need to save Gaurdian Apollo, and that he's being held by a monster of some kind. It's a poem, that's the clue, it's a poem. Wait, hold on... I wrote the poem down somewhere... Aw screw this, Ava could you tell us the poem again?"

Ava cleared her throat like she was preparing to make a speech. 

"Named after the Greek god of the sun,
Gaurdians of all sort mustn't be won.
Under a man-made crossing may he be found
Gaurdian gaurded by an alien who lives underground.
A single question may he ask,
get it wrong, you must turn back.
Turn back, don't take another whack,
Or you might become the Gaurdian's gaurdian's snack."

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