The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Ava

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Chapter 37: Ava

"Named after the Greek god of the sun,
Gaurdians of all sort mustn't be won.
Under a man-made crossing may he be found
Gaurdian gaurded by an alien who lives underground.
A single question may he ask,
get it wrong, you must turn back.
Turn back, don't take another whack,
or you might become the Gaurdian's gaurdian's snack.

Something told me that that wasn't good. I had a feeling of what the poem meant, but it kind of scared me. This stuff was only in the fairytales I read as a little girl, that's what I thought. There wasn't any possible way... And besides, we didn't make anything like this in our world. As far as I knew. OF course, the towl had obviously changed a lot without out noticing, a bunch of other stuff must have happened as well..

"So, the Greek god of the sun was Apollo," Ethan proudly concluded, even though I was the one that had come up with that. "So that's the next Gaurdian we have to save. 'Gaurdians of all sort mustn't be won'... I think that was just a warning not to let anyone get them. But obviously they didn't count on us coming. So I'm pretty sure we can ignore that line. And 'an alien'. Well we didn't make any aliens - but we're sure that some type of monster must have formed, so that's the thing blocking Apollo."

I watched Zoey. You could see the wheels in her head turning, trying to put the pieces together. "'A man-made crossing'... A bridge...?It seemed too easy. It's too easy." She met my eyes, and I knew that we both knew what was going on.

"It's the classic fairytale isn't it?" Elidi laughed, also catching on. The guys, however, remained clueless.

"It's a troll-"

"-under the bridge-"

"-that is going to give a riddle-"

"-to let us pass-"

"-or in this case-"

"-get the Gaurdian."

"Now the question is... What bridge?" Ethan asked, always being the downer. Things were just getting exciting as freaking girl power brought a poem together in understanding, and of course Ethan would always be there to ruin things.

We all looked to Mark. He looked startled. "What are you guys looking at me for? You guys created this world, didn't you? What do I have to do? Why am I in this?" 

Part of me wanted to agree with him - we shouldn't get him involved, it required hurt and it was going to bring difficulties to all of us. But then I remembered what Ravi had told me earlier - we were going to have to inlude him if we were going to succeed, and even though that might require me getting hurt, well, it was a lot better than dying.

"This is the first time here. You've been here for a long time, your entire life. You've got to know of a bridge where a troll lives, or at least heard stories. We've heard nothing. We need you, Mark. Don't you know something, where the bridge is manmade and there's been stories of a troll underneath it?"

Mark thought. I noticed how he bit his lip when he was deep in thought. I was about to say that was cute, but then I caught myself, when it was already too late. Shoot, I was starting to really like Mark, and yet I knew I couldn't. I was turning into one of those deep cliché storybook girls where she practically has the guy in her hands but she doesn't want him.. and yet she does.

I thought  I swore not to be one of those girls when I was little.

What happened to that promise?

Mark kept thinking until he snapped his fingers. "There's a bridge that crosses the river from the mainland to an island. It's a long ways to go, it's basically back the way you came when we first found you, but that's probably the bridge their talking about."

I nodded. "You're sure it's man made?"

Mark nodded. "I'm pretty sure - the story goes something about there being awesome riches on the island or something, so they had to build a bridge to get to it... But there's one part that might not fit. The underground part. If it's underground then it can't be over a river because that's not really underground. But I can't really think of any other bridge that it'd be."

I looked at Ravi and he nodded in agreement. Suddenly I heard his voice in my head - I told you we were going to need him.

I rolled my eyes and pretended I hadn't heard him, thoguh I"m certain he knew anyway. "That's going to have to do. We should get a move on today though, even if it is like six. Just pack up everything we came here with and we should get a move on." Everyone agreed and ran off to get their stuff.

Grabbing my stuff in my room, I made sure I had everything, though there wasn't really anything to check for anymore. "Hey." Startled I turned around and saw Mark waving with an apologetic and sheepish grin on his face. He was holding something behind his back, but he was hiding it well enough that I couldn't see it. "Sorry I scared you. I just had to ask you something."

I turned my back on him and mumbled a "what."

"Am I welcome to come with you?"


I froze, and turned around and faced him again. He was looking down, scuffling his foot along the floor. "What?"

"Can I come with you guys?" He asked again, probably a little louder. Or maybe that was just my nerves talking.

I didn't answer immediately. This is what Ravi had warned me about, making me think that the kid was able to see into the future too. But I don't think this is what he ment in particular, I think what he said was more of just a general thought.

We were going to need Mark, based on what Ravi had said. He had already proved himsel trustworthy, by killing the family that had tekn him in, along with his best friend. He was nice and cool, which is what I liked about him. He was smart, and he knew the area, meaning he would be lots of help throughout the trip. But... How long would we have to have him? There was no way he was going to be able to accompany us the entire trip, it was too dangerous, and so far he hadn't proved himself as a swordsman or anything of that sort. 

And yet, we knew that we needed him.

I hesitated, thinking if I could possibly get aroud this, when I decided I couldn't. "Yeah. Sure." I sighed. "Get stuff packed dude. You're gonna need some stuff, it's going to be a long trip."

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