The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Zoey

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



Chapter 3: Zoey

We decided to sleep on the thought.

After an hour of debating, Ava decided it was time to hit the sack - so she and Ethan did. I, however, used the flashlight hidden between my mattress and the heading of my bed to examine the map. There had to be a way in, I remembered us agreeing on a way to get it...

But I couldn't think, not now, not at... Ah, why wasn't there a clock in the room/ I went to bed anyway, not knowing what time it was, and wondered how we could do this, before it's too late...

I looked at Ethan, who was gnawing on an eraser tip. I was going to laugh, till I realized it was my pencil eraser. "Ew, Ethan, stop it, that's gross!" I yanked the pencil from his mouth and tossed it from my hand, not wanted to touch the thing.

Ava then came through the doorway, carrying what happened to be a tray of lemonade and cookies. "Got anything done? "She asked and Ethan grinned and shook hi s head. Ava set the tray down and peered over our shoulders. "No, you got some stuff done, not that it matters; you - we, I should say - are not having the bank right next to the police station and jail! That's plain stupid!" She picked up the pencil Ethan had been chewing on and used the eraser.


"Plain stupid! Think guys, think!"

"Ethan chewed on that eraser." I mumbled, laughing. Ava paused, put the pencil down, and shuddered while wiping her right hand on her jeans.

"Awesome." She groaned, glaring at Ethan.

"Anyway, I don't think It matters where we put everything, even the jail - the maybe a utopia, but bad guys and evil can never be stopped. We can have a low crime rate, but it can't be stopped." Ethan said.

I jumped it. "But, small crimes don't matter as much as larger crimes, right? The police here ignores the small crimes half the time, don't they? They get to it, yeah, but they tend to put it off."

Ava seemed to consider this for a moment. "Zoey's right, but either way, we can't put he jail there, and we should have a power source and police."

"I thought we already had that."

"Yeah," Ethan agreed, "the Sun is our main focus point and there's already police and crud."

"But, like you said, evil will never be stopped, so there's going have to be some people wanting to take down the power source - the sun."

"That's why we need someone policing the Sun, right?" I asked for clarification.

"Exactly. But at the same time, we need a bunch of people protecting the Sun. Seven at least, or exactly that amount, seven is a lucky number right? It should keep the sun strongly protected."

"The Guardians."

"The Strong Sun Seven."

"The Po-po. Of the sun."

The next day, Ava, Ethan and I crowded around the dinner table, examining the map of our world. "There's got to be a way in. We made a way in, right?" Ethan and I nodded in response. "So then we've got to find it, remember it!" Ava searched frantically, attempting to find any mess up, flaw, or something that’s not in order on the map. I watched her, but became bored. My mind flew off into other directions. Including the one that would give us the answer.

"Ava?" I asked, trying to get her attention. "Ava? Can you do something for me?"

She looked at me in annoyance. "What."

"Take a nap."

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