The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Zoey

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Submitted: November 21, 2012



Chapter 39: Zoey

We weren't able to get quite that far before it got completely dark and we all had to hit the sack. We decided that it would be safest if we stayed near the path instead of trailing off completely into the forest to sleep, so naturally we went about ten yards from the path and set up a little camp. We made a fire so that we could eat really quick, and Mark and Ethan worked together to stomp it out afterwards so that no one would be able to see the smoke - at most, thhey would only find ashes, and by that time, we would be long gone in case someone came along that wasn' really on our side.

Everyone agreed that we should get up slightly early so that we could get a move on and find this stupid bridge. Thus, everone got out their sleeping bags and only used them as a pillow, not even bothering to unroll them at all. I did the same, and soon enough, basically as soon as my head hit the pillow (yeah okay sleeping bag, whatever) I was asleep.


It was a dark rom, those creepy rooms where you could barely see anything and yet you could see just neough - but usually whatever you sayw you didn't want to see, making it even more terrible. Shadows lurked around the walls, though you couldn't see the people. And even then, the only thing that didn't seem to be a spirit was the chair sitting in front of a very sterotypical fireplace, with the shadow the only way of noticing that sure enough, someone was sitting there.

"Mr. D! Mr. D!" Someone was yelling, though it seemed to be one of the shadows that was speaking. "Terrible, terrible, horrific, horrific news!" The shadow exclaimed, its shadow ending up right next to the one in the chair, the so called Mr. D.

"Dagmar. The news. Out with it already!" Mr. D commanded, getting annoyed - of course, that didn't really seem like such a bi surprise, it seemed as though Mr. D was always annoyed with anything and everything.

"Master, forgive me for being the one that must deliver the news to you, but no one else was avaliable and I was most eager to see you again, thus I volunteered and here I am delivering this terrible, terible, horrific, horrific -"

"DAGMAR! Don't make me turn on the lights, extinguishing you! Even the light hurts my eyes, but if that's what makes you shut up, then I'm wlling to flick on the lights! This news! Tell me! Now!" 

The shadow curled up in shyness and spoke rather fast. "Two of the Gaurdians have been freed by the Creators, who hav entered this world, and they're on their way to Gaurdian Apollo to attempt to save him. The Gaurdian's gaurdians ahve been deminished, killed, their lives live no more - they are merely shadows and spirits, like myself. They're succeeding  in their little pathetic quest, Master!" Dagmar shivered in fright, but Mr. D merely banged his fist loudly on the arm rest of his chair.

"Dammit! They will free all the Gaurdians soon enough before the sun is pulled down if we don't do something quickly. Dagmar - you must send more shadows, including yourself, to the defenses. Stop the Creators from succeeding completely in their quest! Don't get caught."

Dagmar nodded in agreement, though even for a shadow he was obviously scared to death. "M-M-Master.. There's more..."

"Out with it, no more of my time shall be wasted."

"One of them.. They're here... A Creator... I sense their presence."

Mr. D laughed. "Don't think I don't know that. It's simply Creator Zoey, it's fine. Creator Zoey, you wish to have a glimpse of your future? Be my guest." 

The image rippled, and I saw a familiar image of Ava, Ethan and I running down a hill with some kind of monster following us. I remembered how I had last seen it - I had made it to a bow and arrow and shot the monster, killing it. I was expectin that, I wasn't expecting the image Mr. D had given me.

INstead of me running to get the arrow, I threw my knife at Ethan and Ava, killing them both, so that I could get away and the monster ate them. As the monster devoured my siblings, I was able to run away and find Elidi, Mark, and Ravi, and together we ran as fast as we could - until we fell into a river. Then the water level started rising, rising, and for some magical reason the water wasn't draining out of the river like it should as if it overflowed - instead it kept bilding, until an invisible force pushd all us underwater and kept us there - drowning us all.

"Enjoy your future." Laughed Mr. D, his laugh echoing in my head until I woke up.

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