The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Ava

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Chapter 40: Ava

We all got up earlier than we regularly would have. Maybe that was because we knew that we had too, or maybe that was beacuse we had reminded ourselves too the evening before. When I got up, I packed away all my stuff - which was practically just putting the sleeping bag into my bag after dusting it off - and ate a pear for breakfast. Everyone else got up gradually as well, one at a time, and did the same, varying in the types of fruits.

When everyone was finally up, we started to let Mark take the lead again, leading us to the trail with the bridge and the mythical type creature thing that was gaurding the Gaurdian Apollo - or Po, as the other Gaurdians seemed to call him. Mark leading only semi bothered me. Yeah okay it was quite a pain at times, the fact that I had to follow hiim around everywhere, or at least for the given amount of time.

He seemed to know where he was going for the most part, telling everyone that the next fe steps of the path were rather tricky, either really steep going downwards or just a tricky turn. In our group of now six, there were mini groups: Zoey, Elidi, and Ravi, who were telling each other various jokes and making ecah other laugh like heck, and Mark and Ethan who were at the front of the line, making me even more upset. Not only was I a loner at the back of the group, but I had to watch my brother be all buddy buddy with the guy that I found extremely annoying.

I trailed along side Zoey, who didn't pay me any attention whatsoever - she merely kept telling weird jokes that I did not understand to Elidi and Ravi, who somehow, maybe it was just kid logic or something, understood it.

Meanwhile, I was just kicking a rock around th legit path.

Zoey groaned. "How mch longer do we have to go, Mark?" She complained, and Mark laughed.

"I don't think it's that much farther, maybe... Five miles at the most if you guys are up for that. And if you'r not, well too bad, we're not going to give piggy back rides anytime soon."

Zoey moaned, along with Elidi and Ravi joining in with her for added effect. "That's so far...! I thought you knew a bunch of shortcuts and stuff...!"

Mark laughed and turned around, about to answer (taht he didn't have any shortcuts and the moment, I was sure), when then his eyes widened. "Nobody. Move." He advised, and we all froze. "Turn around very, very, very slowly. Or not. But turning around might give you an idea of what we're up against, and maybe it might motivate you guys to run faster, just maybe."

One by one they all turned around in front of me, and finally I had to turn up the nerve to turn around. So slowly, I turned around - bracing myself for what I was about to see.

Wha was standing in front of us was a giant morpher monster - like a chicken of some sorts. It was just a giant chicken that had a bunch of scales lik a gross crocodile. But then it also had those beady birds eyes that seemed to be eyeing us and yet it was as if we were completely invisible.

Yeah, okay, it made me want to run really fast.

"There should be a slope a coupe feet away. If we can all back away and get down that slope I don't think that thing would notice if we made a break for it."

We all nodded slowly, and we all started to back away. Of course, Ethan, however, just had to be the dork that he was and fall down the slope that everyone was talking about. "Ethan!" Zoey yelled, realizing her mistake just after she had called out.

The chicken thing went beserk. It started pecking everywhere, though it seemed as if it had no idea where we were. We all made a break for it. We made it down the hill, only to come to a fork in the road. "Right!" Mark yelled, though Ethan and Zoey had thought he had said right, and I followed them, calling out to them to go back and go the other way - but of course, they kept running, screaming their heads off.

I surpassed Zoey, and caught up to Ethan, trying to tell hiim to turn back - but the chicken was right behind us, chasing after us instead of the others. I looked behind us as we climbed up a steep hill, and my eyes widened. It was right behind us, so naturally I jumped over the peak of the hill and ended up tumbling down. Ethan rolled afer me, and we both kept running until we realized Zoey wasn't following.

"Hurry! It's going to catch you!" I warned, Ethan yelling the same thing. We watched in horror as Zoey looked behind herself, wasting valuable time. She seemed to try to get a knife from her backpack, only to realize that the backpack wasn't there - I remembered seeing Elidi holdin Zoey's backpack for her for a while, until Mark had warned us about this giant chicken monster.

I wanted to help Zoey, and I'm sure Ethan did too, we just weren't sure what to do. Zoey was going to run for it, so I prepared to do the same, and she did start to run - but not in the direction I had hoped. Instead she ran towards another tree, and out of seeminly no where she pulled out a golden bow and arrow. She armed herself and prepared herself to shoot - but it seemed as though se were waiting too long, making me worry too much. "ZOEY! SHOOT IT ALREADY!" I yelled, though she didn't seem to hear me - instead, she waited till the chicken was literally right in her face - and then she shot the arrow, killing the chicken.

She stared at it in disbelief, not thinking she had killed it. Finally, after about two minutse of staring, she just spat at it and walked over to us. "Hey guys guess what." She muttered, slightly laughing, "I found a bow and arrow!"

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