The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Ethan

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Chapter 41: Ethan

"Dude, you just literally took out that giant chicken headed thing and you're excited about the bow and arrow that you found? Seriously? Only you would be excited about that." I laughed, dusting my butt off from sliding down that hill.

Zoey shrugged. "Now if I can make my own like endless supply of arrows or something then I don't have to use my knife, meaning more defense for you guys! You guys should be happy too." She stuck the bow into her backpack being extremely careful, bmaking sure that if she needed to reach for it at a moment's notice she would be able to reach it. She slung the quiver of arrows over her shoulder and smiled like she hadn't done anything. 

Ava and I kicked the chicken thing's carcass away from us, disgusting by it. Come on, wh wouldn't be? That thing was pretty dang grody if you ask me. Then we walked back up to the path where we had gotten separated from Mark, Elidi, and Ravi, only we didn't know how far they had gone - we had to guess and check out way on the path now, or at east until we found the other three.

"Great," Ava sighed, now clearly annoyed after an hour of walking with just the three of us, "just what we need, to be lost. Great. Just great."

"Like you care," Zoey snickered, rolling her eyes, "I thought that you didn't want to be anywhere near Mark anymore. Or at least that 's the impression you were setting up for yourself."

Ava seemed to try to ignore the comment, but I was with Zoey on this. What was with her anyway, what did she have against Mark? "Yeah dude you seem to seriously hate him, what's up with that?!" I asked.

She coughed, like she was going to try to get out of the question, but realized that we probably weren't going to let her get out of it. "Fine. I just don't know if I actually trust him or not okay? Cause I mean like. I kind of like him, and yeah he's probably going to be a real help in getting allthe Gaurdians back and stopping the entire rebellion.. But I just don't know, something seems off about him. I don't know. Maybe that's just my... Stupid girl hormones talking or something. I just don't feel comfortable around him, alright?"

No one really wanted to reply to her after that - things were too awkward for that.

We kept walking, guessing on the tricky turns and stuff and almost dying on the steep slopes, until finally we saw Elidi and Ravi slumped up against a tree. Mark wasn't anywhere in sight, but I didn't even notice that at the time - it looked as though Elidi and Ravi were dead, until we ran up to them and shook them till they woke up.

"Guys, where's Mark?" Ava asked urgently, probably more urgent than she meant to sound. 

Ravi stretched and shrugged. "We don't know exactly... We got to the other fork in the road you should've passed like ten minutes ago and he said to go down the right one and waitfor him while he went down the other path."

"He just ditched you like that?" Ava asked, eyeing me.

"He said he was going to find you three because the monster had chosent to follow you guys instead... So we've been waiting here forever... But now here you guys are, and Mark... We don't know where he is anymore."

Zoey shook her head. "Well, we can't wait for him forever. We'll wait an hour at most, but after that we've got to keep moving. The sun isn't going to stay up much longer, and we've got five more Gaurdians to save - we really need to get a move on to this bridge."

"He told us the path and some of the things that we should be aware of, but he also said to wait for him just in case he found you guys in time that he could get back before something happened to us or something, but that's basically it." Ravi said, frowning slightly. He probably knew that things were about to get much more complicated without Mark in the lead.

We all agreed on waiting an hour at most for Mark, so we all slumped against various trees waiting for him. Seeminly exactly on the dot of an hour, Ava jumped up from where she was sitting and picked up all her stuff. "Okay, we've waited an hour - I knew it, this guy was just going to ditch us, and now we're going to leave without him because frankly we have no other choice. Come on, let's go already."

Nobody wanting to leave Mark behind, but nobody really wanted to wait any longer either. Thus, we all got up, dusted ourselves off, and picked off our stuff and started to get back on the path, continuing on our way to the bridge with Po, who was to be gaurded by some kind of mystical creature - this time, without Mark.

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