The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Zoey

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Chaptter 42: Zoey

I didn't really want to leave Mark behind at all - but I knew I was right, we had to get a move on, the sun wasn't going to stay up for much longer, and yet we only had saved two Gaurdians out of the seven. We all picked up all our stuff and kept walking on the path that Mark was supposed to be leading us on for a good two hours or so.

We all traveled as a true group now that Mark was gone, instead of the groups in groups type of things that we were doing when Mark was here. I don't kow what made us change our minds about traveling, maybe it was the fact hat yeah, in fact there are other things besides the rebellion people tha would more than love to eat us. So naturally we travel in a pack as opposed to more spaced out.

Elidi and Ravi were somewhat leading, telling us to go this way and that, based off of what they seemed to remember Mark telling them. Ava didn't look too happy about Mark being gone, but I knew that she wasn't too happy if he here anyway. Personally, I didn't even understand Ava's situation with Mark - I just knew that it was probably going to get a lot more annoying from here on out.

I showed Elidi and Ravi the bow and arrow I had found - I still hadn't been able to get a good look at them, noticing every detail, but all I knew was that they were perfect for me. Though they were golden and pretty high end, it looked as though you could just make one of these - I could definitely make an arrow or two later, if we ever got the time at night while the others slept.

I was about to share my ideas of how I would make the new arrows when Elidi stopped me, starting to walk a lot more slowly. "I think Mark said that there was going to be a really steep part of the path around here, so guys be careful..." Elidi warned, looking around nervously.

Sure enough, about ten yards away from her warning, was an extremely steep slope - only from there on, the path seemed to become a lot more visible, along with a lot more level. Nobody seemed to want to go down - it was literally rock climbing down a wall that seemed about ten feet high. Ethan and Ava were debating whether or not they should just wait till morning to handle rock climbing, but it was four. We would lose to much time if we just camped out here.

I shouldered my bag and sighed. "Come on guys, we don't have time for waiting. Like I said before, the sun isn't going to stay up much longer - we need to cover as much ground as we can everyday. And that requires big jumps and little jumps - or in this case, long climbs."

I made my way to the front of the group and threw my stuff down there, so I'd have free hands cautiously stepped on the first rock. I made sure i was stable, then lowered myself down more. The rocks edged out of the wall seemed pretty secure, though there were some that weren't. I marked those by pushing them down at an awkward angle for the others who were going to come down next. "Careful down the left side, most of the rocks aren't stable there - you're going to have to try and use some, but the right seems a lot safer." I advised, and kept making my way down.

Some of the rocks were pretty sharp, making me cut myself when climbing down. Most of the rocks were edged out of the wall at a decent and handy angle, but some that were necessary to get down were just little stones in the wall that you were going to have to fingernail the dirt to grab hold of.

Eventually I finally made my way down with minimum amount of scrapes, then signalled the others to climb down one a time. I watched Ethan climb down carefully, digging out the stones that weren't stable for sake of the others, tossing them down - almost hitting me whiel he was at it. "Hey! Careful!" I yelled, and he snickered.

"Sorry," He muttered, as he jumped down to the ground. Elidi came next, who Ethan was able to simply lift off of the wall as she came within five feet of the ground, and Ethan did the same for Ravi.

The only one left was Ava.

"Come on, Ava! It's easy, all you do is just grab hold of the rocks and climb!" Ethan comforted. The tone of his voice made me remember why this was going to be rather hard for Ava. Ethan had told me that when she was little she had tried to rock climb, and she fell when she was twenty feet in the air and broke her arm and leg.

It was a dramatic experience, and I barely remembered the story, as I wasn't even born when it happened, but I'm sure that Ava remembered that moment perfectly, how she supposedly spent such a long time in the hospital she cried when she left, clinging to the bed.

"Come on, you can do it! It's not that hard!" I yelled along side Ethan, trying to get Ava to take the first step down the wall.

She shook her head, and backed away from the edge of the cliff, making things even more difficult, since we couldn't see what she was doing. "Ava," I called, waiting for her to come out of her 'hiding', "You can do it. Just take the first like three steps and you'll be on your way. If you fall we're all down here to catch you, nothing's going to happen to you, come on down." I coaxed, though I didn't see her trying to climb down at all.

"Just.. Just give me a second okay? Can you guys look away or something?" She yelled down, and we all looked extremely perplexed.

Ethan laughed. "Look away? Why, what the heck, are you going to come down naked or something?" He laughed more, until Ava threw a rock at him from above, hitting his head. "Ouch. Okay. Fine. Everyone look away I guess." He sighed, and we all turned our backs on the wall. "Okay, we're not looking, you can come down now!" He yelled, and we heard scuffling along the wall, followed by a loud thud.

"Okay, let's keep moving." She muttered, and we all turned around to see a heaving Ava brushing all the dirt off of her shirt, though I couldn't see anything.

"How did you get down so fast?" Ravi asked, extremely perplexed.

"I jumped." Ava replied, shouldering her bag and sniffling. "Okay, let's keep going. Like Zoey said, the sun's not going to stay up forever. We do not have all the time we need, we really need to get moving." She smiled, and we all started walking yet again - though everyone except for Ava was either extremely confused or impressed; and yet it was also probably both.

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