The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Ava

Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Chapter 43: Ava

I always hated rock climbing.

I fell twenty feet down the first time I had tried it, something went wrong with the harness and everything so I fell like a brick all the way down to the ground, breaking an arm and leg.

It hurt like crap.

I thought I would never have to rock climb again, but of course, we had to encounter that huge wall thing. I didn't want to risk climbing it, though now that I really truly thiknk about it that probably would have been the safer thing to do. But instead I climbed down about a foot of the wall and then jumped the rest. I landed on my hands and knees, scraping myself just enough for me to bleed a bit, but nothing to severe - the main point was that no part of me was broken.

I know I had just left everyone pretty confused, but we didn't have time to go into detail. We had to keep walking. "Elidi, Ravi, how mch father did Mark say we had to go?" I asked, wanting to be able to reach the bridge already.

"I think he said something about five more miles, give or take a few." She replied, whacking various parts of nature with a giant walking stick she had found a little bit earlier.

"Sounds good, we just might be able to make within a mile of that place by the time it gets dark - as long as we still see the path we should be fine." Zoey reasoned, and we continued to walk for a bit more.

Because of our luck, it got dark after we had traveled about three miles - about two miles off of our destination, 'give or take a few'. We went off of the trail a bit and got ready for bed - ew figured we could sleep in slightly, who knew, maybe Mark would catch up after all and we would be a group of six again.

Not that I really cared if Mark joined up with us again, I mean, after he kind of ditched Elidi and Ravi - the Gaurdians - all alone like that just to find us made me even more skeptical, like it could have very well been a very well thought out trap.

I decided to try and not think about Mark the entire rest of the night. Until I was forced to, that's what it would be. I wouldn't think about him unless I absolutely had too.

Now the problem was whether or no t the stiuation was absolutely neccessary or not.

Everyone fell asleep one at a time - I could tell, the snores got louder the more people added to them. I was asleep last, but eventually I woke up again - I couldn't sleep. The sun was almost down again. I could feel it this time, but I didn't have a single dream, making me even more scared.

Luckily, I wasn't the only one awake so I didn't have to fret alone. Zoey was up, cuddled up, sitting in a ball and looking up at the sky. "Hey," I whispered, so no one could hear us, "you couldn't sleep either, could you?"

Zoey shook her head. "The sun set." She sighed, not even looking at me - she just continued to stare at the stars above. "The Sun sets daily, and yet we're the only ones who know that one day, maybe, just maybe, it's going to set and never come back up."

I sat right next to her on her sleeping bag and stared up along with her. "Don't think like that."

"But you know it's true, right? If we fail, the sun's never going to rise, this world is going to die, and so will we?"

I nodded, but I was half hoping that it was too dark for Zoey to see that I actually did agree. "It's beautiful though isn't it." I commented, hoping to get a bit off subject.

"I suppose. I just wish it would last. Why can't we have night skies like this in our world, there are so many more stars...." Zoey sighed, and lied down a bit, showing she was starting to relax.

"It's the exact same sky as our world - but all the city lights from where we live take awesome the sight of some of the stars. If you want to see a real starry night, you've got to go to the desert or something and look up at night - you can more stars than you're ever going to see in your life." Even I kind of wanted to do that, and maybe one day I would.

Zoey grunted in return, and there was silence for a few minutes, only our breath. Suddenly, Zoey whispered almost exactly in my ear, "Ava, I had a dream the other night."

I looked at her. "About what?"

"I saw... Well I didn't actually see him, but I saw Mr. D."

"The rebellion leader dude?"

"Yeah. Some kind of creature named... Dagmar I think it was warned him about us and how we were going around saving al the Gaurdians."

"What'd he do?"

"He said to send out more.... somethings to gaurd more of the Gaurdians."

"Do you remember what those 'somethings' were?"

"I think.. I think... I think they were shadows. That's what Dagmar was. A shadow."

I thought. Shadows? Half of me wanted to say that no, there was no such thing as a shadow attacking us, the was ridiculous. But the other half of me told me that that wasn't at all rediculous - in fact, it was probably the most reasonable thing to do. "So they're coming after us?"

"I think they're just going to gaurd the Gaurdians. Extra protection."

I huffed. "Great. How do we get rid of them?"

Zoey thought. "I think Mr. D said something about light getting rid of it, which doesn't make sense if you really think about it, cause you know. Shadows. Light. Those go together. Dark and shadows. Not.. Not really."

"All you have to do is shine a light on them?"

"I think so."

"They might.... Hm... There are some flaws in that. They could easily win if they do what I'm thinking... But I think we'll be fine. We just have to be sure to get to theb ridge and get rid of the main gaurdian so we don't have to worry about the shadow gaurdians so we can get to the other Gaurdian."

"Those are a lot of 'gaurdians'." Zoey laughed, and I playfully punched her.

"Whatever. Did you want me to tell the others about this?"

"I'll get to it."

I nodded, though I wasn't even sure if Zoey could see me, it wa extremely dark. "Good. Okay, well I think we should both get to bed now if we're going to hit the bridge tomorrow."

"Okay. Oh, and Ava?"


"Mark's not all that bad, you know that right?"

The comment caught me off gaurd. "I guess." I said, not really wanting to give yet another straightfoward answer - better be vague than exact when it comes to this kind of situation in my opinion. Then I remembered to ask soething that I had nearly forgotten about. "Zoey, what do you think of Ravi? Not like... Like like kind of way. Just... I haven't really been able to completely talk to him, and neither has Ethan, to be honest. But I know that you guys do actually talk, what's he like?"

"He's funny. And he's serious. But I'm pretty sure he wants to get the Gaurdians safe more than any of us - he seems pretty serious about that part." Zoey replied, after thinking about it for a few seconds.

I nodded, and started to move back towards my sleeping bag again. "Okay. Goodnight, Zoey. Get some rest, okay?" I didn't even wait for an answer - I snuggled up inside my sleeping bag and fell asleep almost instantly - and this time I slept sound through the night.

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