The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - Ava

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Chapter 46: Ava

Ethan went ahead and pulled off his shoes and socks and stuck his sword in his belt and jumped right into the water. Ravi wanted to not get in at all - "I'll wait here!" He had said, - and we ended up pulling him in. Elidi slid into the water a bit faster than me - but at least she still slid in so I wasn't completely alone.

Though everyone was probably really mad at me, I took my 'merry time lowering' myself into the water. It was freezing, I had no idea how Ethan and Zoey just jumped right in. everyone seemed to be waiting for me and only me to get settled into the water, and eventually I just got annoyed and started to splash everyone and go underwater a bunch so I'd get used to the cold. 

When I finally did (it did take about five minutes, okay, okay), we all prepared ourselves to dive and swim the thirty second dive to the cave. Thirty seconds didn't seem like much - but I was almost positive that things would be a lot more difficult bonce we were underwater.

"Okay, everyone ready?" Ethan asked, already getting impatient. Though I wasn't sure why, I'm almost positive that he had already peed in the river already, what was his rush?

Everyone nodded. "One," Zoey said, making sure that we all dove at the same time. She grabbed her bow and arrow, probably hesitantly, knowing that the water was probably going to kill the awesomeness of it, along with wiping away al the dirt that she had previously rubbed on it prevent it from glinting in people's eyes.

"Two," Elidi continued, preparing herself.

"Three!" I finished, and we all dove underwater. 

We all had a bit of rouble opening our eyes underwater - especially the Gaurdians, so Ethan and I ended up holding eithe rof Elidi's or Ravi's hands to guide hem just in case. Zoey led us towards the cave, guiding us. She stopped about a yard in front of it. Half of me wanted to ask what the heck she was waiting for, we weren't going to be able to hold our breaths forever. But the other half of me knew what as stopping her - this was where that barrier air bubble thing separating the cave from the water was.

We all tried to push through it, but nothing happened. Finally, I felt Zoey take my hand and motion for Ravi to take Elidi's. We were all going to charge the barrier, no matter how slow we were going to go since we were underwater.

We all 'charged' at the air bubble wall, and I'm kind of proud to say we succeeded. We all flew through the wall, we all heard a loud pop, and we were all thrown upon sand. It was dark, humid, and musty, a combination that I doubted anyone really liked.

Everyone was coughing and sputtering until someone had already gotten up and looked around - I couldn't remember what they were looking for, all I knew was that I was wet and I wasn't comfortable. "No," The muttered. "This isn't right." 

That made me get up and look around without complaining. Then I realized the frustration.

The cave was empty. 


"This isn't right." I repeated. 

Everyone else got up one at a time, seeming to catch on at their own paces. Zoey seemed to be the most frustrated - she had been the first one to come down here and she thought she was right - she knew she was right - and yet it appeared as though she had been wrong.

"There's got to be some hidden entrance!" She muttered, picking up her bow and arrow and started banging on the walls.

I thought I saw omething move by Zoey the first time she had banged on the wall, but I agreed to myself that it was just my imagination. "Zoey!" I yelled, trying to snpa her out of her anger, "Dude, that's not going to help any time soon." I scolded, right after she hit the wall and it rippled.

Everyone stopped and stared. Zoey reached out to the wall more, whispering to herself. "It's like the map, isn't it? IF I touch it.. My hand will go through... And..." She touched the wall this time, but this time it didn't ripple.

This time, what seemed to be the wall attacked her.

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