The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 48 (v.1) - Ethan

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



Chapter 47: Ethan

The things Zoey said when the wall attacked her is not appropriate.

She was cussing at the thing, which turned out to be some dark leathery looking thing that kept trying to swoop down on her. She had set an arrow on the string of her bow and shot at it, but the arrow only went through the thing.

"Dammit!" She yelled, scrambling away from the thing, back towards us. We all pulled out our weapons - though the enemy looked pretty untouchable, seeing as how we only had knives and a sword. 

And by untouchable I didn't mean like it was to powerful to even challenge. I meant it was untouchable as in it didn't even seem as though it were even there.

Zoey looked at all of us, just standing in place with weapons at the ready, while she was scrambling on the floor trying to make the shadow thing retreat -

That was it. That was it was, a shadow. 

I hadn't even realized that Elidi and Ravi were slowly backing away from the shadow, probably going to try to find something where they could actually fight this thing. Ava and I stood in place, petrified. Ava was still probably trying to figure out what the thing was still. 

"It's a shadow." I muttered to her, just so that she and Zoey could hear me. They both looked up at me once I had said that - they couldn't believe it.

"It can only be destroyed by light." Zoey mumbled, warning us. Stabbing it with knives, slashing it with swords, shooting it with arrows - that wasn't going to work. We were going to need light - real life light, so that it would die. 

In this cave, nothing was real life light. It was all weirdly colored, like the color of the reflection of water, if that made any sense at all. It was that kind of light when you were in an aquarium. When the water was lit up, but where you were standing was not, so it didn't actually look like light - it just madeit look like you had squiggly lines all over your face.

Zoey was still holding her bow when she rose. The shadow didn't attack us - as if it were waiting for more back up, which is exactly what we didn't want. "We need light." Ava said, whispering, as if if we spoke loudly the thing would get mad and all the sudden start attacking us. "Zoe, your bow... Can you make a bright shine off of it or something?"

Zoey looked down. "There's still dirt on it. I can't. I would but I can't - the water should have washed it all off, but I'm not going to be able to make a glint off of this thing - there's no real light anyway."

We were all just standing there like a bunch of idiots that didn't have one single clue of what to do. Which we didn't. I just held my sword as if I actually knew what to do with it, when I really didn't - back when we were fighting Junker and all of those people I was just swinging my sword random places and I got lucky whenever I dodged a blow from the enemies. 

I got lucky rather a lot then, didn't I?

I thought we would be standing there forever for sure. I didn't know what would happen if the shadow touched you, and something told me that I really didn't want to find out anyway. Maybe you'd be turned into a shadow too. Maybe you'd be petrified. Maybe you'll get sewn into a cloak of souls once you died and you were worn by the king of shadows. Something of the sort - I just knew that I really didn't want that thing to touch me, but how long could we b able to avoid that?

As far as I knew, shadows didn't sleep. Humans did, get got tired, we'd be defeated eventually - and then one of those terrible things I had mentioned would be in our future.

Yeah, that wasn't too much of an appealing future for me.

Suddenly there was a splash of water and a lot of coughing and sputtering. At first I thought more people had arrived as the shadow's back up. Actually people, too, instead of things that couldn't be killed unless you touched them with natural sunlight. But it wasn't more back up for the shadow - it was more back up for us.

Okay, it wasn't really new back up - it was Elidi and Ravi, but there were dripping wet yet again and coughing. They were holding hands, but not in the way you're htinking - they were holding hands lie they were helping eacho ther carry something that we couldn't see.

The shadow's attention was diverted from Ava, Zoey, and I so we ran away to the other side of the cave as we watched Elidi and Ravi start to swing their hands towards the shadow as it advanced slowly. "Now!" One of them had yelled, and they released they're hands, releasing something so bright hat none of us were able to look - except for Elidi and Ravi, I was sure.

There was a big boom after that. Okay, not so much a boom either. More like a really loud pop. But either way, when we looked back, the shadow wasn't there - all that was there was Elidi and Ravi standing there by the air bubble wall thing, and nearby was a great big ball of light.

"Don't stare at it too long," Elidi mentioned, as Ravi knelt down to scoop up the light. "You'll go blind. It may be an extremely mini sun, but it's still the sun, it can still blind you."

"...If it's still the sun, then how are you guys holding it?" Ava asked, bewildered. She kept looking around the room, still fearing whether or not the shadow was there.

"We're part of the Seven Sun Protectors, remember Ava? We are almost literally part of the sun - holding it, touching it, looking at us, even fighting with it apparently - won't hurt us." Ravi said, stuffing it in a plastic bag that he had plucked from te river outside, showing just how much this place was already polluted. Then he slung it over his back, making him look like a hobo. 

"Is it heavy?"

"Not particularly."

"So you can just shine that at the shadows we encounter and they'll disiergrate? And it's not heavy? It's... just.... Light?"

Elidi and Ravi nodded. The rest of us shrugged, more or less impressed. "Well alright then." I said, picking up the sword I had dropped when we had turned our backs on the Gaurdians when they first swung the light out. "We should kep looking for a way into the cave, the actual one where Po is being held. Everyone check the walls. But keep the weapons at the ready - that shadow might not have been the only one." I muttered, feeling the walls of the cavern just like Zoey did.

Words cannot express how much I was hoping they didn't ripple like when Zoey touched the one with the shadow.

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