The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Ava

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Submitted: April 22, 2012



Chapter 4: Ava

"What! No!" I protested. Zoey tried to push me on the couch, but I grabbed her hand in frustration and bent it backwards, a way it wasn't supposed to bed. She cried out in pain. Ethan looked at her and then at me.

I tried to avoid his glare, but I couldn't avoid his voice. "Take the nap, Ava."

I backed away onto the cough, closed my eyes, and before I knew it, I was asleep.

"What if we need to get it?" Zoey asked. "The point of making this world was to give humans a place to live in case something happened to Earth, right? So what good would that be if we can't get in?"

I paused from drawing the city hall. Zoey was right - we needed a way to get in. "Town hall? Town Square?" I suggested.

"No way. You can't make a way in unless there's a way out. Anyone and everyone go into town square, they could get over here, you know strange that'd be? We need to have it somewhere inconspicuous." Than said, something smart for a change.

"Oh yeah? Where."

"The forest?" Zoey suggested. "Okay, it might be a cliché, but it's the best we've got. Unless you want people to pop in some guy's home, I mean."

Ethan snickered. "In the forest by the river, how about that?"

"I'll make sure the forest is so crowded with trees it'll be hard for anyone to see a camp or something without being in view."

"Fish in the river; you don't know what could happen."

"I've got it!" I shushed, drawing in the abundance of trees near the river full of Zoey's childishly drawn fish. "There. Than can do his weird mafic thing on that part of the map and we can continue tomorrow, okay?"

We nodded, and went off in different directions.

I snapped my eyes open and got up from the couch, and looked at the time. In what seemed like five minutes, I had slept for an hour. I could hear Ethan in the kitchen, preparing lunch. Zoey was next to me, sleeping, and her hand all red. I gently moved her shoulder, stroking her hair. "Zoey," I whispered, "Get the map." Her eyes fluttered open and closed again.

"Sock drawer." She muttered. I headed off to our room, and then started rummaging in her rock drawer. When my hand touched the rough paper, I pulled it out and unrolled it on the ground. I tried to find the forest, where trees grew more than other areas. It was harder than I thought; every area looked the same. I heaved a large breath as I did when frustrated - and saw a part of the map shimmer.

"No way..." I said, thinking it was a trick of the light. I reached my hand out to where I thought I saw it shimmer, and gasped.

The map shimmered and ripples.

My hand went through the paper.

"I found it."

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