The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Ethan

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Submitted: November 29, 2012



Chapter 50: Ethan

I almost didn't believe it.

It was just too easy.

Answer a question, boom, say no, you get the Gaurdian? Seriously?

I was going to argue, but frankly Marina was just too pretty to argue with, so I decided against it - besides, we got the Gaurdian, there wasn't really much else that we weanted, now was there?

Oh yeah, except that information, except here was also that catch, though I couldn't remember what it was - was it even mentioned, or was I blanking out? It had to be that it just wasn't mentioned, yeah that was it. Marina had said something about a catch. But nothing more.

"Just like that?" Zoey questioned Marina. I wanted to shout out what an idiot she was, questioning this beautiful woman, but I thought better of it - Zoey could beat me up in a heartbeat.

Marina nodded. "Just like that."

Ava shrugged. "So where is he then? Where's Gaurdian Apollo?"

Marina nodded to ecah of her little troll henchpeople. "Fetch the Gaurdian for these people. Keep his bonds on though - we don't want anything happening that shouldn't, now."

"Like what?" I asked, but she completely ignored me.

Psh, she totally wants me, I could tell. 

"So the other information," Marina continued, smiling at us, making me want to go over and do whatever the hell she wanted, "were you interested?"

"What kind of information were we talking about here?" Elidi questioned. That girl was smart for her age - always getting all the facts before getting hersel finto anything major.

Marina didn't answer. "You all seem to be excellent at riddles; why don't you guess?"

We all thought, but I'm pretty sure we were all thinking the exact same thing anyway. "Where the next Gaurdian is?" Marina nodded. We all looked at each other. The girls looked back at us, the guys, and we were all tellin geach other by our stares that we were deciding whether or not we actally needed this information .Chances were, we could get it on our own. 

But then again, what if we couldn't?

I shrugged at Ravi who shrugged at Elidi who shrugged at Zoey who looked at Ava who rolled her eyes. 

We tried to continue to think about the choice, but just then Gaurdian Po came out which shackles around his ankles and wrists. He looked etremely tired, like any second he would collapse and take a nice five year long nap, but he couldn't be more than thirteen. He wore shorts like mine, like we would wear them any time we went camping, and an orange tank top with sandals. He looked pretty chill with his blonde floppy hair that he constantly had to flip out of his eyes - only he didn't, I'm sure beacuse he was just too tired - and you'd think he'd also have the blue eyes that usually came with blonde hair. Only he didn't. If you looked closely, couldn't really tell what color they were. It was as if they were morphing from a really bright yellow, kind of like Elidi's, to something similar of Ravi's, and then to a just dark blue. I din't get it - here I was, very good looking at age eighteen, and I was jealous of a thirteen year old.

"Apollo." Ava gasped, apparently taken aback by his appearance. 

Elidi and Ravi smiled and started to tear up. "Po!" They yelled together, and they ran forward to hug their old friend, but they were repelled back by some invisible force, kind of like how we were when it came to the air bubble defense. "Let him go." Elidi commanded, speaking to Marina but looking at Po, as though she would never take her eyes off of him again.

"Ah, but you haven't answered me! Are you interested in this other information I have? Do you know what I offer?"

Ava nodded. Apparently she had just made the desicion in her head without consulting the rest of us. "We know what you offer. We thank you for your generousity. But we cannot take this information; we can't have one stay behind. We simply can't. And with that we kindly ask you to let Gaurdian Apollo go as well as us and we shall be on our way."

Marina laughed and shook her head as she signaled to her stupid trolls to take Apollo back to wherever she had hidden him - from what we saw, there wasn't anywhere she could have kept him, in fact,t he trolls walked with Apollo straight through a wall and disappeared. "You children can't go now!" She laughed, like we were the most idiotic people she had ever met in her life.

But something told us that she wasn't kidding one bit.

"What are you talking about?" Ravi nearly screamed, backing away and reaching for hisknife he had put in his belt. "We must be on our way!"

"Well, I  never specified if you could leave at all once you got the Gaurdian in the first place. Realisticly, geting the information and only leaving one of you behind was the smarter option - much less crowded down here for me and the trolls, thanks. But since you don't want the information you all must stay...!" Marina explained, as if it were the most easiest thing to understand on the planet.

Zoey prepared to shoot an arrow at the mermaid, putting an arrow on the string. "You can't keep us here. You're outnumbered, bring Apollo and your troll back out here and it's six to three and a fish. You're outnumbered."

Marina shrgged and did as Zoey had suggested - she brought Apollo back out, still bonded, as well as her trolls, though they weren't bonded. Though this time they were certainly armed. "I wouldn't say we're quite outnumbered. See, Zoey, you thought I was a siren the first time you saw me, didn't you? Yes, Kiki told me. And well, I am. We myay be outnumbered, but you are outmatched, and you're also about to be outnumbered."

"What, you're going to signal more trolls to fly and swim down here and come to your fishy aid?" Elidi retorted, grabbing her knife too. The trolls ran to the back of the room where we had come from, making us have to stand in the middle of the room - we were now trapped.

Marina laughed and scolded at the same time, which is a pretty amazing and yet terrifying thing if you think about it. "I was thinking more about making the odds a little more even without risking other people's lives." 

As soon as Marina opened her mouth, Ava yelled "Cover your ears!" And we all did so, but I could still faintly hear the voice more beautiful than I had ever imagined. It was amazing, that voice. I had to do whatever it told me. Slowly, as if afraid the beautiful voice could hurt me,  I uncovered my ears and looked at my family. They were all covering their ears still, except for Ravi, who was doing that same thing as me. 

We both walked towards Marina and stood by her side, sword and knife out ready to fight. 

I had no idea what I was thinking - I still had my consience. I knew I didn't want to do this at all, but my body had a mind of it's own. Literally, it was almost as if I could feel another brain cloning out of my original one, the copy programmed to follow whatever Marina sang.

Ravi and I were both under Marina's control now. 

We were so screwed, we were figihting with a bunch of dwarves. 



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