The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 52 (v.1) - Zoey

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Submitted: November 29, 2012



Chapter 51: Zoey

As soon as I saw that Ethan and Ravi were now under a spell and that we didn't have them on our side anymore I knew we were going to be screwed. I looked at Ava as Marina kept singing, and Elidi lookd just as pained. Then we realized that we still had Apollo, who somehow wasn't affected by the siren's song. 

Apollo could fight. A thirteen year old typical sterotypical California looking boy and he couldn't fight? Not possible. We knew that Apollo would be able to fight and help us. We knew that. But he wasn't going to be able to do anything while he remained in those bonds. We had to get him loose of those bonds.

Eventually Marina stopped signing, but that's when everyone on her side started swinging. As soon as Ava, Elidi and I uncovered our eyes the trolls started to swing the various items they carried, varying from nunchucks to just a big mallet. Ethan and Ravi attacked too, slashing and swinging their swords everywhere.

We all ran towards Apollo and tried to undo the metal bonds, except they were locked - they needed to be opened by a key, we weren't going to be ble to break them any other way without breaking Po's hands as well. At the sme time, we were also being repelled by some mysterious force - probably the same force that was keeping Po from being affected by Marina's singing, but now that she had stopped it wouldn't matter if the force field were there or not.

We had to get this thing open, but none of us knew how. Elidi and I kept tyring to get the bonds open as Ava decided to go and fend off the trolls, Ethan, and Ravi. I heard her yelling battle cries (which weren't as awesome in person than in the movies, trust me), and a lot of scraping against stone, making me every now and then look at the trouble. There were some times when I would hear Ava scream, and I'd prepare another arrow for a shot hen really wthat was one of her cheesy battle cries.

"We can't open the bonds with this force field on!" Elidi exclaimed, but there obviously wasn't any way for us to 'shut off' the force.

"Maybe we just have to pick the lock or something, here, try a bobby pin or something, here -" I suggested, handing Elidi a bobby pin from my hair when Ava screamed - this time a real one, not a battle cry, I could tell by the urgency.

I turned, and there she was, pinned against a rock by the female troll, making me even more pset. She was being chokd up against the wall, so I did what came to instinct. I took a shot at the troll.

I admit,  the shot was probably the worse one I had taken yet - my hands were endlessly shaking and the shot wasn't that clear - Ethan was in my way, the idiot. The arrow stuck in the troll's shouler, but luckily that was enough to make her loosen her grip on Ava, who basically round-house kicked everyone in the face, including Ravi and Ethan. That part made me grimace, but not too much - we just needed to get out of here. 

Ava continued to fend off the trolls and the 'bad guys', but something told me she wasn't going to be able to hold them up much longer. I watched her, wanting to help, but knowing I should get Po free first. I still helped though - a troll tried picking up the arrow and sneaking up on Ava and tried to stab her in the back - I threw a knife at him, getting him in the stomach.

Now it was four to four - plus a fish.

Elidi as still scrambling, trying to make the bobby pin fit the lock. "It's not going to work!" She muttered, obviously getting rather frustrated. I grutned and looked aaround for a key of some sort, anything that would work. I watched as Marina enjoyed the fight between Ava and the trolls, Ava picking up the arrow I had shot earlier and using it against the trolls herself.


"Use an arrow." I said, offering one to Elidi. She looked at me like I was crazy.

"An arrow isn't going to fit into the keyhole."

I shook my head. "No, just slash at the bonds. It's got to work. Hold on, I've got an even better idea, but wor on the arrow idea." I ran over and grabbed the bag of light that Ravi hadbeen carrying, only to abadon it when he fell under Marina's spell. It was still full of light - enough to blind everyone in this room, probably. "Soak the arro in this or something and then try to cut the bonds. It's got to work." I said, and Elidi did as she was told while I went off the help Ava - Ethan had her once again pinned to the wall.

I couldn't stab him, I couldn't shoot him. That basically required killing him, the very last thing that I wanted to do. The biggest way I was able to help Ava, was, well, kick my very own brother in places that should never be kicked.

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