The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - Ava

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Submitted: November 29, 2012



Chapter 52: Ava

When Ethan was choking me I felt as though we were back in the kitchen, only this time for once there wasn't a knife. Then Ava came along and kicked out very own brother in the genitals, and I as dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes ,but I managed to get away quickly so that the trolls, brother (now in pain), and Ravi wouldn't be able to get me that fast. 

"Thanks." I coughed, grabbing a better hold of my knife after that. Zoey armed herslef with another arrow and started to try and shoot at the trolls, but she kept missing - that or just just got cleared out of the way by Ethan's stupidly good reflexes and deflecting arrows with his stupid sword.

I looked back at Elidi to see what she was doing, but her back was towrads me so I couldn't see that well.

Zoey huffed after wasting her last arrow. She took out yet another knife from her belt and gripped it. "We're going to have to do hand to hand combat." She muttered, and I knew it was bad - practically two against four, we were outnumbered two to one. But we were going to have to do it, at least until Elidi could join in after getting Po's bonds off.

I yelled something that even I couldn't understand and charged for my brother. I didn't want to hurt him one bit - I didn't even want to bite him, which was syaing something, since I loved to bite him especially when he was being annoying. But this time I just didn't want too - it seemed so wrong, one song from a siren and he was fighting against me and Zoey. But I willed myself to remember every single little thing I had ever been mad at him for, and that was enough to make me at least go hand to hand with him. 

I had to watch out for the other troll - he was a lot shorter than me, but I still had to watch out - he stabbed me in my calves once in a while - nothing serious, I didn't think, but stil; I doubted we could really afford even small injuries like that.

Zoey was somehwere across the room fighting off the last troll and Ravi - I bet she had th same situation that I had with Ethan right now, which made it even worse - we were both at a loss. Meanwhile, Elidi kept trying to free Po, who I bet was getting restless. I knew that that boy could fight, that was no secret - but we seriously needed his help, but at the moment it seemed almost impossible. 

Then I made the mistake of looking at Marina - that was when Ethan was able to disarm me with a swift move with his own blade and I was powerless against him. I backed away and turned to run, only he ran after me and grabbed me from the back. blade at my throat again.

Yup, this was definitely like th scene in the kitchen.

Ethan led me to right in front of Marina - he stood beside her proudly, as if he had been on her side his entire life, here in this grotto, which personally was pretty pathetic. I watched as the troll overtook Zoey and did the same to her as Ethan did to me. We were both standing by Marina's side, except now we were being spun to face towards her.

She was smiling.

I wanted to punch her so badly, kick her, scream in her ear, fry her and eat her for lunch, anything. That smile bugged my so freaking much it was getting plain silly.

"You can't win. You can't leave. You're not allowed too. You answered my riddle, you go the Gaurdian. But you can't leave. Ladies, ladies, when you make a deal, you need to learn that you need all of the information before you make that deal. That's always the reason. Weren't you two taught not to sign anything like contracts unless you read all of it throughly? THat's like this. YOu really need to know all the informationi before making any deals."

Zoey yawned sarcastically and I spat in Marina's pool, making her gasp. "Disgusting. Rude. You all will be exterminated. Drowned, I tell you, drowned! Boiled in oil! You wil have the cruelest punishment in which we can set upon you - "

Zoey and I had both been pretending to be asleep - thus our eyes were closed, but they snapped open when Marina screamed. "Don't look!" Someone yelled. I could tell it was bright, I could hear something shriveling, and Zoey and I looked away. I was hoping Ethan and Ravi were doing the same.

"Okay." The voice sighed, happy that that was over. I looked over and saw that it was Apollo, holding the bag of sunlight that Ravi had brought earlier. He was holding it open in the mermaid's face, only the mermaid wasn't in the grotto anymore. She was floating out in the river, of which I realized was just an isolated box. If you really wanted, you could actually say that we were in a giant fishbowl. Or she was, anway. A fishbowl with perks.

Everyoen by then was snapping out of Marina's spell. Ethan let go of me, and the troll backed off of Zoey and clambered up against the wall, scared to death. Ravi walked over, a bump growing out of his head from where Zoey had probably hit him with a rock or something. Elidi was there too, handing Zoey a bunch of the arrows that she had saved from around the cave. 

Ethan looked at Marina swimming in the fishbowl and realized that the entrance was blocked off - she was never going to come out of there now, ever. He sighed. "Well that's over with." We were all relieved. 

We all slumped up against the cavern walls, the trolls still tyrying to climb away on the opposite one. We were all resteing, breathing hard - Apollo was rubbing at his ankles and wrists, where the bonds had made makrs on his skin. But that just reminded me.

"Oh yeah, by the way, Apollo." I sighed, still trying to catch my breath. "Welcome back." I smiled, and then I fell asleep against the cavern wall.

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