The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 57 (v.1) - Zoey

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



Chapter 56: Zoey

Once we all fully awake, we actually consulted the idea that Mark should go with us.

It was a more or less even fight. Mark wanted to go with us, and Po foresaw that he should. Ava of course was against the idea, using the whole 'trust' factor to go against him, when really if you thought about it, you couldn't trust anyone right now. Elidi wanted Mark to go with us, but Ravi was skeptical about the whole idea as well. I didn't really care, i preferred to stay on the fence, but I do have to admit that we did kind of need all the help that we could get.

"He's a traitor! He left us alone to die!" Ava shouted.

"He was coming to find us Ava, you very well know that!"

"Still! We can't trust anyone now!"



"Stop being an idiot, even Po says that he needs to come with us."

"Who cares what Po says?"

"You should, actually."

During all the fighting, I was cutting an apple I had gotten from the fridge. They were all fighting in the so called living room, so I could see and hear them perfectly from where I stood. 

Everyone was on either side of the room, usually with the people that they sided with. Mark was leaning against the bathroom door chewing on wheat or something, acting completely chill with everything.

The hipster.



That was when everthing broke out, if you could believe it. I slammed down the knife I was using to cut the apple and started throwing apple slices over the counter at anyone who was yelling.

"BE QUIET!" I ordered, and Ava kept yelling.

"He's not going to come with us, he's an idiot, he could be a traitor, he left us alone to die, we don't even know him, his friends were un trustworthy-"

I threw the other half of the apple I had failed to yet cut at Ava, to get her to shut up. "AVA!" She went silent, looking at the apple half rolling around at Mark's feet. "Thank you. Alright, here's what we're going to do since we can't ust act mature enough to make up our minds, knowing we very wel have a freaking deadline that we kind of need to make.

"Po says that this Mark figure needs to come with us. I agree. Most of us agree. I don't care about you others, he's going to come and if it turns out that you guys were right we can all wok together to capture the fool again and we'll give you guys the pleasure of killing him. Alright? Does that sound nice?"

Everyone shrugged more or less forcibly, and Mark only kind of smiled - I'm sure he didn't appreciate the 'killing him' part, but hey, it was necessary.

"Okay, fine." Ava sighed, realizing that there was no point in fighting anymore. "We'll leave in fifteen minutes, okay? We should get a move on. Right, Zoey?"

I nodded, knowing that sh meant it as a diss, but I didn't let it get to me. "Right. We really need to get to the mountains fast - Eli is counting on us."

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