The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 58 (v.1) - Ava

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



Chapter 57: Ava

In the next fifteen minutes, we had gotten the main stuff all together - we decided to ditch the rather heavy and annoying food supply, so we only took what we really thought that with needed instead of being the high maintenence children that we started out to being. We all only packed a set of extra clothes, and "forgot" the toiletries in the bathroom - there were no bathrooms in the wilderness, they were only getting in the way.

In the end, we ended up with one bag each. The only thing that we didn't change from the very beginning was the weapons - we all had at least two weapons on us, and if not, well, we made sure those who didn't had pretty good self defense skills anyway. 

Zoey had the map in her hand. "We need to get out of town first. Don't talk to anyone guys. Just make it past the border of town and we're home free - then we've got to go north east towards that dry patch of land there - dammit, Ava? Ethan? Why didn't we put something there? There's just a freaking patch of land there, that's so stupid! Anyway, after we walk through there we should hit the base of the mountains and after that just climb the right one, find the cave.. And.. Well okay, let's make it to the lake pond thing first, okay?"

Everyone nodded in agreement, and we headed out of the inn to get out town. 

As we traveled through town, it seemed as though we were attracting too much attention towards us. A lot of people were staring at us, as though we had never seen them in our lifetimes. Which, I suppose, made sense in the least, but still - just because we had blown up a basement and saved a Guardian and they had no idea what was going on -


Well, the people that were staring at us we shot off with good glances - we had talked about that before leaving too - if anyone gives you a weird look, just give them a weirder look until they bug off.

Our logic. It's beautiful isn't it?

We traveled to the other side of town before we actually got out of it, meaning that just that many more people got to look at us weird - and we got to stare at that many more people weirdly as well. We passed the bakeries and the blacksmiths, and the little cottages in the middle of town, and the little school right in between. We even passed a few shops that Mark and Chris hadn't showed us on our first tour - it was such a cute little town, it almost made me want to stay a bit longer just so that we could check out the entire thing and not miss a single buildling.

Ethan and Mark were at the very front of the line as usual, with Zoey kind of nearby so that they ould check on the direction every now and then. Next to Zoey was Elidi and Ravi, and Po straggled along behind them, looking for an opening in which he could walk - it reminded me of the excluded kid that I always saw in the elementary schools, the one that everyone seemed to tolerate but no one really liked - that was always the saddest kind of love in my opinion, the fake kind.

I walked in the back. It wasn't much of my choice. I didn't mind to stand back here, but it sounds a lot better if I said that I was ordered to by - who else, Zoey, Ethan and Mark. They said that I should stand back here so that I could "keep an eye on the younger ones just in case someone was following us and wanted to steal them away." 

BS, if you ask me.

After about half an hour we finally made it to the edge of town - you could kind of tell that it was the end of town, there were less and less people as we took more and more steps, and the buildings seemed to be taken less care of. We kept walking until I had realized that soon enough the pavement of the road had turned back into the familiar mixture of dirt and sand, and then eventually just dirt. 

"Zoey, are you sure this is the right way?"

"The pond is straight ahead, we're fine. Just keep walking, I think we'll make it there in about an hour or so - not too long, but by the time we get there it's going to be like one, so we can take a break for like ten minutes and then we'd better keep going. But we should also probably et a lot of water and take some too - use those extra containers we brought - we don't know how long we're going to be in the dry patch of idiotic land that we created and water is pretty dang important."

Ravi and Po agreed, and started spouting random facts about the desert. 

"Lots of animals like to burrow themselves in the ground to stay cool."

"Yes, because it's a lot cooler down there."

"And when it's night all of them come out."

"But it's really cold there at night too."

"But not so cold whereas things freeze," 

"Because that would be really awesome."

"There's a lot of scorpions down there too, so I hear."

"I hear that too, a lot are poisonious!"

I groaned. "Better not let them sting you then, how tragic that would be!" I warned sarcastically, and they just glanced back at me like I was crazy.

"Yes, that would be tragic!"

"Thank you for proving our point Ava." They both smiled and continued on talking about pointless stuff that only children their age could talk about.

I sighed in exasperation, and kept walking. I took out the piece of wood that I had grabbed off of one of the trees in town and started shredding it down with my knife, bored to death. The others could hear the sound of my carving, I could tell, and I think it was bugging then - all the more reason to just keep going.

I didn't want to annoy everyone, but everyone was getting on my nerves - maybe it was the prescene of Mark, who knows?

No matter their annoyance with me or my annoyance with them, I kept sharpening the pointless piece of wood. I didn't know what I was making exactly, I was probably just going to make a bunch of shavings until there wasn't any wood left, but then again maybe I couldc arve something useful - a spear or something.

Right, a really short spear.

Go me.

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