The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 59 (v.1) - Ethan

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



Chapter 58: Ethan

Mark and I had been talkin the entire time that we had been walking. The topics varied from typical guy things (or at least I hoped they were typical, if it was otherwise I would be immensely worried about him and myself) and stuff about the mission. The guy was funny, I'll give him that - no matter what topic we came too, there was always something that he had to say. I loved that kind of people, the kind that could carry a conversation no matter how weird it got. 

"Cows." Mark muttered, unsure whether or not he should even bring the topic up. We were on the general topic of animals, so naturally the topic of cows just has to come up.

"They're weird, what about them?" I asked, not really sure where he was going with this.

"I feel bad for them!" 

"Why? They're animals!"

"They're sad creatures."

"And you think that because...?"

"They have no idea how delicious they taste. Not to offend all those vegetarians in the world, but cows, cows they have no idea how delicious they taste!"

I laughed. "Point taken. I love hamburgers. But that can't be the only reason - that's a stupid reason. What else you got man."

"I feel bad for them!"

"Because they don't know of their own awesomeness? Seriously?"

"No, because they're geting their unmentionables squeezed man, so we could drink from them."

"Stop right there man. That's not cool. Stop right there."

Mark laughed. "Sorry, but it's true. That's the only thing that I hate about cows, they're gross when you think about it. Though it'd be pretty weird if we got milk at the same time when we get beef... if you catch my drift, you know?"

"Dude. Stop it. That's gross."

"Fine. Chickens."

"Um yeah I don't like the sound of that either, you're going to go along with the idea of embryos and eggs and stuff, let's move on. Zoey, are we almost there?" I thought that at least an hour had passed, maybe I was wrong - I had a bad habit for interpretting time incorrectly.

She studied the map a bit and looked around us. The surronding looked all the same, just a bunch of trees and bushes all around. The trees were so close together that you couldn't see the sky, we were litterally walking underneath a tree tunnel. The sun was shinng through the leaves where all the light was practically green, making everything kind of glance off of the lower leaves so that everything looked the exact same. I had no idea how she could tell where we were compared to on the map - maybe it was just some kind of map reading person specialty that came with Zoey naturally. 

"I think we're almost there. It's like one right now, so now I know that we're really close, should be there by 1:30 if you guys don't mind. Sorry, I thought it was closer."

Po smiled. "It's alright, I'm sure we can walk a bit farther no matter how much longer it takes, it's okay, we're not in a rush."

Ava shot a mean look at him. "What are you talking about? One of your family members is in a great danger right now, and you're saying that we're not in a rush? What kind of situation are you thinking of man?" 

Po looked at her with bewilderment. "Just because one is in trouble does not mean we should make rash desicions."

With that, Po turned away and dragged Ravi more towards the front to where everyone else was, leaving Ava behind.

I motioned for Elidi to come near, and she caught up with us, leaving Ava even more behind. "Elidi, can you keep Mark company for me? He likes to talk about cows." I hinted, and she nodded with enthusiam. 

I then slowed down to talk to Ava, asking her what was wrong and all that stuff that a big bother should do. "Talk to me." I coaxed, and finally she gave in. I was amazed at all the stuff that she was willing to share, though something told me that half of her didn't even know that she was doing it.

I listened, and eventually just told her what to do. though I wasn't sure if she even believed me, she put a smile on he face and we kep walking, this time catching up with he others so that we didn't seem as far behind as we actually were.

It wasn't long before Zoey stopped us all and pointed ahead to a great big lake right in the way, its waters just shimmering - I supposed we were all thirsty, even though we did have water bottles with us. She smiled. "1:20 guys. We have about ten minutes until we should get another move on."

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