The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Ethan

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Chapter 5: Ethan

I was chopping carrots when I heard Ava scream; making me cut my hand slightly. "Crud." I muttered. I didn't know that Ava was up; I thought she was still sleeping! "Ava!" I grabbed a paper towel to put over the cut and ran over to where the scream seemed to come from, Zoey on my heels (which I now realize sounds really weird coming from a guy so change that to tail.) "What happened?"

I ran into the girl's room and saw Ava practically in tears, the rap unrolled before her. "Ethan," She cried out of happiness, "Look." She raised her hand, made a fist, and punched her wayinto the map. "We can get in."

My eyes probably bulged out like a deer caught in headlights. I turned to Zoey. "How did you know that she'd get the answer… If she wasasleep?"

Zoey stared at me. Then at Ava. Then back to me. "She's the Dreamer."

I didn't want to ask what that meant. Neither did anyone else. Instead we practically spent ten minutes looking at the entrance to our world. "That's amazing." I looked at Ava, who was nodding in agreement. Zoey, however, seemed to be sleeping on the floor, right there next to me. "Zoey." I nudged the girl, and she got up, a lovely crust around her eyes.

"Ethan, do you still have your light saber and sword?"

"How the heck do you know about that, you weren't even born yet."

"Ava told me about them and how you guys used to play. Still got them by chance?"

I nodded. "Under the bed." Zoey got up and ran all around the house. When she came back, she had my stuff, as well as some things a seven year old really shouldn't be carrying around, like a kitchen knife. "Zoey! Put those thingsdown." She obliged, but then tossed me my fake sword from childhood years. I caught it easily, keeping it from hitting Ava's head, who was eyeing Zoey suspiciously after getting up, moving the map, and standing in the corner.

"Go on," Zoey teased, pointing to the sword, "show off." I looked at her like se was crazy, but did what I was told anyway. i showed her a couple moves I picked up from my elementary school friends. I lunged, jabbed, and yet, everything came naturally, as if I had done this yesterday.

When I was done, I threw the fake sword at her feet. She smiled and threw me the light saber, telling me to do the same. After that, she tossed me arolling pin and told me to do whatever I could with it. "Now what." I asked when I was finished.

"Now," She smiled, picking up the largest kitchen knives, "you think fast."

She threw a knife straight at me.

I dodged it, thankfully, and looked at her. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled as I heard the knife fall somewhere behind me.

As a response, she threw another. This time I wasn't prepared, I was half looking at the cut I had gotten earlier from a knife, so I just rose whatever I had - the rolling pin. The knife stuck in the middle of the wood, which would probably piss Mom off later on. "Zoey! What do you think you're doing, stop it!" Ava stepped forward, but not before Zoey threw the next and final knife at her.

Ava instinctively moved out of the way. "Zoey!" She screamed. But Zoey just smiled and sprinted behind Ava.

An old dartboard was hanging on the wall there, with a knife sticking out of it.

A knife.

Thrown by Zoey, seven-year-old Zoey, who had never handled or thrown a knife likethat in her life, was sticking out of the dartboard.

In the very middle.

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