The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 60 (v.1) - Ava

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Chapter 60: Ava

"I don't even remember you mentioning a lake when you brought up all that stuff about all the stops that we were going to have to take, Zoey." I recalled from earlier, kneeling down to the lake to take fill up my water bottle.

Po stopped me though, of course - being as thirsty as I was it was just my luck to get stopped from drinking some of this glorious water - warning me to be careful. "You might have to purify it first, we don't know how safe this water is."

I looked at him with dread. "Well then." I curled up into a semi-ball while Zoey used a makeshift pot she got somewhere - who the heck knows where - to boil some water. We all sat around eating apples and little snacks waiting for the boiled water so that we could reload. I looked at my watch - if Zoey had been serious about only having a ten minute rest stop, we had about six minutes to keep resting before Zoey was going to force us to go.

Of course, that wasn't nearly enough time to boil a pot of water - I wasn't sure if Zoey knew that herself, but if she did, then she was trolling us all.

I tore away last bit of the orange peel that I had been peeling and flung the peel into the lake, causing a bunch of ripples in the very center.

Okay, I honestly thought nothing of it.

I seriously thought nothing was going to happen.

But hey, we're us, and we just do not have decent luck.

So naturally after a few seconds - probably after the orange peel at sunk to the bottom of the pond - a bunch more vibrations caused the pong to ripple more, and before we knew it, we were all on our feet facing a giant monster.

Elidi whipped out a knife that Zoey must've given her, while I heard Zoey cuss like a sailor as she grabbed her bow and arrows. I'd have tohave a talk with her later about that, Ihad never heard those words in that combination come out of her mouth. Ethan and Mark had been caught completely off gaurd and were now coming out from behind trees from which they had first hidden, swords in each's hands. Po and Ravi whipped out their weapons, though I couldn't tell what those are.

"What the hell is that?!" Ethan cried out, swiping at the monster as it tried to come closer towards him.

No one replied to him, they all just stared at the monster.

It was a stereotypical monster, but let me tell you, those things are a lot scarier up close than in those picture books. Slimey looking green skin, giants fangs, and a huge long neck coming out of the water.

That's really all I could tell you about it.

The rest of the body was underneath the water, where we couldn't see it. We had no idea what we were up against besides what we could see - the rest we were going to have to to dive for, and that was pretty dangerous.

The monster seemed to eye all six of us one at time, figuring out what it was up against and such. It looked at me last - I wasn't sure whether or not I was just that worthless or not as threatening as the others, or if it was saving me for last.

I think I was insulted either way.

I prepared to slash at it with my knife in case it lunged at me. So naturally, Mark taunted it as well. "Six against one, Slime Face! Bring it on!" He yelled and the monster snarled at him and faked a lunge at Mark, the idiot. Mark stepped back, caught slightly by surprise, which I was surprised by. If you're going to taunt a monster then expect it to come at you, right?

It stared at all of us, trying to guess which one was going to attack first. But that was just the thing, we didn't know what our battle plan was. We were caught off gaurd, and now we had no idea what we were doing.

The monster seemed to get that.

It craned its neck over Po, threatening to attack him. Po slashed and hissed, trying to scare the thing off. It's scaly neck went right by me and I could have easily chopped it's neck off - but something told me if I did that I'd just make things worse. Something like the hydra, the Greek mythical creature that grew back two heads if you chopped one of its six off.

The thing was going after everyone now, and everyone kept slashing with no tactic whatsoever. Po and Ravi stuck together when they had a grand chance to go in fom oppostie sides to cut it but they didn't. Zoey seemed to be wasting arrows willy-nilly, which slightly pissed me off. We needed those, hello?

"Ava!" I heard Ethan yell and I turned, watching him fight the monster head on, lunging and ducking and rolling all over the place. "Don't just stand there! Do something!" He yelled. I looked around - the neck seemed to be infinite, all coming from the water. We could pull a classic and make it tie itself into a knot, but something told me that that wasn't going to be too easy l ike it was in the movies.

We needed a lot more options.

"AVA!" Zoey screamed, and I jumped out of the way just as the serpent (I had decided it was a serpent after seeing the infinite neck) tried to squish me by slamming part of his own neck into the ground where I stood.

I thought its attack on me was over - there were like, five other people to go attack, but no, it continued to move towards me as I kept running from it. "Holy shoot someone do something!" I yelled! I looked back and saw the everyone was doing something - there was countless cuts all along the serpents neck, but it didn't seem to have any effect. The neck just kept getting longer and longer, I could see it rushing out of the water.

I swear, if this thing wanted to set the Empire State building on fire from the very top, it could.

That's when I got the idea.

I needed to investigate though, and frankly I couldn't do that with the serpent right on my tail.

"I've got an idea! Someone take it!" I yelled, and the closest person - Elidi - ran in front of me and slashed with her sword and nicked it on the face - then it started chasing her around and I had some time.

I wanted to stop and catch my breath - I must have been running for ten minutes already - but I couldn't. Instead I took a deep breath, and then dove into the lake.

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