The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 61 (v.1) - Ethan

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Chapter 61: Ethan

Things got really hectic after the monster-serpent thing started to chase after Elidi. We thought that Ava had a plan - and maybe the girl did, who knows - but either way apparently part of her 'plan' was to dive into the pond. Go Ava. Let's see how long she can hold her breath.

I had no idea what her intention was but at the moment Elidi had tripped over a rock and the serpent was gaining on her. Mark jumped in front of her and started to slash, and I saw just for a second him look at me and mouth 'go'.

I took that as well as I could. 

My first, human, not nearly as cool Ethan side said that 'go' meant that he could handle it and that I should get all the littler ones and run for it.

But of course, I was more awesome now.

I  ran up to the serpent as close to the water as I could and chopped its head right off, just as an arrow shot from Zoey's good aim got stuck in the thing's eye.

There was a sad scream from the serpent - it almost made me feel bad.

But even after the head wasn't connnected to the body anymore it kept screaming. That made me feel bad. And it kept screaming. I had to cover my ears after a while. I wondered if this was how my parents felt when I was younger, the baby that never stopped crying.

The thing kept screaming and screaming. I saw Ava's head pop out from the pond, look at what we've done, and then go back down. I wanted to know what she was doing, but something told me that she wouldn't have gone back down unless she figured that the battle was over.

So the battle, I supposed, wasn't over.

The serpent kept screaming. Mark walked over to me and we all looked at each other not knowing was to do. "Should we push it back into the water?" Mark suggested, but I shook my head.

"Ava's doing something down there." 

Mark nodded and we just kept staring at the creature that kept screaming and screaming its head off. (Ha, see what I did there? Screaming it's head off? You know because - nevermind.)

I turned around once I heard Elidi and Zoey cussing like sailors for the second time behind me. "Hey!" I said as I turned around, but then started to cuss myself as I saw what they were cursing about. 

The body... the part disconected from the head... It was growing another head. And the head disconnected from the rest of the body... Was growing another body. With legs visible and everything.


Mark, Po and I were already trying to kill the neck that was growing another head, while Ravi, Elidi, and Zoey were trying to stop the head from growing a body. Po snapped his fingers and his hand lit on fire - which surprised and scared the heck out of me, by the way - and tried to burn the neck stub to a crisp so that he head couldn't grow back like Hercules did, but this wasnt' Greek mythology.

This was freaking real life.

"Ethan! Help us!" I heard Zoey cry, and looked over from my attempts at slashing the neck into little sushi bits. The head had almost grown back a complete other body - it was growing its legs now, and man, it looked pretty pissed off at everyone, particularly me.

I ran over to help the girls and Ravi, leaving Po and Mark to handle the big guys. For every leg that the creature grew, I cut it off with Ravi's help, while the girls tried to stab the creature anywhere they could. 

Suddenly the bigger serpent screamed and I looked over - Mark and Po looked shocked as the thing seems to go back into the water. As the neck finally slipped into the water, I saw Ava's head pop out of the water, knife in hand and something orange between her teeth.

The smaller creature had stopped growing at the same time that the bigger serpent had slipped into the water, so Mark, Po, and I carefully rolled the thing into the water, trying to avoid all the cuts we had given the thing so we could avoid the blood. That proved to be difficult, as it seemed almost as though the girls were drawing pictures on the thing's hide with their knives.

Ava climbed out of the lake and laid down sprawled out on the grass, spitting whatever she had between her teeth out onto the ground. We all walked oer to her and I picked up the thing she had spit out - it was an orange peel. 

"Seriously? This is the thing that you dove down there to get while the we all had the fight of our lives? Elidi was almost killed! We all were!" I yelled, and Ava looked at me.

"You could thank me."

"Why? You left us!"

"Okay well I suppose you don't really ahve to do anything - I started this thing anyway. Sorry about that."

"And how did you start it?" Ravi asked, in his curious voice.

"Sorry. Shouldn't have littered."

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