The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 62 (v.1) - Zoey

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Chapter 62: Zoey

I'll give it to you guys straight up, alright?

I was tired.

And hungry.

And thirsty.

And now I'm five times how tired, hungry, and thirsty I was to begin with.

Remind me never to thrown an orange peel into a pond okay? I don't want any more serpents chasing me - it gets tiring after a while, you know.

We all decided to boil as much water as we could and then be on our merry way -  we didn't want any other accidents happening, not after giant serpent. That was not fun.

I cannot stress that enough.

After we all packed up and refilled our water bottles we kept walking. It was the kind of slow walk that you would do when you're walking to your least favorite class in school - full of dread, laziness, and sadneess. Not so much the sadness part, but we were pretty dang close anyway.

I know Ava and Ethan had heard me cuss, and I know that they were going to have a long conversation with me about that later - but man, if they had entered my head for half the day I'm pretty sure they would wash my mouth - mind? - out with soap.

We walked in silence - completely and utter silence except for the squashing sound of Ava's wet sneakers - for about thirty more minutes. I kept the map out and navigated our way around. If we hit halfway through this complete dry patch of land by night fall we'd make it to the base of the mountain by the afternoon tomorrow, meaning we could climb our way maybe to the cave, do an inspection, camp, then attack late at night or early in the morning. 

Knowing us, nothing was going to go according to plan.

We trudged on until the forest turned into a barren wasteland. Note to self - make something here. Not just a barren wasteland. Another town. A park. I don't know, something. Something, anything just to make this place seem less like a desert because right now it was really intimidating to be walking through a desert.

The thing about deserts is that besides the sun you really have no idea what you're doing. You can't see anything, only sand, sand, and more sand. Even the horizon land it sand, which can get pretty depressing after a while. Every once and a while you think you see a tree when in reality it's just the person walking next to you. You think you see a giant pond but that's some hallucination - and besides, even if there was a pond I wouldn't drink from it, not after stupid serpent thing.

We kept walking through the desert for another thirty minutes. I knew everyone was already draining their water bottles - I hoped they saved some, we only had like two bottles each. We were still walking in silence until Ethan ran up to me from behind and whispered in my ear. "It's not even that hot, Zoey. We could run through this and barely break a sweat, I swear."

The sound of someone's voice actually startled me, but then it clicked what he had said. I checked myself, wiping my forehead - nothing, not even slightly sticky. I pressed the back of my hand against my neck - nothing. It couldn't have been over 80 degrees, and that was pushing it. I looked back at the others. Most of them were holding their water bottles, and I could tell by how they were holding them tha barely any water had been drank. 

Ava, sensing my thoughts, looked at me. "It's the sun. It's getting lowered, remember? It's not even that high anymore, it's losing it's power. It's being drained." 

Po nodded in agreement. "I can feel it. Can you guys?" He asked Ravi and Elidi, and they both nodded as well. "We're getting weaker. We can still go, don't let us stop you, we need to save Eli and stop this Rebellion, but we're kind of crunching it now. When the sun is getting drained of its power, we're getting drained of ours. Eventually, if we're completely drained, we're going to die, and if we die, then you guys die too."

I looked at everyone. They were all looking solemn, like they had all already given up. I huffed. "Well, let's keep going then and get to the mountain base at the least. Anyone up for a little speed walking?"

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