The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 68 (v.1) - Zoey

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



Chapter 67: Zoey

I hadn't exactly realized how serious my worst fear was until it hapened. I think that's how it was with everyone. But seriously. I hated the experience... Having everyone depend on me, having everyone follow me, i Just wanted to die...

But we had to all get passed that. No one really alked about what they had to face - none of us raelly wanted to, for that matter. We all just kept to ourselves and continued to walk down the next tunnel, hoping that that tunnel was the one that would lead us to Eli. Not some random creature that was going to try and stop us from getting to her.

We must have traveled for at least another thirty minutes before we hit another cavern like the two before. This time, Po adnd Ravi had almost waltzed right in before we stopped them. We took this as a bad sign, though the optimistics in the group tried to make good out of it - since they had waltzed right in and people hadn't killed them yet that's got to be a good thing, right?

No one answered those optimistics.

I huffed. "Let's see what's in  there, then, since you all are so much of wimps to find out." I sighed, passed the others, and peeked my head behindt he corner of the tunnel exit, and I found myself looking at emptiness.

There wasn't anything there. It was just another cavern.

"It's fine, you idiots, there's nothing here."


I turned. That voice was not one of the groups, and had come from somewhere behind me. "Hello?" I called out, quietly - there was definitly someone there, and if someone was there, hat means that someone else was there too - and that was not going to be a peson on our side. 

"Over here."

"I can't see you. Who are you?" I called out again, drawing my dagger just in case.

"It's me, Eli. Help me. I'm in the corner of this cavern, but you can't see me - these fools must have cast a invisibility charm over me - please, come. Touch me, that's all you have to do, and then I'll become visible again. Please, hurry, I don't know how long my captors will be gone."

Elidi had heard the entire thing, naturaly, and being the excited little person she was, ran forward. "Eli! I've missed you so much, how are you, where are you? I must help you, I'm -" Her happy words of excitment was interuppted by her piercing scream. "Let me go you big jerk! Let me go!" Elidi starting cussing like a sailor as Eli started chanting some weird spells, probably trying to protect Elidi.

Ethan ran out from behind the wall before we could stop him. "Put her down! What?" He threatened, and then stood back, confused. There wasn't aything there. Of course we could tell that something was there, otherwise Elidi wouldn't be hanging in the air with her face pointed upwards towards the ceiling - she would be back on the floor, not a scratch.

"Everyone out from behind the wall! Everyone! Drop your weapons where I can see them! Or the girl dies! And I don't think you want one of your Guardians dead! Of course, you'll all be dead in an hour or two - the sun is almost out - I've absorbed all its powers, it can't go anywhere, you are all screwed! Of course, this one can last a bit longer if you all drop your weapons now!" 

We all regretted it, but we all came out from behind the wall and dropped our weapons in a pile in front of us. "Now let her go." Mark demanded, and the thing laughed. 

"Haha, good one, I'll keep this little one for now."

"Let her go!" Ethan yelled again, picking up his sword again and pointing it in the general direction of the monster. "Release her!" 

The giant growled and slowly started becoming visible. He was as tall as a mountain - at least forty feet tall, a pure giant. I hadn't realized how tall this cavern was, but the giant becoming visible just made it that much bigger. How were we supposed to slit his throat or something if it was all way up there?The rest of him came visible as well. He had ince pointy horns on the top of his heads that could easily just be knives, if you were to rip it off. He had large biceps and looked almost liek a Hercules, if the guy didn't have the horns. He wore, for some reason, a fez, which made him almost look cool, except that the horns just completely ruined the look. The giant was a nice tanned brown which would make any other girl swoon, if he weren't holding our friend at least twenty feet in the air with a huge knife against hr neck. He could have easily made a decapitated Elidi at any moment, even if his hand was shaking in the slightest, but he didn't. The only thing that was really shaking was Elidi herself. I didn't blame her - having a blade against your neck must not be that comfortable.

"The sword."

"The girl."

"You make it sound as though you aren't fond of this little girl in the first place. What's this one's name? Elidi? Ah, Elidi. I'veheard a lot about you. I feel like I know you practically, since I have heard so much. See, I studied each and every one of you so that I knew exactly what I was doing when I was thinking of this. You thought that you wouldn't run into anyone like me, did you? You thought this would only be people, just regular old citizens that wouldn't be citizens because they'd be part of the Rebellion. You didn't expect any of this, did you? But I also read that you all must be very bright. Thus, you must have been expecting the enemy to demand for you all to put down your swords. Put them down!"

"Ethan!" Eli yelled, " just drop the sword!" 

"Follow her orders, young man. Set a good example for these others."

Ethan, reluctntly, dropped his sword. The monster heldout his hand and all our supplies flew towards the other end of the cavern, way to far for us to reach it without us getting squished by the giant's foot.

"Ah, see how easy that was? Good job. Now, what to do, what to do. I'm going to put the little girl down now. And you guys can either leave and try to get your lives, though I don't know if you really have a good chance at that, or just stand against that wall over there like I'd really rather prefer you do. Sound good?" 

The giant lowered Elidi to about six feet and dropped her - she nearly landed on her head, but thank God landed on her back instead. She gave a little oomph, then we all lined up against the wall like the guy wanted us to do. We didn't know what else to do. What else were we supposed to do? Sure, there were seven of us, eight if you counted Eli (but we didn't since she was all tied up), but there was forty foot giant standing in front of us waiting for us to do something so that we could give him the opportunity to crush him.

Because, you know, that's always fun.

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