The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Ethan

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Chapter 8: Ethan

I tried to train everyday for at least two hours. Of course, that didn't always work out, but I think I was getting in touch with my inner swordsman. There were a couple days when Ava had to go to the market, so I had Zoey chucker knives as me, and every time we found my reflexes getting better. There were some close calls, but I could manage to not get any cuts or serious injuries.

Zoey was hanging around the house, meditating with Ava mostly, but occasionally helped me with my training. Ava had come to the conclusion that somehow meditating would help her control her powers, so for a while everyday all I heard outside was... well, nothing. It was pretty scary, even for an 18 year old like me. Zoey had suggested to Ava sleeping more instead of meditating since that's when most of the visions would happen, but Ava insisted on meditating - "what use am I if I'm sleeping?" She argued. At the time it seemed like a reasonable argument.

Then I thought, what good is she if she's meditating? It's practically the same thing, only one when you get up you're usually cranky as hell.

Anyway, about a couple days later, we were all eating dinner in silence when Zoey piped up. "Ethan's training has been going really good, Ava. You should see him today, or sometime when you're not meditating, he's gotten a lot better."

I smiled as Ava looked up from her chicken soup. "Really. Well, no one's everthat good unless they play against someone. And that's not happening anytime soon, so -"

"Ava," I interrupted. "Not to toot my own horn at this, but, trust Zoey. I'm pretty good."

Ava sighed in disagreement. "Either way, it's not like you're battling anyone anytime soon, so right now I honestly don't think it matters yet."

"Actually, we can leave and battle whoever whenever you're ready. I've been working on the packing list, and I'm pretty sure I got all the essentials." Zoey pulled out a mangled slip of paper, and handed it to Ava, who, after carefully analyzing it, handed it to me. "Do you think we'll need our tooth brushes? I didn’t but it on there, but I can if you want..."

The list varied from sleeping bags to an extra light bulb. Clothes, even soap, just in case, were listed too. All we had to do was pack al the stuff on there up and slip through the map, and there we were, on our way to save the Guardians.

"Ava, how much time do we have left? How far down is it?"

"Whoever is pulling it down, stopped. A little bit it's going down, but a lot slower now. But it's still going down... Guys, I think it'd be best if we left within the next couple days. Tomorrow should be devoted to packing. Then the next morning we should get up early and go. We have limited time; we've already wasted a lot of days. We need to finish before the sun goes down, obviously, and by the time Mom and Dad get back. Both deadlines are important. One is unpredictable. The other, if we don't get back in time, will probably cause the cops to come looking for us if we're gone long enough. We need to get going. Pronto."

"No, naturally," I said, taking everyone's bowls and running the water, "we start packing tonight. You two start. I'll wash dishes, you two go." The two girls looked at each other and ran off. Then I plunged my bare hands into the hot water.

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