Bi-Polar Pennies Story

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The horrific death of kenny miller instantly had caused onus effects on his small family for after that fateful day priscilla miller never really got over the initial shock of her husbands sucicide she and penny moved back in wit her parents and for months the ate little and spoke even less until finally her parents were forced to get her professional help the help came in the form of a battery of test that several different doctors were to perform over a series of months most of these test were psychological in nature and priscilla performed so poorly that 4 out of 5 psychiatrist diagnosed her to be neurotic psychosis in the doctors estimation priscilla was in no mental shape to continue to live alone with penny and perform her daily duties as a mother hence forth she was to have a benefactor a role which for the next couple of years her mother would relish in being though not for the mental stability of her child but because of the checks she received for priscillas care

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bi-Polar Pennies Story

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Clear blue sky and the camera rolls from the sky to the window of the mental ward patients milling about one man in the corner in a chair drooling on himself some playing cards a couple of them walking around talking to themselves a nurse appears at the door of the day area and calls out penny miller dr sands whats to see you and penny gets up from the card table to go to the door to see what the dr wants now penny is this extremely beautiful woman who stands about 5 10 creole mixed with hazel eyes 185 she thick wit it tho with big breast and phat booty jett black hair man this woman is fine so she walks to the door and follows the nurse down the hall to doctor sands officeShe opens the door to the drs office and in the chair across the desk sits dr sands he is the head psychiatrist at whitley fields mental hospital dr sands is 38 years old divorced and of middle eastern descent he has been pennys dr her whole stay at whitley he motions for her to sit down in the chair across from his desk penny sits dr sands: hello penny how are you feeling today? Calm and business like penny: im okay why do you want to see me timid weary she adds what did I do dr sands: well penny I have some good news you go home today smiling penny: really shocked surprised confused dr sands: yes penny I have already contacted your grandmother and she will be here to pick you up within the next hour now penny let me explain to you whats happening....

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