Monochrome Light

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Circa Pendragon has always lived in the shadow of his father, Xerxes Pendragon, the great warrior of Pencet. Wanting to prove himself to his father, and everyone else, Circa sets out on an adventure. Little does he know, a great evil has been set free upon Pencet , its name: Pandora. With his intentions reversed, he gathers an unlikely group of people to save the world they call home, or die trying.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Monochrome Light

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



Circa sighed as people flocked to his father, taking a step back. His fathers eyes shone as question after question were hurled at him. This was the only thing that made him truly happy. He went on and on about how he had beat down a dragon with his bare hands and made it carry him to the far regions of Seren. Another sigh escaped him as he turned his head and shuffled the groceries in his arms. He looked out towards the coast, his olive colored eyes narrowing slightly. He had dreamed of crossing those seas, to go on adventures like his father had, since he was a child. Now, at the age of eighteen, he could finally go out and see the world with his own eyes. The only problem was, his overprotective mother might refuse to let him go, in fear that her son would never return.


"Circa," his fathers deep voice called over the other voices, "let's head home."


"Alright." He answered simply, turning his head back towards his father and walking to his side, pushing past the people. Ignoring the murmurs of, 'that's his son? He's so small,' they both headed home, his father waving back to the crowd of people. A cheer erupted from the crowd, making Circa grunt and walk a bit faster. His fathers large hand came to rest on his head, ruffling his already disheveled blonde hair.


"One day, people will stop you and ask about your adventures." He said, green eyes shining as he thought about it, his son, a famous adventurer. The thought was rather exciting, going out on his own, hunting, meeting new people, fighting the forces of evil,  Circa shook with anticipation as he thought about it.

"I'll speak to your mother about it when we get home," he removed his hand from his head, " I'm sure i can convince her. If you'd like to of course."


"I'd love to." Circa said, eyes shining as he turned to look at his head to look at his father. The rest of the walk home was in silence as they made their way through the forest.


Neither noticed the nearly transparent threads covering the tops of the trees, a single red one standing out among them. A small girl hid behind a tree, long black hair covering her eyes, skin as pale as snow. Slowly, a wide ,crazed, smile grew on her lips before she disintegrated into threads.


"What do you mean he wants to go on an adventure?!" Circa's mother's voice asked as she slammed her hands on the table. Circa flinched and stood to place his hand on her shoulder, which she promptly shook off.


"I won't be gone long," he said, trying to sooth her, "only for about a month or two."


"A month?! We need you here, who else is going to go and, and, and-" Circa and his father watched as she broke into sobs, hands covering her eyes. His father walked over and wrapped his arms around her,patting her back as she continued to cry.


"We knew this day would come, he needs to go and see the world for himself. If he truly wants to go, who are we to stop him?" His mother turned to gaze at her son, tears cascading down her cheeks like twin rivers. All was silent as she just stared him down.


"Tomorrow," she finally said, "tomorrow you may leave but tonight, you stay and you spend you last moments here, with us, as a family,"


Circa had never felt so alive. He would finally get to go out and be a man, finally have a reason to live on this world.



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