Find The Dreamer

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Five year old Arissa must work together with her new guardian as well as her protector, to find the dreamer and protect him from all the demons who are trying to kill him.

(Pronounce Arissa and Aris in Italian, I think it sounds the best.)- \\(^_^)/

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Find The Dreamer

Submitted: August 13, 2011

Reads: 111

Comments: 3

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Submitted: August 13, 2011



No one knew. No one even cared enough to hear my part of the story.

“Why haven’t they asked me for my part of the story?” Impatience colored my voice. I scanned the room for the other boy who had been thrown in the box with me, but I couldn’t find him. The blazing police lights and shrieks of sirens started to make my head hurt.

The police women sitting next to me held my hand. “It’s alright, sweetie. We don’t want to make you remember about that scary old man who kidnapped you. Now go to sleep, I’m sure your mom will be here to get you when you wake up.” She said in a soft voice.

But I knew better. Mommy wouldn’t come, no one would. Image of her lifeless body falling to the floor was still fresh in my memory. I glanced at the police lady. I sometimes wondered if all of the cops were trained to talk with patience and false reassurance, they made it seem as if there was a solution to everything. And this lady was no exception; she sugar coated the most horrifying news and made it seem as unimportant as a cake without sprinkles.

“She won’t come.” I whispered to her in my tiny voice. I hadn’t told this to anyone of the other police men who had tried to talk to me, but I could at least trust this one. I at least saw some kind of real emotion in her eyes, instead of the usual cold glassy eyed stare I saw in all the other’s eyes.

The police lady pulled me closer. “Why do you say that, Arissa?” She said with genuine compassion.

I swallowed around the big lump inside my throat to hold back the tears I knew were about to come. I hugged my teddy bear right under my chin, the way mommy had taught me so that Kally would protect me from all the scary monsters.

“Mommy got hurt! The very bad man was trying to get into my room but mommy wouldn’t let him.” My voice broke a little and I had to stop so that she could understand what I was saying. “He pushed mommy out the way so that he could get in, but she followed him. And when he got close to me she wouldn’t let him touch me.” The first tear of the many I was holding back finally slid down my cheek. “The mean man got my little teddy bear lamp and hit mommy with it on her head! When she fell down he pulled me away and mommy never got up. The only thing I saw was red, a big puddle of mommy’s blood.” I gripped Kally even tighter to keep from seeing mommy’s face on the floor.

“Oh my God.” The police lady wrapped her arm around my shoulders. I tried to look up at her face but all the tears in my eyes made it impossible to see her.

“Arissa is not a bad girl! Arissa didn’t hurt mommy, because Arissa loves mommy very much!” By now the tears were coming so fast and hard that all of my words were barely understandable. The police lady pulled me onto her lap and turned me toward her. I buried my face on her shoulder, the calming smell of ocean that was probably her shampoo, calmed me down a little.

“Oh, Arissa of course it wasn’t your fault. You love your mommy so much, there’s no way little Arissa could hurt her beloved mommy.” She patted my back and hugged me and Kally until I calmed down enough to stop from crying. She hummed a gentle peaceful song that wrapped around me like a warm blanket. It seemed kind of familiar…

Suddenly, I remembered. I drew back so that I could look at the face. She gave me a sad smile and patted my back. My eyes widened as I recalled the melody of the angels. A short gasp escaped my lips. “That’s mommy’s song! That means that…you are also…a guardian!”

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