He Stalks The Night

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He stalks the night, in search of dark, impure intentions from our hearts. Listen now, perhaps you’ll be next, hear now the warning of the eerie wind. You’ll see him once, a sign at most, you’ll see him twice, be that his voice? A finale chance is given now, pick the wrong, then you’ll see him last. A finale battle you will fight, for if you win you will not die. Though if you lose he’ll come to you and capture your soul and forever keep you.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - He Stalks The Night

Submitted: August 13, 2011

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Submitted: August 13, 2011



The Giver (Queen) - Can take away anyone’s power, except the controller’s. Powers: unknown or none at all.

The Controller (Princess) – Has every power, calming lullaby and mind control. She is the queen’s (Claudia’s) daughter.

Powers of light- premonition, Control/make storms, invisibility, blinding light (erases/stuns shadows), fly, control technology, Scrying, telekinesis, rare: See aura (evil intentions?) tempest (storm rain, hail, snow), power shield (blocks powers), telepathy (he develops it when he is worried about Mel when Mitria tricks her and almost kills her; doesn’t have any use so it has almost disappeared), (water, fire, earth, air, electric, spirit), Sense powers

Powers of dark- Cloaking, shadow tracking, summon mist (to hide), cause terror, paranoia, deceptive (makes you believe stuff) rare: absorb powers, cloud senses, raise the dead, create illusions, know greatest fears, shadow manipulation, Shadow minions, Drain strength, transformations.

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He walked on, not paying any attention to the guy who kept staring at him from across the street. He came to a halt at a crosswalk as if to make sure no cars were coming. When he took a look at his left, he glanced back at his hooded stranger. Crossing the street in a slow steady pace, he appeared to almost be floating!

Without thinking about it, he began to cross the street, trying to gain as much distance from the stranger as possible. Glancing around the backs of the buildings, he hoped to find a window, or at very least another New York citizen taking a stroll. As he came around the next corner he lost all hope of getting away from his stalker as a dead end appeared at the end of the road. Damn bastard! He thought, the man knew about the brick wall, and Kiale had walked right into his trap. He measured the size of the wall, calculating the chance he had of evading the man and run back to the main street, or the chances he had jumping the wall. Choosing the wall, Kiale speed up his pace but the man in the cloak kept up with him, the man’s long legs letting each one of his steps match two of his. Reaching the brick wall he realized he had miscalculated the height of the wall. Several feet higher than him and with no objects there to give him a boost, he had no way of climbing over it.

He turned, intending to meet the footsteps closing in head on. The man came to a stop three feet in front of Kiale. In the darkness of the alley, he squinted to try to get a look at the guys face from under the hood, but he couldn’t see anything.

The guy lifted his head and Kiale saw half of his face. “Kiale, Kiale, Kiale…” His voice was like music as he spoke the words. “You know, I’ve had my eye on you for quite a while now. I’ve been silently watching you from the shadows, waiting for you to finally turn.” He searched through the pocket in the inside of his cloak until he finally found what he was looking for. Holding out his hand with the rectangular papers, he prompted Kiale to take them.

Looking away from the papers in his hand, Kiale looked at where he thought the guy’s eyes would be under the hood, somehow he got the feeling that the man could see him from under the thick layer of cloth. “I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t leave me alone I’m going to call the freak’in cops. You hear me? So back the hell off!” Kiale tried to step around him. He put his foot right in front of Kiale’s path. Kiale dug in his back pocket and took out his cell phone. “Alright, you asked for it buddy!” His thumb tapped number nine but before he could press number one, the man twirled around and kicked his cell out of his hand.

“No no no, I don’t believe our conversation is quite done here, Mr. Kiale. Now,” He said handing Kiale the papers again. “Why don’t you try looking at these for me?” Giving up, Kiale took the papers which revealed the pictures of three girls he knew all too well. Kiale tried to control his expression by keeping on a poker face.

Kiale handed the man back the pictures. “I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me, but if cornering a person in dark alleys and showing them pictures of street girls is your idea of fun, then you’re truly a sick person.” The man didn’t reach out to grab the pictures, so he dropped them to the ground. Except they didn’t make it to the ground, spontaneously catching on fire, they turned to ashes in midair. Kiale stared at what he knew had to be an illusion.

This man isn’t normal… His not human! RUN! The shrieking chorus of warnings seemed to come from within the hooded man. Run! You’ll die! Run… RUN! The voices brought Kiale down to his knees, his hands covering his ears. RUN! RUN! RUN! The voices got louder and louder. Tears streamed down his face and blood streamed from his ears. What the hell is happening!

“Remember Kiale! Remember all the girls that you killed! Claire, Katherine, Sharonisha, and Isabella!” The man knelt down in front of Kiale, his hood falling from his face. Kiale glanced up to meet his eyes and forced himself to not look away. His eyes shined a brilliant neon green. “Do you remember Kiale..? The way you took their lives with your bare hands.” Images of all the girls who he’d killed flashed in his mind. The images seared his brain leaving him gasping for breath.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me? What the hell do you get out of doing this!” The glowing eyes glared at him. His heavy leather gloved hand landed on Kiale’s shoulder.

“You. Or rather, your soul. I kill people like you who purposely turn themselves into E-lides.” A cruel smile crossed over the guy’s face. “Of course I also help the community, the human world would be better off with less people like you.” He said as he stood up and took a step back.

“E-lides? What the hell is that? I didn’t turn myself into anything! You have to believe me, man. You have the wrong person!” Desperation colored Kiale’s voice.

That got the man’s attention. “The wrong guy?” The hooded man glared at Kiale. Kiale nodded. “I don’t think you understand what I am exactly. You see, Mr. Kiale, I am not human, I barely even have a soul.” He brushed his hand thorough his shoulder length gleaming white hair. “There’s a name for what I am, but only few have ever heard of it. I’m a legend, one of the few Andreloids left in the world, but my sister and I are the only ones who serve “The Controller”.” The Andreloid glanced down at Kiale and smiled. “I normally don’t share this information with others, but since I’m about to absorb your soul, I see no reason why I shouldn’t.” The Andreloid lifted his hand to command his trapped spirits to kill the man before him.

“No! Wait, wait! Can’t we just talk? What’s your name? Please just don’t kill me!” Kiale shrieked. He knew. Kiale knew his life was coming toward its last second, he only wished he could take back all the mistakes he had committed in his life time. A single tear ran down his face. I’m sorry… Kiale thought.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time. You’re not the only killer in the world.” The Andreloid raised his hand and cleared his mind. In a strong clear voice he said. “Spirits from the Reaver, I summon you to take his soul–“

STOP!” Kiale looked up to see where the voice had come from and saw a smudge in the air.

The Andreloid knew who it was before all her molecules reassembled themselves. Her high pitched voice rang in the quiet air around them. He reached out and caught her as she fell from the portal. She glanced up at him with beautiful forest green eyes. “Dimitrius. Brother mine, call down your spirits at once, this man will live.”

Kiale stared at both of them. They were clearly twins, but the girl had softer features than her brother did. He glanced at the girl, who was staring at her brother with a calm gentle look on her face.

Dimitrius furrowed his eyebrows. “Dimitria, this man is guilty of murder. I’ve witnessed three of them, so the rules remain. For that he shall be punished by death.” Dimitrius’s sharp voice pierced the silence all around them. “This man is-“

In a calm soothing tone Dimitria interrupted, “Forgiven. Forgiven is what this man is, for he has felt regret for his actions.” Dimitria jumped out of her brother’s arms and lightly landed on her feet. She turned toward the cowering man crouched by the brick wall. She gave him a tender smile and put her index finger on his forehead. “I’m sorry for all of this” She reached out toward the man, but he cringed away from her. “It’s okay; I’ll make your pain go away.” She closed her eyes and saw the bright green of her power waiting for her command. She whispered, “Remember nothing.” She sent her power through him, healing every wound he had gotten in the confrontation and erasing every bit of what his brain had recorded. Once he was clean, she pulled back on her power until it was all gone from his body. She opened her eyes and saw him slump to the floor sleeping. She smiled. “There. That should do it.” She turned toward her brother, waiting for him to say something.

“Is that it? We’re just going to let him live because he felt sorry? How do you know he will not kill again?” Dimitrius yelled at his twin sister. He bit back the rage that threatened to explode. He wouldn’t let it come though. He would never allow himself to ever hurt her.

“He will not, you have my word. He has had a change of heart. I will notify the human police and give them the evidence of his kills. We will let them decide his fate.” Dimitria leaned her head on his shoulder and he was forever thankful for her comfort. She was the only one that truly understood him. The only one who could tame the beast that threatened to overpower him every time his emotions got out of hand.

Dimitrius let his hand glide down her hair again and again trying to find his peace. Without looking down at her he said, “I love you, Mitria.” Using his nickname for her. “You are the only one who can keep me from becoming fully tainted and evil.”

She sighed and leaned more of her weight on him. He knew she must have been tired for using her power. “As do I, Mitri, as do I.”

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