He Stalks The Night

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Unable To Reach Her

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Submitted: August 14, 2011




Dimitrius dragged himself through the garden, trying to get to the other side as fast as possible. He knew what they had called him for. Another soul another hour, is what he liked to call it. It was the same routine, the locator would find a killer, he would notify the messenger to go find Dimitrius, and then he would have to go all the way to the meeting room to discuss the mission’s details with the Council. So when he finally made it to the meeting room, he was extremely surprised, and nervous, when the controller stepped in five minutes later.

The controller had come in and sat down on the couch in the far wall, which coincidentally, was the farthest seat away from his. The controller looked small and fragile which made sense considering she had the body of an ill fourteen year old girl. Dimitrius and his twin were both sixteen and were strong and healthy.

He cleared his throat. “Uh… Are you sure it’s alright for you to be out of bed, controller?” He hoped he hadn’t offended her with his comment. She might have a weak body, but she had a terrifyingly powerful mind. Her powers were just so strong they left her completely drained of energy.

Her cheeks flushed a light rosy color. “I’ll decide if I’m in good enough shape to get out of bed or not. And I told you to refer to me by my name when we’re alone, not my title!” She leaned back against the coach, her soft long blue black hair fanning out over the top of the coach, a great contrast between the white of the coach and the color of her hair. Closing her sky blue eyes, her plump pink lips parted as she sucked in a lungful of oxygen and stretched. She cringed as the effort left her gasping for breath. He ran over to her side and tried to help her calm down.

Trying not to catch her attention, he tried to gently place his palm onto her left cheek, only to have her avoid his touch. He glanced up and met her sharp blue eyes. He moved his hand again, trying to touch her lovely porcelain face. With her gloved hands, she reached up and captured his wrist. “Dimitrius, you know that you cannot touch my skin.” A lone tear rolled down her cheek and down to her chin. Producing a tissue from his sweater’s pocket, he gently wiped it away. “I am so sorry…Mitri.” She whispered as she patted his hand.

With a sad smile he said, “Those tears you shed should not be for me, instead they should be for your people and all your tragedies. I am no more than a filthy Andreloid, who doesn’t deserve the time you spend with me, Melanie.” He loved her. He truly did love her, even though he was aware their love couldn’t be. Shouldn’t be. She was like a princess when he was like a commoner, she would accidentally kill anyone who touched her skin, while he would gladly give his life if it meant a chance to touch her face. What a masochistic lovesick bastard he was.

She smiled, probably hearing his thoughts. Her bell ringing laughter made him smile. “It’s a wonder how you can stand to love such a horrid creature like myself, knowing that with just one touch, I could have you laying on your back slowly slipping toward a coma.” He laughed at that. Before he’d met her, he lived alone and fed on anyone, innocent or guilty, it hadn’t mattered back then, not until she had entered his world. His little destroyer had invaded and crushed his sinful world into oblivion, and when he thought his life would surly end, he saw a brilliant light. It was she who had given him hope in such a painful time, given him reason to keep existing; she alone had introduced him to a world of happiness and love. He stared into her beautiful shining eyes.

“How happy I’d accept such a fate if it was the price of which I could touch your lovely ivory skin. Instead, I’m forced to touch nothing but your plastic gloves.” He slid a stray strand of her hair between his fingers. “I’m just glad that her majesty has yet to take away such magnificent hair from me as well.” He watched as the dark strand slid from his fingers and fell back down to her shoulder. “This. You are the reason I live, the only reason that I want to live.”

They stayed like that for a while, just staring into each other’s eyes. “Click!” They both jumped away from each other as the door knob turned. “Darn, they noticed my absence!” She hissed.

She threw herself down on the couch and moaned in pain. Panic and concern froze him. “Controller!” He reached out toward her, only to get thrown to the opposite wall.

“What are you doing to the Controller? Get away from her you filthy Andreloid!” The Controller’s bodyguard stalked in and crouched by the coach where Melanie laid. “Controller! Are you feeling well?” He turned back and sneered at me. “Did this filthy mutt touch you?”

The words echoed in Dimitrius’s head. He stared directly at Zachary. “What kind of person do you think me to be? I’ll be dead before I dare to lay a hand upon a female!” He stood up with a grunt. “Zach, if you ever use your power on me again, I swear you won’t live to see a new day!”

“Mitri calm down!” Dimitrius clinched his hand into a fist as his sister entered the room. “Mitri please don’t do something you’ll later regret!” He moved one step forward. “Mitri! If not for me than do it for her! Don’t fight in front of the Controller.” That stopped him. Using all his strength, he pulled back on his hatred toward that bastard.

Dimitria sighed and walked over to Melanie. “Are you well, Controller? Please forgive my dear bond-brother.” Dimitrius watched as Mitria helped Zach tend to Melanie. Why? Why did he have to be the dark twin? Why couldn’t he and Mitria just trade places! “It’s no use Zach! Once she’s like this she won’t wake up.” Dimitrius stared at Melanie’s pale face on the white coach. Was she alright?

Zachary gathered her in his arms and headed toward the door. “Oh,” He paused when he reached the door. “And if you ever touch the princess again, it is you who will not live to see a new day.” Without glancing back, he stepped outside and continued through the garden and toward the palace. Damn it. He crumbled to the floor. How could he have let his feelings, especially hatred, get so out of hand like that? Dimitrius thought.

“Dimitrius…“ Mitria glanced down at him. “Did you touch the princess? I know you two…have a special connection, but you do realize that if you get caught with her they will kill you. Mitri, if that happens there will be no way for me to help you, brother mine.” She waited for him to respond. Sigh. “I think you should put an end to your relationship with her. You know that Andreloids can’t speak with the princess, especially not touch them, so why do you do it?”

“Damn it, you know why!” He glared at her expressionless face. “It’s because I love her! I love her so much that I don’t even care if I die!” Her expression changed to confused.

“I don’t get it… Is love really that good? Is it worth giving up your life?” Mitria whispered. Then a forced shock colored her voice. “Wait, did you say love? That’s impossible! Andreloids don’t have pure emotions, especially not love!”

Her eyes widened with fear.”Dimitria?” He said rising from his sitting position. “Why do you look frightened?” She seemed to be staring off into the distance. “Dimitria!”

She gasped. He caught her as she tumbled forward. “I- I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m scared something will happen to you, brother. ”Dimitrius exhaled a sigh of relief. Sometimes his sister just acted a little too childish.

Dimitrius faced away from his sister. “I can’t promise you that I’ll stop seeing Mel, but I’ll promise you that I will be more careful.” With that, he walked outside and made his way back to his bedroom.

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