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Meet the geek! Autumn is a normal 16 year old girl ready to find her true love! With her heart racing with just the sight of the popular hottie Luke Wellington, she must find away to make him finally like her, but it is not easy if you are constantly bullied by your classmates! With the help of her unexpected new friend Isaac, not only must Autumn leave her old geeky self behind in order to finally reach a perfect love life, but she must also uncover Isaac's hidden past!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love101

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He knelt down in front of Autumn and reached in his tux’s inner pocket. He pulled out a small square box and Autumn felt her heart drop. That’s when she knew. In two simple words, I do, she would become his wife, his love, and everything would be perfect.

He faced upward and looked her right in the eye. His eyes where twinkling underneath the moonlight coming in from the large window. Then he spoke the words that crushed Autumn’s heart into rubble.

“Please… will you marry me?” His voice was so deep and heavy with emotion. Autumn fell to the ground before him and threw herself into his strong arms.

Tears streaked down Autumn’s face and onto his shirt but she didn’t care, she was too happy to worry about things like her make up running or looking crappy. Autumn pulled back enough to look in his glittering eyes. “Yes, oh yes! I’d love to!” She whispered with joy and excitement. She leaned closer, mesmerized by the stunned look on his face. Barely three inches away from his soft lips and the comfort of his embrace, she launched herself with impatience at him and fell of her bed.

Chapter 1: The Geek

Autumn woke with confusion at first. Where was she? One look at the stuffed dolls and the pink painted walls revealed this horrid location was her bedroom. So that meant that the romantic situation was just a dream, huh? She remembered how pretty she was in the dream compared to the image of herself she was seeing in the mirror. Damn, it had to be a dream. Her face flamed with the realization of what she had just dreamed of. She conjured up the handsome face that had proposed to her. Like that would ever happen!

Autumn knew who he was. Everyone knew who Luke Wellington was. With his perfect unblemished skin, his soft sandy blond hair with chocolate brown highlights (she didn’t even know that was a natural hair color!), good body with a six pack, topped off with deep pale blue eyes that could look deep into your soul. Or as Autumn like to call him, her dream guy.

Autumn got out of bed and stumbled toward her full length mirror, surrounded by childhood stuffed animals she still wasn’t willing to part with. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, pale ivory skin (which was probably the best thing about her), long straight reddish-brown hair tied back in a ponytail, creepy shining green cat eyes- with a hint of grey in them- hidden behind a big pair of glasses, and a small slender body frame that looked so fragile as if she could break at any given moment. Yup, thought Autumn, I am definitely a geek.

Turning away from her mirror, before she could hurt her own feelings anymore, she got ready for school. She walked toward the large light pink closet doors to get her uniform (at least the students couldn’t tease her about her clothes since they were all wearing the same thing). She pulled at the doors and walked into her over crowded walk in closet. Even though it was full, most of it she didn’t even bother to take a single glance at them. Half way through the closet, Autumn stopped dead in her tracks. It wasn’t there! Her uniform wasn’t there!

Stepping out of her closet and running to her mother’s room she asked, “Mom, where is my school uniform?” She entered the room only to realize she wasn’t there. She walked toward the living room and paused before turning the corner.

He sat there, a boy about her age she didn’t know was sitting on the coach, staring at the blank TV. Then she saw an even more horrible thing. Her uniform neatly ironed and washed was laid out on the coach right beside the boy. Autumn looked down at her pajamas. She wore a full body, fluffy white material with bright pink hearts and warm brown little bears.

Something hit her head. She looked up and saw that the boy was right in front of her with his hand on top of her head. He gave her a cute smile, revealing shiny white teeth. “Hello there. I didn’t know Autumn had a little sister, you’re such a cutie. Can you call your sister? I have to take her to school today.” Autumn’s heart stopped for half a second, and then she blushed so much she was sure she looked like a tomato.

Her eyes stung, which meant she was going to cry any second now. With her eyes glued to the floor, she quickly ran toward the coach and grabbed her uniform, ignoring him when he tried to reach for her, and ran back to her room, locking the door firmly behind her. Running out of strength she collapsed right in the front of the door with tears already streaming down her face.


He’d done it. He had made a little girl cry. His mind, which loved tormenting him, re-winded and replayed the way she ran back to her room trying to hide her tears. That probably explained why he was getting a C- in Parenting Class. He walked toward the hallway and stopped right in front of a door with a picture of a giant teddy bear. This had to be her room, but still he hesitated to open the door. What if it wasn’t? What if it was Autumn’s room? He stared down the big brown eyes glaring at him on the door. No way could this room belong to a 16 year old.

He reached for the knob only to find it locked. Oh great! Not only did he manage to make her cry, he even scared her to. Score! She probably thinks I’m a pervert, Isaac thought rolling his eyes.

He tapped on the door with his knuckles. “Hey…” Was he supposed to apologize? “Um… listen; I’m sorry if anything I said hurt you. Ok? I didn’t mean to.” He pressed his ear against the door. His breath stopped when he heard the sound of her crying. “May I please come in?”

He waited. Crap he was going to be late to school for this! Why had he offered to take Autumn to school? Now on top of that he had to deal with this little girl! That’s what he got for wanting to be a “friendly neighbor”. He paced up and down the hallway until he heard the door unlock. He reached for the door knob and turned it slowly, then froze.

In a soft whisper she said, “Don’t just assume anything.” With a small sigh she tugged the door open and took a step back. Isaac hesitated, this was of course his first time in a girl’s room. Then he felt his shook. He always imagined that his first time in a girl’s room would be a little more romantic. Instead, he thought as he looked around, he gets a blinding bright pink room with teddy bears covering every corner.

He looked at the small girl wearing his school uniform a light blue sweater-shirt with white sleeves a white skirt and light blue almost knee-high length socks and white tennis shoes, standing right in front of him. That’s when he finally looked at her, really looked at her. Pale ivory skin, reddish brown hair which reminded him of a soft flame, and beautiful mysterious eyes that left him frozen in one glance, and then even more shocking, he realized that this girl was not Autumn’s sister, but instead it was Autumn herself.

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