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Chapter 4 (v.1) - King of Doge-Ball

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



~Chapter 4: King of Doge-Ball~


Good old gym. A smirk appeared on Isaac’s face as he remembered the first time he’d been introduced to doge-ball. He remembered the humongous bully in his fourth grade gym class hollering at him. “You can’t just stand there, you loser! You’re pathetic! Can’t you even catch the ball?” Of course he didn’t say a thing back to the overweight gorilla for fear of being brutally torn to pieces, come on give him some credit, the guy was like five feet tall and his volume had to consist of at least a hundred and fifty pounds! Little Isaac was barely four foot seven and ninety-seven pounds then.

Over the next two years though little Isaac was no more. During the summer that his cousin Joseph had came to stay for the holidays, he had gotten Isaac to take an interest in soccer. “What are you, a sissy boy? Get up and show some guts, you little punk!” His cousin would scream that for hours during training, only to patch him back up and treat him to an ice-cream later. By the end of the long torturing summer, Isaac had grown to be five feet seven and weighed a hundred fifty seven, which mostly came from his muscles by the way.

So when the two team captains were chosen to pick their team members for a game of doge-ball, it was no shock to hear his name called out first.

“Isaac! I want Isaac!” Yelled the red team’s captain at the coach.

“Wait, no fair I wanted to pick him!” Argued team blue’s captain.

Maybe it was because of the heat, or maybe it was because of how loved he felt as the two team captains fought over him that caused him to blush, but whatever it was, it had him looking like a tomato.

“Aw! That’s so cute!” Squealed a couple of girls that had to be cheerleaders.

He avoided their gaze, trying to not call attention to himself, when he saw Autumn sitting alone at the corner of the first left bleacher. He glared at the two boys sitting three bleachers above her, who were getting ready to pelt her with paper spit balls. Biting back on his anger, Isaac strode over to Autumn and “casually” leaned against the metal safety bars right next to her.

With a fake look of surprise he said, “Autumn! I didn’t even see you there, what a coincidence that I just happened to absent mindedly feel the urge to rest over here…” He looked up to see the boys lowering their straws as they caught sight of him. They stared at him perplexed why someone like him would even stand within a meter of Autumn. Not being able to resist, he stuck his tongue out at them.

“Do you want something?” Taking a second to compose himself, he smiled down at Autumn, feeling satisfied with himself for having protected her from the wrath of the spiters.

“Oh come on, you must see it to! It’s practically destiny that I was, mysteriously drawn to this secluded location, this has to be the power of lov- friendship!” Isaac whirled around blushing a deep red. Love? Really? You did a great job of hiding that you idiot!

I tiny giggle interrupted his internal conflict. “Alright, fine. If it is destiny then what would it mean?” Autumn asked a bit jokingly, although he sensed the weight of “dead serious” behind it.

He analyzed his options carefully. He so desperately wanted to tell her the truth, to make her happy and make sure no one else ever dare cause her to cry again. But he couldn’t, and having come to a strong understanding with himself, he knew for a fact that he wouldn’t as to not betray her trust in him.

“It means that I will help you finally show your true bright orange colors of autumn.” He whispered. With a somewhat forced smile he silently vowed that he would do anything to help her achieve her true love, to which only he approved of, even if it meant sacrificing his feelings and giving her up to another.

“Let’s go.” He said tugging at her hand. She hesitantly stood up standing a small distance away from him, leaving their held hands utterly exposed.

The whole gym seemed to gasp in unison. Isaac felt her tighten her grip on his hand, fighting the need to run away. The whispers erupted, rapidly gaining volume.

“Isaac – I’m so sorry, this is why I told you –“

Isaac gently placed a finger to her lips to make her quiet. “I’m not mad; in fact it’s quite the opposite. Now, you can’t hide the fact that we’re friends!” He replied enthusiastically.

“Isaac, you idiot.” Autumn said with a smile.

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