My Silent Scream

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Find A Group

Submitted: September 25, 2011

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Submitted: September 25, 2011



Chapter 2: Find A Group

Diary entry 2 :

I really don’t mind working alone, honest I don’t, so why is it that you force me to pick a group?


“Alright class, today were going to do a group assignment. I need you to make eight groups of three and arrange your desks so that you’re facing your teammates.” This was the worst. Most people usually stuck with at least two friends at all time, so their group was done.

I looked around trying to find my some of my friends who had not yet made a group. As I spotted one, I dashed in her direction. Two other girls beat me to it though and asked her to be in a group; I came to a complete halt. My cheeks flushed a dark fever red color as embarrassment hit me. I turned around and frantically searched for a new group, only to realize they were all complete.

I felt a sinking feeling. Was I all alone? My eyes burned with oncoming tears that I forced back.

A hand suddenly landed on my shoulder. I turned around to see what it was. “Casey!” I yelled as I threw my arms around the girl that shared the same name as me.

“Oh, hey, I didn’t think you’d miss me that much!” She said with a laugh. “Do you wanna be in a group together, this is my first day and I think I take another class with you.”

“Sure! Come on, let’s go sit in the back.” We made our way to the back of the classroom and began to arrange our desks.

“Okay, okay, quiet down now class!” She walked around the class and stopped at our group. “Oh, it seems that I miscalculated. Are you new here?”
She asked, referring to Casey.

“Uh yes, today’s my first day.” She replied a bit shyly.

“Is that so? What’s your name?” Ms. Anderson wondered.

“I’m Casey Rodriguez.”

“So both Caseys sit together I see.” She responded with a giggle. “Very well then, Casey,” She glanced at me. “You’ll be in charge of making sure she understands and catches up with what we’ve been learning, alright?” She waited for a reply.

“Of course, I’ll make sure she understands!”

Ms. Anderson continued to orbit the class. “Casey!” I whispered to her. “May I see your schedule?” She handed me her schedule.

It turned out we had four classes together, but that we didn’t have the same class next period.

“Well class,” Finished Ms. Anderson. “Put on your goggles and get to work!” She instructed with enthusiasm.

Ugh. Did I mention how much I absolutely hate science?

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