My life is your business

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - It hasn't even gotten stressy yet

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The click was the sign for Natalie to slide down the doorframe. Rubbing her eyes with both palms she wondered if this was really that great of an idea. She didn't have time to soothe her angered sister. Hell, she didn't even have time to do her laundry after that damn washing machine broke. Was she really going to be alright or would she mess this test up just like any other? And why was it that no matter how busy uni kept her, she always had that ugly idiot in the back of her brain? Philipp wasn't even worth her thoughts.  

It was the beginning of the summer semester, Amanda and Natalie watched as older students and professors built up the stage to welcome the freshmen. As always, Amanda made friends already and pulled Natalie to a group of guys that seemed way too full of themselves for her liking. Mana introduced them and chuckled to every remark the guys were making, while Natalie observed this her. That's when Nathan showed up. Nathan turned out to be Mana's 5 year older boyfriend and when he pulled Amanda's arm and whispered that he had to show her something, Natalie knew that she was going to be left alone.
“I'll be right back.” her friend reassured after walking off with Nathan's hand on her ass. Natalie's face twisted in mild disgust when she thought about how they're probably gonna do it on the toilet and rapidly tore her eyes away, whipping her dyed hair onto Philipp's shoulder. He in return chuckled and grabbed a few strands.
“You sure you didn't get accepted because you look fine? Because damn, I'd accept you anywhere.” he muttered so that only she would hear. She felt her stomach churning. On the surface, she showed a mix between revulsion and anger as she harshly slapped away his hand.

“Well damn,” she began, “you look like you can't even control your dick in public.” Natalie responded, louder than he wanted her to be, ending with his friends openly humiliating him for getting rejected. Whilst walking away Natalie thought if she should just change universities real quick. Then she wondered if she had been too uptight, quickly pushing that thought aside when she saw Amanda and Nathan making out in a corner. They seemingly didn't make it to the toilet.

After what felt like 10 hours she stood up and waddled back to the living room grabbing her phone. In fact, it were only 10 minutes that she stayed in the kitchen to reminisce in the past, yet she had missed messages.

"What's the ass muscle?" the first one said. Her friend asked polite as ever.

"Y'know, I could google the answer in a matter of 2 seconds but here I am asking you." Natalie read out loud while pondering why her friend needed to know the ass muscle.

"Chatalie hurry up. I'm gonna ask the dentist otherwise". was the last one. She laughed while typing the latin name. The dentist was Amanda's new nickname, since she was in the dentistry and all that. Milliseconds later she saw Meredith coming online and thanking for the delayed answer. 
"I'm coming over." she continued, grabbing her keys and putting on some slippers when her phone vibrated once more.

"Bring food" was all it said and she had to speed back to the kitchen to grab the tupperware boxes out of her fridge.


“Yo Chatalie. Nice you brought food.” Adam announced after letting her into the apartment across from hers. She plopped herself down the sofa after the boy took the boxes to place them in the kitchen.
“The gnome is coming out any minute now. How was your day?” he asked, whipping his head over to the closed door. Natalie sighed and turned on the TV.
“It was long. Like really long.” she responded noticing that House of Cards was watched recently. She threw a look over to Adam who was coming from the kitchen. Did he like that stupid show?
“Tell me 'bout it.” he proposed while placing glasses on the table. Natalie furrowed her eyebrows, wondering why he brought glasses but nothing to drink.  

After explaining her day painstakingly dramatic, Adam was analysing speech differences. Her sister Elena told him the coffee shop incident already, it was the main reason for her to visit Meredith's apartment, and he figured that Natalie wasn't quite as enthusiastic about her antics as Elena.
He decided that there was no reason telling her about her sister's appearance but was torn out of his thoughts when he heard a door creak open.

He shifted in his seat still looking at Natalie even though she turned towards Meredith.

“That can't be all when you said that the day was really long.” the newcomer suddenly spoke up. Natalie's eyes darted from the girl in the kitchen to the boy on the sofa.
“Uhh yes. It continued with my washing machine breaking and my lack of chips to eat myself away. Then Elena showed up and only let me study with her after resistance. Also, she asked me stupid questions about Philipp.”  

Meredith watched as Adam's mouth curve upwards and his shoulders beginning shake. That brat was holding back his laughter!

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