Freak: Layne's story

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Layne is a mute, he lives at an orphanage where the other kids tease him. The only friends he has are music and books, until he meets Emily. A great friendship soon becomes so much more. Read "Freak: Layne's story" and see what happens.

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Submitted: March 28, 2012

Reads: 198

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Submitted: March 28, 2012



Layne was a mute, he lived at an orphanage where all the kids teased him. His only friends were music and reading. Layne has red eyes and black hair. He wears a green long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, a red hoody, and white sneakers. * One day, Layne, was walking to the library when he suddenly ran into a girl he had never seen before, causing him to fall over. * The girl turned around and gasped when she saw Layne on the floor and helped him up. \"Are you okay?\" she asked Layne. * Layne saw that she had blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She was wearing ballet slippers and a tutu. Layne nodded his head up and down. * \"My name is Emily, what's yours?\" Emily asked as she reached out her hand. * Layne gestured that he wanted a paper and pencil with his hands. When Emily gave it to him, he wrote on the paper, \"My name is Layne.\" * \"I've never met a mute before,\" Emily said as Layne handed the pencil back. \"That's a very nice name, Layne\" she said as she walked away. * Layne stood there for a few minutes, smiling to himself, and started walking to the library again. * Once Layne got to the library, he walked to the classical novels and randomly chose one. He sat down at a table and began to read. * He stayed there the rest of the day. By the time he left to go to his dorm, he had finished nine books, each with about three hundred pages. When Layne entered his dorm, he took a violin case out of his closet and set it up. After he tuned it, Layne began to play very harmonically. * After an hour of playing, he packed up his violin and stored it back into his closet. He got in his pajamas and climbed in bed. Sleep took control almost as soon as he got in bed.

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