Memories of Us.

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Seventeen year old Rylie Fisher doesn't understand what changed in her best friend. Sure she has other friends, but they just don't compare. But what will happen when her best friend's twin comes back? The one she helped send away, by lying. Will she move past her ex best friend? Will her best friend move past her? What about when tradegy strikes?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Intro of a Jerk.

Submitted: June 04, 2011

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Submitted: June 04, 2011




He laughs as his friends knock all my things to the ground, he even shoves me as I bend over to grab my stuff. He grins widely as I land next to my dirty belongings. They laugh even harder and exchange high fives. One of his goons kick dirt at me, another spits. He just keeps laughing. My tears threaten to spill over, but I will not allow them to fall. I won't show weakness for him. They walk away and he steals a glance back at me, I know he knows that tears are about to flow. He knows I know that he feels bad, but denial is an ugly thing. We'll never be what we used to, he's the enemy now.

He is my next door neighbor Charlie King. I moved next to Charlie when I was five, we were best friends three days later. We used to be thick as thieves. We always had jokes no other person understood. We almost always had fun. Our friendship ended two months ago and he has hated me since.

He got pissed when his best guy friend, Sam asked me on a date, I said yes. It doesnt make sense, neither of us have those type of feelings. But he walked away, not looking back. Three weeks later both Sam and I came to the realization that we were better off as just friends. It didnt change anything, it just made Charlie cruel.

Charlie was the only one who could successfully cheer me up when I was down and he always made the creepy guys back off when they wouldnt listen to no. We shared bus seats and deep secrets. I was there when his dog died. He was there when I got my first period. I helped him scheme the world's best plan to get his crazy twin brother Dillon sent away.

He picked up the shattered pieces of my heart last summer when my mom told me that Dad and Grandma got killed in the bank robbery. Charlie held me as I cried, never pressuring me to talk about anything. He was perfect.

I'm not a complete loser, i have other friends. It's not the same though. The inside jokes aren't nearly as funny as Charlie's; and there are no more crap movie Saturday nights. No more throwing things at him through his window from mine. No more exchanging mixes. And above all, none of my other friendships come close to mine and his.


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