BLUE MOON, the saga continues

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This is a twilight fan fic taking place after "Breaking Dawn".

Bella and Edward as so happy to see what a beautiful girl their Renesmee has become. She and Jacob are so happy together and they've promised Edward and Bella that they will wait until after highschool to get married, but that's only 3 weeks away.

The Volturi are well aware of Renesmee and Jacob and they have become worried that the offspring Jacob and Renesmee may have will be to powerful for them to stop. It may be the destruction of their royal family. The Volturi will stop at nothing to see that their royal family is preserved even if it means wiping out the entire Cullen's clan.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - BLUE MOON, the saga continues

Submitted: January 19, 2009

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Submitted: January 19, 2009



Marcus glided into the room searching for Aro, he must report what he had seen, his theory will come to pass, his mind was racing, could it be true? Perhaps he had mis-read or even mis-heard? Still he was never one to give up a possibility for a fight.
“Aro?!” Marcus called impatiently
Yes dear Marcus what is it?” Aro appeared so it seemed out of thin air, so it was for a vampire the ability to move at the speed of light.
“Aro, I have pertinent information regarding the Cullens, what i have seen puts us in grave danger.”
Aro knew Marcus had a great gift for interpreting relationships, a gift that had become very useful for him in the past, perhaps it would be useful now.
“What is it Marcus?”
“It is the hybrid child of Edward and Bella, she has a beau.”
Aro was beginning to become impatient; the Cullen’s were of little interest to him anymore since they repeatedly refused to join the Volturi.
“What concern is it to me if the child has a lover?”
“It will become of interest when you hear of who this ‘lover’ is” Said Marcus his tone silvery smooth.
“And who is it? Out with it man” said Aro now standing in preparation of leaving.
“It is the werewolf Jacob Black!” Marcus sat on the nearby bench awaiting the reaction he was expecting.
Jacob Black? What concern is Jacob Black of mine?” asked Aro
HE IS OF GREAT CONCERN!” said Marcus angrily as he rose suddenly, it was apparent that knowledge of anything besides vampires did not occupy Aro “ He is the grandson of Ephraim Black the leader of their tribe. Don’t you see, if the child and Jacob Black procreate it could mean one of the most powerful creatures of all time! They could very well produce the one creature that could destroy us.”
Marcus could see that he was beginning to create the reaction he had anticipated in Aro. Aro sat down with a thud, his face stone cold and expressionless, yet anyone looking at the ancient vampire would plainly see that this information had disturbed him greatly.
“Is this possible Marcus?”  asked Aro in a whisper
“Yes, i believe it may be
“You say may be, so there is a possibility that their children would not be as powerful as we think?” Aro was somewhat of a peaceful man and did not wish to punish unjustly those that also lived in peace.
“We cannot risk finding out, I will consult the others, however, Aro, I do believe that we need to make haste. Edward has promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to the Black boy upon her graduation. That is only 3 weeks away.”
Aro pondered for quite some time. “Alright, I will do the consulting and we will leave within the month if need be and consult the Cullen’s in this matter. I do not believe that destroying either the child or the Black boy will be necessary at the moment. We are not in any immediate danger.”
With that Aro was gone, Marcus stood for some time. This could be it! This could be the chance that he had been waiting for ever since the last meeting they had with the Cullen Coven. Perhaps he will get to destroy not only the child and the boy but the whole coven. They were all a threat, one more powerful than the other, yet they did not seem to understand nor tap into their full powers especially their power as a coven. Perhaps this will be the chance to rid them once and for all. Marcus smiled a thin lipped grin.

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