EDITED - Happy Birthday

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Lavender has been all alone all her life for 17 years. until one birthday present Vibrates and sends her off on her Quest for LOVE and Hope, Faith, and Family.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - EDITED - Happy Birthday

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012




Walking to the office I get a very unnerving feeling it’s my birthday but no one remembers. I feel like I want to scream, why anyone doesn’t remember me. I arrive at the office and they hand me an envelope, I ask who it is from but all they say is, “a family friend”.

I grab the envelope, and walk out the front of the school, I pause and look at the envelope as it is vibrating, “what the”. I rip open the envelope and stare at the Phone, it vibrates again, and I wonder who could possibly have sent this to me. I open up the message and all it says is follow the cluesJ  .

It’s a picture of a red Porsche, with a logo on the hood of car it says, let me be yours. With a picture of a pair of lips in the shape of a heart, whoever this person is, they are making me feel even more like an idiot. “What am I supposed to do with this?”  I feel even more like an idiot when the phone vibrates again, and I scream, the people around all stare at me and I feel even more embarrassed, I quietly say to the lady with a pram, that my phone scared me. What was I even thinking I didn’t just get scared I got hard, the phone I had put in the belt of my pants made me shiver cold, it felt good, but OMG what am I thinking, I can’t believe I even thought that.

I opened the text and it said find meJ . Did that mean I had to literally find this car, where in the hell would I find a car like this. Just as I thought this, the exact same car stopped right in front of me. And then my phone again vibrated, but at least it was in my hand this time, and I checked to see what my soo called “family friend” had to say now. Hop in and enjoy the ride, honey. J


I get in the car, feeling like I really shouldn’t be doing this. I mean who would hop into a stranger’s car, even if that stranger was supposably a “family Friend”. As I am about to close the door, a hand snakes up a round my waist, and pulls me down. “What the heck?  , Who are you? ,” I can’t tell what this person looks like? It’s so dark, and the light illuminating him is not much better just the outline, of their shape. “All in due time, and in the meantime, would please put this on. And we can have some fun.” She said seductively, wow she is hypnotizing, I almost fell into it. Except for the fact it’s a she. A she, she is a women. “HOLY CRAP, you... You … you’re a Chick!” All she does is laugh this kind of freakish laugh. It sent my stomach doing backflips, crazy little flips. That I am not even sure what happened next until, I feel the car Roar to life and take off.

Since I’m blindfolded, I cannot see her, but I can sense her watching me, I can feel her gaze upon me searching me, wanting me. Then I suddenly feel warmth on the top of where she placed her soft hand on my thigh. I can’t feel anything I have gone all numb, the only feeling I feel is her smooth hand, ever so slightly rise up my leg. Getting higher and higher, and then I feel nothing because I feel dizzy, and lightheaded, and then nothing, complete blackness surrounding me. I am in total bliss.

I only have my imagination to work with. I imagine I am in a limousine, coming from my Parents house, dressed in small red, oh- so-tight skimpy strapless dress. I realise that it is a long time until I get to my house and feel very bored.  I get this sinking feeling that I am being watched. Then the limo pulls over. I look out the window and I found that this is not my house. Then the door opens to my side and someone gets in, but before he closes the door I get a glimpse of what he is wearing, and let me tell you he was hardly wearing anything. Except his socks, and right now all I can do is want him, feeling very hungry for his massive, and 12 inch cock. God it’s Beautiful and huge and wow I need him now. He climbs in the back with me, strips me bear of everything I am wearing, he than lowers his head and starts to lick my aching wet pussy. My body soaking him with my juices against his face, but he always stops licking just before I cum, and replaces his tongue with his 12 inch pulsating cock, Inserting his throbbing member all the way inside, my wetness.

“Oh God, Fuck ME HARD, I NEED TO CUM SO BAD “. I Scream.

“Lavender wake up”

“Ahhh, what the? Why did you wake me?”

“You were talking in your sleep, and started moaning, and you kind of left me something I have to clean up now?. So if you don’t mind can you keep your dreams to yourself please?”  Then she laughed her incredible freakish laugh.

And I was completely embarrassed. My phone vibrated again but I couldn’t read it, but I didn’t have to as it was a recorded message and in her seducing tone she said wait for me, and I will make you cum so bloody good, your man in the limo won’t stand a chance. Then she laughed again.


I was aware I was being moved but I felt too tired to stay awake any longer. I felt the soft tug of my shirt, I squirmed I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to stay in limbo. I didn’t want to face her again, knowing she knew what I was thinking still kept me on edge.

There it goes again, the feeling that someone was carrying me, I could feel her soft penetrable hands caressing my neck, while the other held me close, like a mother to a child. Senses started coming back to me and I could feel as if I was floating in mid- Air. Apparently I was, because when I looked down, all I could see was the city below me, sparkling lights blinding me, as we flew higher and higher into the sky.

“Where are we?” I felt Nauseated. I need to breathe.  “Oh Honey I didn’t think you would wake up yet.” I feel like retching. I need to stop. Right now. “Where are we, put me down.” Oh god what is happening? “Oh honey I can’t, we are too far away. But honey just go back to sleep, we have just another hour or so until we reach my home. Shh it’s okay” she tenderly rubbed the back of my neck, in wide circles. And then blackness again surrounded me. I need a Vacation.

Suddenly a bright light woke me up. I felt better now less nauseated. But I was pretty sure that I was dreaming it felt like I had slept for ages. A silent knock at the door made me take in my surroundings. I turned and saw the beautiful vibrant colours of gold and white. The furniture looked really antique but made the place standout. The bed I was now laying in felt oddly familiar, as if I had been here before. It wasn’t just the bed that made me think, it was the feel of joy, Happiness and the splendid Aura of where I was.

“Welcome Home Honey, I Sincerely Hope the flight over wasn’t too bad. As I had the impression you had Aroused from your dreamless sleep a few times.” what the how can I be home when I live in Australia the lovely Country I call home. “Who… Who…. What … Where am I …..” I stuttered I couldn’t finish the sentence. I was shocked to see the resemblance between us. “Oh honey you don’t remember me. I’m your mum… well not physically but spiritually I am, my name is Jasmine, and I helped create you.”

“But how can u be my mum, when... when… you don’t look old enough to be my mum. “

“Oh Sweet Honey Suckling, I know it may not look like what it is but trust me. I love you just the way you are and besides, your turning 18 today, and we want to celebrate your birthday accordingly. So time to rise and shine and get ready, your clothes await you in the closet, the one in the white garment bag is the one I chose for you to wear today to your party. The one in the black bag was jades gift to you, although she did tell me not to wear it until later tonight when the Official party is over. Okay honey. I’ll leave you to rest, jade will come and get you when it is time, she may even help you get ready if you don’t already know who she is and what she is to you” and she walked out laughing the same freakish laugh but a tone a higher.  What is with this place……. And I went back to bed thinking everything will go back.


I was in my peaceful limbo when all of a sudden I was pulled back to reality. Something cold but felt slightly warm touched my cheek. “Baby wake up, I need to show you something. Come on it won’t take long.” Hmmmm……”what… who are you?” I’m so tired I want to go back to sleep. I pull the blanket back over my head and start to doze off when “LAVENDER” “I’m up, I’m up, and I’m up. Gosh didn’t your mother ever tell you not to wake someone up when they are having the freakiest dream.” I said irritated that she has woken me up. “Firstly, my name is Jade. Secondly, now you are up. Thirdly, I do not have a mother, physically only spirit, just like you. Fourthly, you weren’t having a freaky dream you are starring in your freaky dream. This isn’t a dream if you ask me. It’s really real. And Lastly I need to show you something before your party starts and then I will help you get ready for the party.”

She pulled me up from bed, but as she dragged me passed the mirror in the wall I noticed I wasn’t wearing anything I was bear, I was completely naked. In front of a person I hardly know. I stood there frozen, and pulled jade to a sudden halt. She half turned around when she caught what I was looking at my body, my completely beautiful, but VERY NOT my body. “Do not worry you look beautiful and besides I am not taking you anywhere looking like that trust me. I am the only one who can see that utterly breathtaking body now come on. I need to show you something, preferably, before you mum comes in to check on you.”

As she pulled me towards her I saw her smirk at me, what is with it with people smirking at me and looking down on me seriously. “Oh I wasn’t smirking at you” she said suddenly.“Huh, I didn’t say anything” I told her confused did she just read my mind hmm I got to watch these places, and what I am thinking. “Come on faster, I need to show you, now hurry.” She said impatiently. “I’m coming, GOSH, where are we going anyway?” I said devastated now as I cannot even think without someone knowing what I am thinking.

“I am taking you to my Bedroom” she said now a hint of pleasure in her voice. “And what are you showing me might I ask?” I said a little quick. “I, all of me, of course, before you get put on the spot. Because tonight is the night where you get one of two present. And you have to decide which present you want more.” She said seductively. “But then… huh… well then what are the presents I get to choose from. I mean I still don’t get why you showing me your naked body will do anything I am still confused.”

“I know you are baby…. Ok I will tell you but if I get into trouble for breaking the tradition I am gonna hold you responsible. But I will only tell you when I show you me.”“But” I tried to say we haven’t even moved but when I looked back at my surroundings we were indeed in a completed different room. This room was a shade of pale blue and ivory, but the colour of the furniture was like an Electric Blue, with the occasional deep purple. “You like it “she said anticipating my reaction. “I …… I …. I absolutely love it, why don’t I have a room like this, it my entire favourite colours in the one room.”

“That is because you are pure right now, and pure means Gold, and white. Don’t worry though you won’t be pure for long doesn’t matter which present you choose you won’t be a pure, trust me, and If you are gonna ask me, ‘but what about you’ don’t cause this isn’t my room either, this room is ours tonight, where we will share our love. ”But what about the party aren’t we meant to be there like right now?” I asked wondering if we just skipped the party.

“Technically we won’t miss the party, because no one gonna show up” “WHAT…. BUT MY PARTY, I want my party,” I started crying. All my life no one ever loved me no one ever said those three words that I always wanted to hear. “Baby it’s not like that … come on stop crying... we have all night together.” She said trying to soothe me but what I didn’t know was why we are spending my party together, not with my supposable family.

“Lavender listen to me! My gift to you is my body, you can have my body you can do what you want to me, I am always yours and you can have me whenever you want. But there’s a catch you can either have a one nighter. And after we make love you will go back to your old home, and forget me for ever”. “The other?” I asked not wanting to hear it.“We get bonded and make love and you will never be able to return to Australia, but you can go anywhere else, but you also won’t be able to see or talk to your old family again.” She told me like she didn’t want me to be unhappy by the decision I was making,

“You …..And…..and… me forever? like I don’t get to go back to my old life ever???”


I had given in, admitted I wanted it, and was reeling at the sensations flooding through my body now, heightening her other senses. I stood still, hands loosely on my stomach. I stood before her, as another gentle kiss at the nape of my neck surprised me and once again sent her reeling. The slight touch of a fingertip up the back of my thigh was almost too much, and had it not been for her firm grip on my waist, I would have fallen to the floor with ecstasy.

Suddenly I could feel the heat radiating off her body, her warm breathe on my neck. Each flick of her tongue along my flesh was like a lightning bolt exploding and electrifying my body. My head lolled back. My lips parted and was about to beg for her, to get on with it. When I felt her tongue trace the bottom of my lip. The smell of sweet honey and vanilla surrounding my very essence, as she breathed me in deep.

My tongue flicked out to meet hers before entangling ourselves in a slow unspiritual kiss. Her grip held me firm, and her other hand sliding down around my hip to hold my ass and pull me to her. Moaning into her mouth softly, I found rapture, the taste of her sweeter than anything I have ever tasted. I was lost, giving into her kiss, her control of me complete.

The excitement starts to build inside me. Downstairs becomes even wetter, begging to be fucked. Unable to wait any more, I pin Jade up against the wall, and kiss her hard on the lips. “I want to fuck you soo bad” I say passionately.

I kiss her hard once more before pulling away, and pushing her down on to the bed. “Do you any chocolate, preferably melted.” I say with a hint of a smile in my voice. Unable to wait any longer she runs out of the room, with lighting speed, she then dashed back in with the hot melted chocolate in hand stopped right in front of me, gave me one knowing cheeky smirk, then took out a blindfold and covered my eyes. I didn’t expect anything until she covered me with hot and steamy chocolate, and started sucking me until she slowly made her way up again and Whispered in my ear a very faint whisper, “now or never?”


“Now I want you now” I say impatiently.

I lay back down on the bed breathing slow and even breaths waiting for what I knew was coming. She slowly sucked her way down caressing my full round breast with her soft slick and smooth hands. Fondling my already hard nipple, and catching my other in her teeth she slowly pulled and sucked, making me shiver the most pleasurable shiver in the whole world. “I love you, and this is gonna hurt. I’m so sorry, but I want you soo much, do you love me?” she asks.

Without thinking about what I was doing I grabbed her beautiful cock, and guided it to my mouth. At first I just touched the head with my index finger, but as Jade started bucking on top of me, I rolled her over, so she was lying beneath me. Took off my blindfold, and grabbed the rest of the melted chocolate, and covered her beautiful pulsating member in it. Then ever so slowly I bent my mouth to her, just as I was about to suck her. Jade grabbed me by the hair and pushed down so my mouth full on swallowed her whole. I gaged and then began to suck, slow and even for what felt like 5 painstakingly long minutes.

“do you love me Lavender?” she moaned louder.I was about to stop sucking when she grabbed me again and pulled me back to her lips. Whilst not breaking the kiss, she leaned over me and grabbed a strawberry. She put the fruit into her mouth and painfully sucked, until I felt the urge to have her inside me. “wh….what are you doing with that?” I ask mutter a bit frightened. “just a bit more excitement in our love, you don’t mind do you?” she asked breathlessly. Then she pushed me back down with my head rolling off the bed. She still had the berry inside her mouth when she started creeping down my body yet again. Then with a cheeky smile she spread my full pink lips apart, and pushed the strawberry in.

“you ready to have some FUN hard loving?” she said silently just barely recognisable. Then without letting me answer she guided her thick and delicious cock deep inside me, pushing the strawberry in even further. “Oh god….. I …I … Hmmmm, please…” “FUCK….. OH ARGHHH …… WOAH……” I screamed. I moaned. I cursed out loud and with that she pulled out again, but not before thrusting back in again even harder, but painfully slow. “GOD LOVE ME…..FUCK ME HARDER…… I’m not going to last much longer….. PLEASE..!!!!!” I begged.

And just when I thought she couldn’t hear me, Jade slammed her member dripping with pre-cum harder, and faster, and more exhilarant than ever. I gasped another 23 times before I could feel my struggling against my first ever orgasm. With one final thrust I came all over her front. I let my head roll to the side, to enjoy my very high feeling of pleasure. As Jade kept going in and out she screamed, so loud I couldn’t hear anything until her last thrust. She screamed her final undying love to me, and with that she shot her extremely hot liquid inside of me. After a few moments of deep breathing to catch our breaths, She collapsed on top of me than rolled off me. We lied their gazing at each other for what seemed like hours, until I couldn’t take it anymore and closed my eyes.

“I love you Lavender” Jade whispered against my skin. “ I ….I….lov……” I couldn’t say anymore I was too tired. But just as drifted off I felt an arm snake around my waist. And the feel of her round plump breast against my back, holding me close, and the feeling of being loved took over my body. I turned around to face her. Kissed her full on the lips and told her “never let me go” and with that we embraced once more.

I feel so happy here. It’s my own little world just her and me all alone together ….. I can feel her breath against my neck the tingling feeling growing as she traces my hands with her long slender fingers, and then up my arm. She is making my body do incredible things, how I wish this night would never end.  Then we both drifted off thinking that was the most luscious love making….. We could share in the whole universe…. And it was amazing my first ever….. Look out world I am no longer pure….. I lost my virginity tonight and I will never regret it.

“Lavender Baby, Time to wake up”. Jade whispered against my neck. Her hand slightly touching my inner thigh, stroking me into madness.“Hmmm…….I don’t want to wake up”. I moaned wanting to just dream again of what happened last night. “Sweets, if you don’t wake up you are going to miss out on the birthing Ceremony” she stated matter-of-fact. I shot straight up like I snake striking his enemy. “Did you just say birthing?” I swallowed.

“WHAT ARE YOU FUCKNIG DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND, SHE IS MINE. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER.” Someone screamed from the door way. We both looked at each other with worry. As I turned towards the door I noticed that I was only in a tank top the colour of deep sea blue, and nothing else. I glanced at Jade and she was in a deep purple tank top and nothing else either. From my angle I could see all of her beautiful member, and I am hoping that he didn’t see it.

In case you are wondering who this guy is he was my Boyfriend from ages ago his name is Jake, he broke up with me because I was not beautiful enough for him. Jake spread rumours around telling everyone that I am a slut, who deserves nothing but a big fat BANANA because that was all I am gonna get from now on. “What the hell are you doing here, how on earth did you get here?” I stammered unable to hide my embarrassment. “Do not be scared Lavender. I invited him; he is going to be our birthing donor, although he didn’t know that til now.” Jade told me voice cracking.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU CALL ME BITCH?” Jake yelled a note higher than last time. What was happening to me, first everything I love disappears on me and then when I find that I have an actual family of spiritual burning love angles. I feel loved and appreciated especially after last night and now he has no right to dissolve my happiness by screaming at the person I love. I soo wanted to rip his guts out right now, he destroyed my life, on earth and now he thinks he has a right to barge in here when I have barely woken up.

“DON’T CALL HER THAT” I screamed at him, and I felt the sudden urge to throw him out side and lock the door. But before I could do anything. He was mystically thrown out the door and as soon as he was out the bolt locked. WH... what did I do?” I was shocked I could do that. “Oh honey it’s just telekinetic powers, you can move anything with your mind, all you have to do is think about it and it will happen. But you won’t be able do it just like that because you have to have a special sort of burning love desire. Like if you love something soo much you would do anything to destroy any obstacles in your way. “She told me a bit impatiently.

“You mean like what I did just then, to him but how ….how did I do that….?” I asked kind of worried. “Oh easy what were you thinking about before?” she said. Hmm…. Well I was thinking about you and how I didn’t want him to see you because I love you and I want you for myself. And you are just soo beautiful. And I like how he treated you and he called you a bitch and there is no way I am going to let anyone treat you that way. Ahhh…….I was thinking that he had no right to barge in here swearing when I had barely woken up. And oth………other ….. things.” I added at the end.

It’s like she could read my mind, the way she stared at me silently checking me out yet again. Especially when she already just made love with me a couple of ours ago. “I love you lavender. But we really shouldn’t miss the ceremony, hurry up and get dressed.” Jade spoke to me. As we were getting dressed I noticed a small purple angel on my left breast, I asked Jade about it but all she did was shrug it off. But I did notice the she had the same angel but electric blue, on her right breast. How weird. I never even went to a tattoo parlour so I can’t imagine how it could have got there.

As we exited the door…. Jake looked pale, like he had seen a ghost or the devil, ready to steal his soul…. But as we past him, he met Jades eyes with anger and pain. “I hate you for what you have done to me, and Lavender how on earth could you have done this to me. I loved you, all you did was walk away from me, with this Fucked up chick. How could you? I loved you with all my heart and you repay me like this, I will never forgive you for this. Never.” Jake spoke with utter hatred. Why do I have to bring him down gently when he never even liked me from the start. He hated me because I wanted to not have sex, I was soo young. And he thinks I should sleep with him. He was the one that dumped me because I was Not beautiful. How dare I ?

“oh jakey poo don’t you get it. I have always HATED you with all my ass I would say heart but my ass is bigger.” I said with clear confidence, I then turned to Jade “ do we really need him for this ceremony? What would happen if he is the right person for the birthing.” “oh he is the right one. At the birthing Ceremony he will get sacrificed, and in order for us to have a sweet baby we just need to kill him with our burning love and then his spirit will rise, and be turned into an indigo coloured water, and we both drink it, and make love again, and we will then conceive a child.”, it won’t hurt anymore then last time as we did it before 12pm last night, so it will not be any pain, only he will suffer.” She said staring him down.

How will the Birthing Ceremony go? How will Jake react about being sacrificed just for Jade and Lavender to bear a child?

“Welcome to …………………, please stand up for the national angelic anthem and remain standing for the official party” the king of gods Zeus said. As we were entering the most beautiful, garden in the world, I noticed Jake was staring at me with the most unimaginable hatred in his eyes. How could I do this to him? I know I wanted a sweet child to love and hold, but killing someone I couldn’t do, even if it was to save my life. “Before me stand Lavender and Jade, ready to leave their lives behind, in order to love and hold and cherish one another, for all eternity.” Said the all oh mighty Zeus. “Do you Jade take Lavender to be your Lawfully Wedded Angel, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, to conquer all as long as you both shall live?”

“I DO” Jade sighed exaggeratedly, with a lacy handkerchief wiping the near non-existence tears. “And do you Lavender take Jade to be your Lawfully Wedded Angel, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, to conquer all as long as you both shall live.” Zeus repeated again to me. “I…..I…..I “I stuttered “I do”. I cannot believe I am going to marry her and have a child with her. But what’s going to happen to Jake, he is going to hate me for ever, until the day he dies.

“Now jade, are you ready?” Zeus questioned her on god knows what “Yes sir I am, I am hopeful, that we can do this” she linked her left hand in mine, and was rubbing two circles, above my right thumb. This was our little symbol we made last night, to warn the other that something HUGE was about to happen. “And you Lavender are you ready to?” Zeus repeated once again. “Ahhh…… I guess” I spoke very unsure of what I was getting myself into.

“Then guards bring human Jake Henry forward, to kneel before your Queen and Princess of Seraphim. There Jade and Lavender will Prosecute the Human, in order to Conceive a Child.” Zeus Ordered. “WHAT THE FUCK, they aren’t even royalty, WHO IN GOD’S NAME THEM ROYALTY??? For FUCK SAKE…….DON’T TOUCH ME GET YOUR UGLY HANDS OFF ME…….. I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU KEEP TOUCHING ME, GOSH didn’t your parents ever teach you any manners???....... “Jake was cursing every like two words, at the guards, who might I add happened to be Death and Death DEITY. I hope he gets what he deserves for all the Profanity. And what did Zeus Mean by we Prosecute him. He cannot mean to kill him ourselves, I don’t think I can handle hurting any creature, no matter what it did to me, even if it hurt me soo much, to calling me ugly, and any other words under the sun. But to hurt him, I don’t think I even have it in me anymore.

“Silence or I will personally give you hell for what you did to my angel, how dare you hurt her” Jade clearly spoke with great integrity and power with as little force as necessary. She is awesome when it comes to protecting me. What can a girl like me ask for, she is pretty, she’s smart, powerful, energetic, beautiful, and she knows when I am not capable of delivering things that could hurt me more than who I was delivering them to. Especially now when she said this. “But I know you and I know Lavender …… so I am going to do what I believe is good for both of you, and call Aphrodite the Goddess of LOVE and she will determine your punishment. What do you think of that Jake?”

“Hahahha “he burst out laughing “and how exactly is the goddess of love supposed to hurt me? Huh stick an arrow in my butt and make me fall in love. Cause if that’s supposed to kill me somehow you are obviously mistaken.” He sarcastically remarked. “Don’t patronize me buster…… Aphrodite is the strongest women there is in the world, and you are lucky enough to be under her hand instead of death himself. So take it and we will continue this ceremony later tonight, when we are in the company of Aphrodite and her love.” Jade shot back “Seriously why tonight, why can’t you call her now, and kill me now, if you really have to.” Jake shot at her again.

“Because at night is when the magic of love begins, and the death of hate ends” she shot.



How could she so this to me. I mean sure she’s ugly. And really needs to do something with her hair, and look at her acne it’s just disgusting. But how could she kill me let alone have one of those freaky so called angels kill me.

What is with this Supposably Aphrodite coming to choose my sacrifice, why would I be chosen anyway? What so special about me anyway, well obviously besides my looks, they cannot really kill me because of the way I look, even if I top the popularity chart of celebrity I – am –so – drooling – over you looks.

But seriously who is she anyway, and why would she be princess or queen or whatever….. She is a nobody, and she should stay that way, I mean ever since the morning of her marriage ceremony to her Supposably Angel she has completely changed, her skin has changed and it’s glowing a faint blue, but when she is angry her glow is so bright I have to literally close my eyes. Her hair its beautiful I never would have thought this was actually her. Her hair is luscious golden honey blonde, it’s wavy like the ocean, and it hangs down past her waist. Oh I really wish she had looked like that when she was at school, it would have made my life a whole lot better.

I mean I’m the schools champion at football. And I rock the science club, but having that thing hanging off my arm was embarrassing…. Yes I know I only did it to show the guys that I could get ANY chick to fall for me…… yet when they told me I had to do it with her, I was sick to my stomach…….. how on earth would anyone ever want to go out with her… well back then anyway but now……. She awesome she is angelic…….. I love her well I don’t love her but I …. I wish she was mine….. All mine…….

But still she can’t even fight her own fights….. She gets her stupid girlfriend to do all the dirty work….. Hmmm and now that stupid girlfriend won’t even do anything she gets this supposably Aphrodite the goddess to kill me…. ooooh I am so scared… how can love hurt me… seriously….

Anyway I so can’t wait to meet her…… she seems hot like shockingly hot……. Burning hot…..

I so cannot wait….. For what she has planned for me…….

I’m so madly in love with her……..

Lavender can go screw herself……

I cannot believe she is a princess because now I really want a goddess

P.s - an internal monologue of what Jake feels about what is happening to him… I thought I would expand the suspense……

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