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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The light and answer

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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Submitted: October 11, 2012



The light was too bright for me like the sun but only slightly green with a pink edge to it. I bowed before the alter ready to be blown away or smashed to smithereens’, however all there was, was a big flash and a sound like thunder boomed over my head. How could it be storming when the sun was out?

Before I could even turn my head to the sound a hot, searing, burning sensation was working its way from the tips of my fingers and toes, at first I thought this was all a dream, or my imagination, but no it wasn’t. not until this burning was turning and doubling every second, getting closer towards the centre of my body.

Towards my heart, my speeding, erratically, unrhymed heart. You know what this sounds like right, the moment where Edward Cullen gives Bella his venom to save her, and she is feeling the whole burning sensation from her toes and fingers, getting closer to her heart every minute, until it’s time to wake up. But why would this feel like that I thought Vampires were like the devil, Satan, and evil creation of the lord of hell. Why would angels use this technique, why am I suddenly feeling like Bella Swan from Twilight, all that series entail is how love can conquer all, through the ups and downs, through the near-death experience over and over again. That whole book is based on love, LOVE……………

Love that’s it isn’t it. Edward loves Bella soo much that he goes against his moral and gives her his venom to turn into a vampire, just to save her. The power of love will always win. That’s why I’m feeling this sensation. They think they can scare me, I already know that whole book, I’ve read it like a million times, I know what will happen. And guess what it not gunna work on me, I don’t give a fuck about love; you can go fuck your mum, before you touch my heart. Because there is no way they can turn me into a love sick puppy

Besides why is everything about love anyway, what can love really do for me, they can try and turn my heart but it is soo not gunna happen. What are they seriously gunna play cupid and make me fall in love with a sick, freak, with a pointy nose and crooked teeth and braces, freckles and warts. Cause that won’t work, I’m a man with standards I have a reputation to uphold, and warts and girls are soo not my type of relationship to enter. And lavender wasn’t like those ugly girls she was different, but my friends they kept telling that I should not go out with her cause she was a freak of nature …… so funny because she is a freak of nature …. She is a fuckin angel, how the hell can she be an angel. Of all the things I thought about her, an angel was not one. And I was never gunna tell her she was an angle or otherwise. But now, she stunning, only a couple of weeks ago she was crazy, weird, a freak, and now she god damn beautiful.


She is beautiful, no matter what anyone say I’m gunna be the father of her child, well not really just the spirit of her child’s father. But that means I’m gunna die. I don’t want to die, I want to stay,


“Please oh god please I don’t want to go, I’ll do anything, just don’t kill me, I need to live, I’ve got to live, I …I…..I” I muttered as the last of the pain came and went



“I love angels” I whispered, before the light took me away.




Authors note,: guess what happened to Jake, and how are Lavender and Jade going to be after this ordeal.

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