Happy Birthday - chapter 1

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - in the name of love

Submitted: June 27, 2012

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Submitted: June 27, 2012




How could she so this to me. I mean sure she’s ugly. And really needs to do something with her hair, and look at her acne it’s just disgusting. But how could she kill me let alone have one of those freaky so called angels kill me.

What is with this Supposably Aphrodite coming to choose my sacrifice, why would I be chosen anyway? What so special about me anyway, well obviously besides my looks, they cannot really kill me because of the way I look, even if I top the popularity chart of celebrity I – am –so – drooling – over you looks.

But seriously who is she anyway, and why would she be princess or queen or whatever….. She is a nobody, and she should stay that way, I mean ever since the morning of her marriage ceremony to her Supposably Angel she has completely changed, her skin has changed and it’s glowing a faint blue, but when she is angry her glow is soo bright I have to literally close my eyes. Her hair its beautiful I never would have thought this was actually her.  Her hair is luscious golden honey blonde, it’s wavy like the ocean, and it hangs down past her waist. Oh I really wish she had looked like that when she was at school, it would have made my life a whole lot better.

 I mean I’m the schools champion at football. And I rock the science club, but having that thing hanging off my arm was embarrassing…. Yes I know I only did it to show the guys that I could get ANY chick to fall for me…… yet when they told me I had to do it with her, I was sick to my stomach…….. how on earth would anyone ever want to go out with her… well back then anyway but now……. She awesome she is angelic…….. I love her well I don’t love her but I …. I wish she was mine….. All mine…….

But still she can’t even fight her own fights….. She gets her stupid girlfriend to do all the dirty work….. Hmmm and now that stupid girlfriend won’t even do anything she gets this supposably Aphrodite the goddess to kill me…. ooooh I am soo scared… how can love hurt me… seriously….

Anyway I soo can’t wait to meet her…… she seems hot like shockingly hot……. Burning hot…..

I soo cannot wait….. For what she has planned for me…….

I’m am soo madly in love with her……..

Lavender can go screw herself……

I cannot believe she is a princess because now I really want a goddess


P.s - an internal monologue of what Jake feels about what is happening to him…

I thought I would expand the suspense……

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