Happy Birthday - chapter 1

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Decision Time

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012



I was in my peaceful limbo when all of a sudden I was pulled back to reality. Something cold but felt slightly warm touched my cheek. “Baby wake up, I need to show you something. Come on it won’t take long.” Hmmmm……”what… who are you?” I’m so tired I wanna go back to sleep. I pull the blanket back over my head and start to doze off when “LAVENDER”

“I’m up, I’m up, and I’m up. Gosh didn’t your mother ever tell you not to wake someone up when they are having the freakiest dream.” I said irritated that she has woken me up.

“Firstly, my name is Jade. Secondly, now you are up. Thirdly, I do not have a mother, physically only spirit, just like you. Fourthly, you weren’t having a freaky dream you are starring in your freaky dream. This isn’t a dream if you ask me. It’s really real. And Lastly I need to show you something before your party starts and then I will help you get ready for the party.”

 She pulled me up from bed, but as she dragged me passed the mirror in the wall I noticed I wasn’t wearing anything I was bear, I was completely naked. In front of a person I hardly know. I stood there frozen, and pulled jade to a sudden halt. She half turned around when she caught what I was looking at my body, my completely beautiful, but VERY NOT my body.

“Don’t worry you look beautiful and besides I am not taking you anywhere looking like that trust me. I am the only one who can see that utterly breathtaking body now come on. I need to show you something, preferably, before you mum comes in to check on you.”

As she pulled me towards her I saw her smirk at me, what is with it with people smirking at me and looking down on me seriously.

“Oh I wasn’t smirking at you” she said suddenly.

“Huh, I didn’t say anything” I told her confused did she just read my mind hmm I gotta watch these places, and what I am thinking.

“Come on faster, I need to show you, now hurry.” She said impatiently.

“I’m coming, GOSH, where are we going anyway?” I said devestated now as I cannot even think without someone knowing what I am thinking.

“I am taking you to my Bedroom” she said now a hint of pleasure in her voice.

“And what are you showing me might I ask?” I said a little quick.

“I, all of me, of course, before you get put on the spot. Because tonight is the night where you get one of two present. And you have to decide which present you want more.” She said seductively.

“But then… huh… well then what are the presents I get to choose from. I mean I still don’t get why you showing me your naked body will do anything I am still confused.”

“I know you are baby…. Ok ok I will tell you but if I get into trouble for breaking the tradition I am gunna hold you responsible. But I will only tell you when I show you me.”

“But” I tried to say we haven’t even moved but when I looked back at my surroundings we were indeed in a completed different room. This room was a shade of pale blue and ivory, but the colour of the furniture was like an Electric Blue, with the occasional deep purple.

“You like it “she said anticipating my reaction.

“I …… I …. I absolutely love it, why don’t I have a room like this, it my entire favourite colours in the one room.”

“That is because you are pure right now, and pure means Gold, and white. Don’t worry though you won’t be pure for long doesn’t matter which present you choose you won’t be a pure, trust me, and If you are gunna ask me, ‘but what about you’ don’t cause this isn’t my room either, this room is ours tonight, where we will share our love.”

“But what about the party aren’t we meant to be there like right now?” I asked wondering if we just skipped the party.

“Technically we won’t miss the party, because no one gunna show up”

“WHAT…. BUT MY PARTY, I want my party,” I started crying. All my life no one ever loved me no one ever said those three words that I always wanted to hear.

“Baby it’s not like that … come on stop crying... we have all night together.” She said trying to soothe me but what I didn’t know was why we are spending my party together, not with my supposable family.

“Lavender listen to me! My gift to you is my body, you can have my body you can do what you want to me, I am always yours and you can have me whenever you want. But there’s a catch you can either have a one nighter. And after we make love you will go back to your old home, and forget me for ever.”

“The other?” I asked not wanting to hear it.

“We get bonded and make love and you will never be able to return to Australia, but you can go anywhere else, but you also won’t be able to see or talk to your old family again.” She told me like she didn’t want me to be unhappy by the decision I was making,

“You …..And…..and… me forever? like I don’t get to go  back to my old life ever???”


Please comment and tell me what you think…I thought I would add sorts of twist to it… but there are heaps more coming…. One that will get you thinking and asking you self “how is that possible”, it’s impossible that’s why.”

But I am not giving anything else away….. You lucky peeps …. Or I would ruin the ending

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