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I gasp for air. What? What? What?


Maybe they were right.


I turn.


Maybe the devil is me. And it's taking me over like ivy strangling a tree.


Killing me over the last 8 years. Letting things slip. Letting people get suspicious. Letting them get doubts. Letting them get fears. Just like the revolution.


It's suffocating me, draining me. Where is he? Where am I? Is Kirk real? Are there other's? Other people taken by the devil? Others like me?


Hands touch me suddenly and I punch Matt in the face. I cover my mouth with my hands as he reaches out for me. I can't. I can't.


Shaking my head I sprint off past Emily and the others. Out into the desert's wasteland. I can feel the devil clawing at my face and my feet. His hands squeezing my heart and howling into my ears. Just make it STOP!


I want to leave the accusations behind but the further I run the closer they get,

“....5th sense or something?” I hear my classmates echo in my mind.

“...creeps me out.” the words echo around my head.

“So sure of herself?...”

“...possibly know...”

“...she's possessed...”

“...the devil,” The word bangs against my skull.

“is the devil.” Bang!

“But Kai is.” I become aware of tears forming in my eyes.

“Thank you Kai.” Ffion's voice is now raw and sharp as it darts around my mind.







“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”



“Kai!” I snap back into reality.


“They're suspicious you know” I shake my head at the voices.

“You're not normal.” I am normal! I am! I shout.


My legs keep running on and on.


“The way you find us.”

“The way you walk.”


“Ticking” At that word my pace slows.








“Clicking!” Megan's poisonous voice rattles through me as I speed up again,

“...immersed in thought...”


“...go around...”


“...suspicious too Kai.”








“but it's perfectly understandable”


“understandable.” It echoes round my head.



Submitted: May 31, 2015

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