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With my school bag resting across my shoulder I set off across town. I put my hand up and ran it along the rope. Within 15 minutes I had reached the Rock. These giant weeping shrubs feel overwhelming yet I have a sense of being invited, invited to explore. I step onto the train as my hand transferrers from rope to carriage keeping my head turned towards the Rock.




What was that? I turn my head downwards rolling it through my mind. A jerk made me stand up straight as the city high-speed train set off, tilting my head to the side again I carried on rolling it through my mind. It was something, different. Like a house but not a house. Taller, softer, nicer. Alien. That was it. Something alien. The train picked up speed, only 5 minutes to college now. I sit down and get out my diary and my bouler,


19th June 114P.R.


All the trains in Kirk, even the ones going out of Kirk, are unbelievably fast. 150Mph. So it never takes very long to get anywhere, unless you're going a long way.

Kirk has four big districts so needs high-speed trains to get people around in good time, there is:


Kirk North. The shopping district. You have the market twice a year in the square, we also have; material shops, music shops, supermarkets, specialist shops, bouler shops, chocolate shops, café’s, restaurants, stationary shops and many more.

Kirk East. The entertainment district and also where I live. It has theatres and music halls (where gigs take place), museums, parks, the zoo, the cathedral, 2 theme parks and tours of the city and the surrounding desert.

Kirk South. The working district. With over 900 factories, 95 headquarters and 2,700 business’s. It is also where approximately 50% of the Kirk population work.

Kirk West. The service district. Where my college is along with all 50 nurseries 35 primary schools, 20 secondary schools, 10 colleges and 5 universities. There is a lot of nature and most of the area is very natural. Kirk West also includes the Kirk People's Hospital (The KPH), our main and biggest hospital, which has brain, cardiac and spinal blocks that are very specialised and highly sophisticated. The whole of the KPH is worth around £75billion.


“Kirk West. Station 64. Westhope Lane. Last station before entering Kirk North.” I stand up, gather my things and exit the train. The loud hum of chatter fills the air in seconds. My hand reaches up and searches for the rope. I stop. There's no rope. The little kids couldn't reach it if there was. Smiling slightly I carry on, lowering my hand back down. The ground is covered in bumps instead, that I use to navigate my way to college. After a while I hear a familiar voice, I reach my hand out and touch Rhiannon's wrist.

“Hey” comes the reply, “good weekend?” I tap once one her wrist. My language: one tap is yes; 2 taps is no; 3 taps is maybe or ok. It gets more complicated than that but those 3 are the very basics. My 4 best friends; Rhiannon, Emily, Megan and Matthew are as fluent in it as I am.

“So,” continues Rhiannon “Anything exciting happen?”

No. The bell goes and I follow Rhiannon holding her hand as we go into form. Our teacher, Geoff Burns, takes the register and Rhiannon answers for me like she always does. He then makes some announcements of exams, timetables and events that were going on before we went out to the train,

“Everyone got their booklets to make notes on this field trip?” asks Geoff.

“Yes” come all the replies.

“Ok then, everyone get on board.” Geoff calls. There is much pushing and shoving in the moments that followed but I managed to get seated by my friends.

Do you know how long it will take to get there? I tap on Rhiannon's wrist.

“No idea Kai sorry” She replies.

“What's this?” I hear Emily ask.

“Kai's asking how long the journey's going to be”

“Two hours I think he said” Megan answered. The train gives a jerk as it sets off out into the desert.

Submitted: May 31, 2015

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