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It has been an hour and a half in this carriage overwhelmed with the buzz of voices. I close my eyes trying to block out the noise and it's only when I turn my head to the side that I realise someone just walked past me. I frown, those heavy footsteps sounded like our teacher, Geoff Burns. What's he doing? I wonder. I stand up and walk quietly after him, careful not to touch anyone as that would alert them to my presence. Invisible, I reach the cabin door just seconds after Geoff goes in, leaning on the wall I focus and listen.

“...those kids of your's going to shut up any time soon?” comes a voice I don't recognise.

“They are not kids, they are teenagers and unfortunately they can go on all day” Geoff replies. Thanks. Sir.

“Well at least I'm not with them all day. I'm only carrying them for another 30 minutes and we're on time.”

“No sign of any sandstorms them?”

“None at all. Why do you ask?” I listen in closer to Geoff’s reply,

“Because of the train that was caught in a sandstorm last week.”

The driver laughs, “That was a misprint on the newspaper, they were caught in a brainstorm”


“The drivers were pulled into a brainstorm by the passengers for some charity event, meaning they got distracted. For 3 hours. They came back late and told people it was a big brainstorm only some misheard and put down that it was a big sandstorm.” The voice laughed, but Geoff carried on in a serious tone,

“No sandstorms or brainstorms forecast then?”

“Nope all clear, now please return to your own gossip storm back there.”

“My pleasure.” Geoff was certainly not impressed with the driver. I stayed where I was as Geoff came out of the cabin and returned to his spot at the far end of the carriage, after all, no sandstorms ahead, no dramatic fall outs between Geoff and the driver, no fights in the carriages and everyone else talking merrily. What could possibly go wrong?

Submitted: May 31, 2015

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