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I lie in a heap with my spine on a slant up against the carriage roof. We had suddenly stopped, flipped and got thrown off the tracks. My head weighs a thousand tonnes as I lift it off the roof slowly and my by body jitters uncontrollably. I can hear shallow breaths and some faint weeping, I feel the space around me as I can't physically move and my disorder is useless now. I want to call out, I want to shout and scream, I want to,

“Kai.” A voice calls out to me in the dark. I whip my head to the side. Ow. Fingers reach out and touch my leg, I go out to reach them,

Megan, are you alright?

“There's something sticking into my leg. But otherwise I'm alright,” Comes the reply.

Can you hear the others? There was a pause.

No, Megan tapped back. I fell back in surprise when Megan followed the quiet tap with the bellow “Listen up! If you can move we need to find a way out of this train before something gives and we end in flames!” Groans follow and I hear banging as people reach and start hit the walls to find a weak spot. Megan brushes by my left side and bangs behind me. I move.




Something is wrong with my hip. I take a deep breath and move again. Shi. I hold my ground and control the pain. Screaming starts to fill the carriage as people panic and the banging gets louder. I bite my lip and try to move.


And Again.


And Closer.

To the side.

My hand lands hard against the hot metal wall. Slam! Slam! Slam! My heart cries out, Slam! Slam! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! I recoil as my hand shakes violently and sharp pains fill my head. I turn away blocking out the banging, ramming and screaming.


There must be a better way of doing this.


Reluctantly I start searching my mind, using my curse as my guide. Immobilised physically I search, I feel every person, I hear every detail, I touch every part until.


Something was on fire.

The banging stopped.

I felt a wave of heat on the left side of my face.

And I hear a crackling of fire.

The banging starts again, faster and harder.

My heart is beating to the sound of those broken and damaged hands.

Searching. Searching.

There must be something!

Submitted: May 31, 2015

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