The Keeper of God's Power

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Lyle is a boy selected by his order to watch over a character named Adam.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Keeper of God's Power

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



Wind gusted over the twilight lit trees as I raised my eyes to study the moon which revealed itself in the bloody red sky. I stood alone this moment, thinking to myself. This fading day was beautiful.

I sighed in annoyance as I heard a strange noise behind me. "Will I ever get a break?" I growled as I turned to look at the disturbance.

"Oh, come on. Stop being so lazy and just help put up the tent," the boy, my age, grumbled as he raked an aggrivated hand through his bright pink hair.

"Do it yourself," I muttered back to him as I turned to face the raising moon. The wind then picked up and brushed through my spiky sliver hair.

"No," he whined, stomping his foot. "You know what, I'm just going to go back to the order." With that, he took off.

"Go ahead," I yelled after him, "see if I care!"

After a moment, I began to continue on my walk silently. "You know, I really wouldn't walk all the way back there right now," the pink haired boy said suddenly so I looked up. He sat on a thick tree branch, staring down at me.

I glanced over my shoulder than back up at him, startled. Then I smirked. "I see, so you have been practicing, you little brat."

"Hey, who you calling a little brat? You're like, a foot and a half shorter than me!" the boy growled back as his face flushed almost as pink as his hair.

"Hey, most of that height is from your hair," I said, appearing next to him then flicked his forehead.

"Wha!"he yelled out as he lost his balance, but just before he fell, he gripped my leg.

"Uwaha!" I cried, being dragged down with him. I managed to grip the branch in the nick of time. "Let go you brat!" I yelled at him, planting my free foot on his face angrily.

"No way," he laughed grinning up at me.

We both then became silent when the belt keeping my pants up began to loosen.

"Hey," called a voice from the distance, "where are you guys?"

"Oh, crap!" I gasped as my belt continued to loosen at the pink haired boys' grasp on my leg. "Dude, let go before she sees us like this!"

"Nope," the boy grinned as he continued to hold my leg as if on purpose now.

"You brat, you planned this didn't you?" I hissed as I glared down at him with my red eyes.

He laughed, then sobered up as my belt came undone and my pants fell down. He lost his hand hold and fell to the ground with my pants in his grasp.

At that moment, Francie, the girl whose voice calledfrom the distance, walked up the overgrown path. She paused for a moment when she caught sight of the pink haired boy laying face down on the ground with a pair of pants tossed over his head.

"Adam?"she called out his name. "Where's Lyle?"the girl asked, then she tucked back a lock of her long brown hair before crouching down to Adam who had yet to answer her question.

With concern, she shook him gently and when Adam still would not reply, she rolled him over. "He's out cold!"she gasped then yelped when the bushes behind her rustled.

"Hey, could you give me those pants?" I quickly asked her, my face red enough to glow.

"Lyle?"she inquired, picking up my pants.

"Yeah," I replied, embarrassed to the extreme.

"What happened? Why is Adam out? More importantly," she began as she handed me my pants, "why did he have your pants?"

"Well, you see," I started, pulling my pants on, "it's a long story."

"Okay," she replied with uncertainty. "Anyway, I have to tell you something important."

"What is it?" I asked her, pausing before I finished fixing my belt.

"That man you said you two were looking for, he's been spotted in Hidori City a few times," the girl said then she looked down as if a little sad. "I guess I'll see you both off when you leave," the girl said sadly.

"Oh," I uttered as I finished putting my belt back on.

"I'm alive!" Adam yelled loudly, popping up beside us.

I punched him, never changing my slightly saddened features.

"Ouch! Oh my fudge drinking dog! Why'd you punch my nose?" Adam sobbed out as he painfully touched his now bleeding face.

"Adam," I sighed, "We're leaving tomorrow, first thing in the morning,"

"Huh?" He stopped crying. "What for?"

"The Red Butterfly. He's been seen in Hidori City."

"No, I don't want to go. That guy's crazy!" Adam began to yell in fear as he attempted to run away only to fail as I gripped the back of his shirt.

I clenched my free fist with anger. "You're the crazy one," I yelled, pounding my angry fist into the top of his head. He crumpled down to his knees with silent tears as he rubbed the top of his head.

I turned back to Francie. "Are you sure you want to see us off? We'll be leaving really early."

"I'll be there," she smiled, but I could still tell that she was upset. "I-"

"I have an idea," Adam grinned as he held up his index finger and sprouted to his feet happily. "You can come with us," he remarked.

“I'm sorry Adam,” Francie said as her expression became saddened. “I'm not fit for adventure.”

“I'll protect you,” Adam said quickly.

“You can't even protect yourself,” I growled, causing Adam to look down in defeat.

“And he can't protect us both,” Francie said as she looked at me so I looked away. “Besides,” Francie smiled, “I've got a feeling I'll see you again.” Francie then began to walk away after having said what she had said.

Adam sniffled sadly as he watched her go. I turned to say something to him, but recoiled in disgust when I saw the trail of snot dripping from his nose. “No, don't look at me! I'm hideous!” Adam shouted as he covered his face with his hands.

I watched him for a few seconds then I said: “You're absolutely right, you ARE hideous,” I turned and began to walk back to our campsite.

“Lyle, how could you say that about me?” Adam asked as he followed suit.

“You called yourself hideous and I agreed. I didn't say anything other than what you said,” I grumbled, silently smirking to myself.

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